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  1. Remember that time she san a lil bit of Wayamaya on Hawaii that was so random lol
  2. Like even Florida Kilos which was performed like 3 times got a proper performance, ENOUGH!
  3. this, like add a guitar and a piano there is not that hard sis lol
  4. TheBoss


    why do some of these get cut so abruptly?
  5. Counting only released tracks, all those but change HTD and CB for Bartender (very dynamic piano) and Change
  6. TheBoss

    Carly Rae Jepsen

    Shy Boy is INCREDIBLE! It reuses some of It’s Like This chorus, such a sensual and care-free track! It’s giving “What’s Your Pleasure” vibes, makes me wonder if she’s heading for an “after-lockdown” companion album to the “lockdown album”
  7. Remember Sturmgruppe? Fun times hehe
  8. best album ever yup! btw we need that I Can Fly demo! And Pink Flamingos is a must!
  9. Out of all the songs that deserve to be kicked out of LFL, Change is NOT the correct answer loves!
  10. TheBoss

    Carly Rae Jepsen

    I guess this means she will have a full album rollout planned (?), I mean Dedicated side B was already an album but the rollout was kind of non-existing lol
  11. "The strength of these new songs lies in their vibes and ambiances. Unlike these of the album, you are not imposing hip hop beats that almost ruin them. It’s a natural progress, I’m immersing into a more sixties ambiance, more Americana, more peaceful… I don’t feel like sending my songs to producers so they can add more beats to them … I want to keep them natural. For example, I’ve never been pleased with the production on the album version of This Is What Makes Us Girls- but it’s the only one I’d work on again If I had the choice. According to me, there’s clearly 2 albums on this new edition of Born To Die- the 8 new tracks form a new album that reflects what I am today. It’s always me, but without any makeup on." Hmmm, idk I don't read it like that, but she just definetly wanted Paradise to be a different vibe than BTD
  12. I thought the only song she disliked in it's final form was TIWMUG, I didn't knew she disliked Emile's aproach on the entire project? She always speaked so highly of him in 2012
  13. Allegedly some people have this and DY final
  14. TheBoss

    Flo Milli

    Nasty Dancer is that hit!!
  15. Here's an M4A album if anyone is wondering hehe https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1G9wyGQohpn8DMFbwvdN27RYirMPqMEcq?usp=sharing
  16. For once I'm actually really pleased by the setlist and she proved me once again why she was right choosing the same BTD songs, she truly kills VG, BTD and BJ up, it's where she sounds more condifent and you can truly hear her without most of the annoying ad-libs which most of her recent songs have and it's noticeable in every livestreamed performance since 2018. The backing singers and the new arrangements are an absolute win! I wished she used the backing singers more for some tracks instead of the studio ad libs, they sound great together! (those loud ad-libs need to go!) Excellent show <3 I'm so excited for her tour!
  17. I swear if this ends up being a partial official livestream because of the delay…
  18. And from cherry to btd? Where the fuck is pwyc im confusion
  19. I used to love this song so baaaad, amazing album btw, flume had me in chokehold in 2016 with this one and Say It
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