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  1. it is she sent "Eventually" and "Gimme Sum" to some fans via dm
  2. Yes To Heaven

    Addison Rae

    there's also an unleaked called You're My Everything
  3. Is Sex Up For Fun for Era 1 or Clarity? Is Somber considered a "Clarity" or "Problematique" outtake?
  4. is that the cover?
  5. there are a lot we need from her: Cobra Catch Me If U Can Cherry Bomb Swamp Girl Pretty Dull and many others
  6. Any upcoming leaks from her? people were trading Cobra & Cherry Bomb.
  7. Yes To Heaven


    FOY (HQ) and Peppermint are leaking
  8. Yes To Heaven


    true We need FOY & Peppermint to leak too in good quality/full.
  9. Yes To Heaven

    Charli XCX

    @1000Times bless us with Block
  10. only 2 snippets so far
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