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  1. This is all true but she wants a simple life (she chose this ) so she may want a break. Maybe that's why there's a delay. I don't know why trusted insiders wouldn't just tell us to cool it and wait until next year though if they know it's not coming. I remain a truther!
  2. Ocean Blvd was a big era and release, I could definitely see her wanting this one to be chill
  3. They're literally at Walmart. Maybe not a convenience store but the point remains the same. Completely absurd
  4. One of these things is not like the others I doubt it was staged but let's not pretend Trump is not what he is...
  5. There's no way the label has forced her to scrap Lasso, and I personally highhhly doubt she's chosen to either to be more popular. She's been working on it for 4 years in the background while releasing several other albums. Worst case scenario, she's decided to take some more time on it while she works on some other new stuff, but I still think it's coming this year.
  6. Maybe this will finally be the album that Lana gets to do her surprise release
  7. I personally plan on being a Lasso truther until the end of time
  8. Really gonna need anyone to give us some sort of insight soon into whether or not Lasso is coming this year
  9. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy the song, but I'm surprised it's being pushed so heavily with merch and vinyls. Seems like a lot for one lil bop
  10. Not people making fun of Clay for talking about the song so much when it's literally his creation lololol Love the vibe of the song. Not a huge fan of Quavo's parts and think the song would've really slapped hard with just Lana, but it's still a fun bop and I will definitely be streaming. The chorus is beyond catchy I love it
  11. Tough (and Zodiac HQ) shall bring the people together
  12. Watch it just be a restock of Say Yes to Heaven
  13. I hope it means that Lasso is still coming in September and Tough was supposed to come later in the year after Lasso rollout, but they decided to move it to an early summer release to build hype for Lasso.
  14. But Lana doesn't even want that level of attention. She is extremely popular and will be forever, her legacy is beyond cemented.
  15. I will never understand people who still care about Lana's numbers She is an icon, a legend, an all-time great. Nothing could matter less than her chart placement at this point.
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    Love that theory too!
  17. DCooper


    How are people interpreting the Purify Me lyric? There's a lot to process but my first thought is that she's pleading on behalf of the women who were killed to at least be purified in death and granted safe passage to whatever comes next, rather than punishing them any further for their "sins" in this life.
  18. I still don't think this is for Lasso, but I hope it's meant to create buzz and then the actual Lasso rollout starts soon
  19. I personally want the song today, it's just what I need to bounce back for round 3 of Pride weekend shenanigans tonight
  20. I highly doubt Lasso is scrapped, she's been working on it for 4 years.
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