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  1. no, this alters the meaning of the song/line. her point is, Picasso, who is regarded as one of the greatest artists of all time, created much of his work out of the bleak darkness of his depression. she is essentially saying "if he hadn't felt that way, the art we enjoy so much wouldn't have existed, just like my songs wouldn't if I wasn't sad." It's a bit of a controversial take (the whole you need to be tortured to be an artist trope), but your line alters the meaning to "how do U like it if someone asks u not to be sad when ur sad -_-"
  2. 9 quality albums in 10 years, all of which are mostly very distinct sounds and show clear songwriting evolution but go off king, unstan her for including piano on the next album
  3. not at all... he is a perfect complement and i would love to hear more music from them together. this song wouldn't work (as well) without him. it would still sound incredible with Lana singing the verses too, but this is so much more powerful
  4. I wasn't completely won over by Blue Banisters upon first listen, but I've listened to it in its entirety several times now- on one long 400km stretch of a highway from 11pm to 3am, by the river under the setting sun walking on top of yellowing leaves, in hot baths until the water turned cool, in the morning as background music to watering my plants and taking care of my bird and just doing silly little mundane things... Somewhere along the way, something clicked. This album is something very special. I will admit it doesn't have the raw, lustful passion of UV, dripping in anger and sex and cheeky recklessness, AKA's drugged out, suicidal haze, or the carefully crafted ever-blue dramatic orchestration of Honeymoon (my favourite Lana albums), but it feels so subtly powerful. It feels like an exhausted and lived woman's recollection of her life. It feels like catharsis, like accepting the baggage and pain of the past and the grace and peace of shedding the anger of the cruelty against her and finally understanding why things are the way they are and one's place in the world. It's not a "happy" album- it's Lana accepting that some parts of her will always be broken, there will always be the stain of her mother's disdain, she will always yearn for horrible lovers and for an idealistic world she can never quite reach, and yet finding happiness despite all of that, in her little home, her little family, in the temporary experiences with every new lover, and her art. In living life as a decent person and just doing what makes her happy. I don't know- it just feels like her truest work (other than Violets), her first truly autobiographical piece of art from start to finish. I love Born to Die so much, but I think any longtime fan can agree it was mostly a dreamed up world as most of Lana's massive unreleased catalogue is, and every album after that started to shed more and more of the fantasy and instead reflect the intricacies of her true world, and BB is the pinnacle of that. This whole release cycle, along with the beautiful BB video (no storyline and yet so incredibly revealing and shockingly personal) and her withdrawing from the public as well as her Honeymoon posts (signing off as L/E made me shit myself)... again, we're witnessing something really special. It just feels so human, when Lana and her world for so long felt so otherworldly and alien. This is an incredibly honest and vulnerable moment in her discography, and I'm not sure we'll reach a place like this with her for another long while. Overall, certainly one of my favourite Lana albums. I'm very proud of her and feeling very sentimental.
  5. y'all im dumb, i had only been listening to the original music video version this entire time it sounds SO MUCH better on the album omg
  6. wait why is no one talking about how different arcadia's production is on the l-word? there's so many additional instruments?
  7. Come on, this Youtube thing can't be for real. What's the source? I can see Lana doing it, but surely her producers/sound engineers/whoever would put their foot down on using a 128kbps Youtube rip? Surely she or the original producers have the source files???
  8. Can anyone confirm which unreleased and previously leaked songs have been reworked?
  9. Shades


    It feels criminal to admit given that Adele was the first singer I stanned (all the way back in 2009, I think), but I'm so disappointed. The lyrics are good, but it's just more of 25 which was a major regression to 21 which was a (only slight) regression to 19 Ha, I wish. All I want is for her to return to whatever she was smoking when she wrote 19.
  10. Shades


    pitchfork again proves itself to be run by tone-deaf, uncultured rats. no surprise here
  11. Shades


    as a poc idk... u sound dum <3 wish u peace tho x
  12. Shades


    in a recent interview or something she said she was just finishing the last few songs on it, so i don't think it was ever finished anyways, i don't think the lyrics are all that cringey? "everything you hate / is everything i love" is a very interesting couplet imo. the production kinda sucks and only picks up towards the end, so that's a little worrying.
  13. i've just been getting into Fiona lately. it's been a slow burn, because there's just so much to appreciate, and, well, I want to appreciate it properly. she's a genius. anyways. https://www.interviewmagazine.com/music/fiona-apple-1 i just wanted to share this interview of hers because i randomly came across it and she happens to mention lana and it feels serendipitous so maybe someone else would like to read it uh yeah this post is so chaotic and im literally sober so i cant blame it on drugs or alcohol smh
  14. Shades

    Instagram Updates

    i think it's quite clear- not by her recent video, but by her choices the last 5 years of her career- that the last thing Lana wants is more promo. she would like to disappear and be as underground an artist as possible. edit: oop someone litrally x just said this above me, my b
  15. This is an artist at her peak. This album will destroy me.
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