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  1. Shades

    Billie Eilish

    guys i dont know! mixed feelings! it's so great but also i don't think i will ever listen to it again! there are euphoric highs and blatant misses! i don't know!
  2. not the dancers with the candlesticks im screaming
  3. she seems to be coming into it now!!! she's osunding more confident!! JUST SING GIRL
  4. i think she'd really like French Exit by patrick dewitt
  5. y'all why are the AI lyrics actually kind of good
  6. The way I interpreted it was Lana being lost in thought while doing something mundane, like having come home from grocery shopping, absentmindedly running her fingers over the plastic grocery bags while she thinks about someone from her past. It seems like she's rerunning moments/experiences between them and is desperately trying to find some hidden meaning behind why they did the things they did. It sounds like she was neglected/ignored by this person and was vying for their attention, and is desperately trying to deduce whether their actions were silent messages to her. dunno if it's right or not, but that's my take. what do y'all think
  7. Shades


    Grimes changed her twitter bio to Gods and Monsters lyrics, and she posted some of Honeymoon as her teaser for the New Gods vid. She’s a fellow Lana stan
  8. Shades


    um holy shit i am blown away so far. not listening in order so i am currently sobbing to To Be Loved... holy fuck
  9. the older i get the more i realize lana was never even a sad girl. she barely has any 'sad songs'
  10. these are so good! are you a writer
  11. what one-off comment will she make that will have literally nothing to do with the album and never show up and haunt us forever??? im so excited to find out
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