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  1. The way we have been on page 290+ for a zrillion years☠️
  2. How did you do the painted sky?
  3. I’m sorry but sweet Caroline is nowhere near a great gif or a good closer. And while I do think this album is something special and exciting I can’t trust jack or drew. Also her having fun doesn’t mean that the album is going to be good. I mean she said her and Dan fought the whole time during uv but look where it took us (I am not hoping this for her during making a record tho don’t get me wrong).
  4. I don’t think robs “epic” means bombastic songs or big productions😭
  5. Omg I always thought she was just mumbling stuff there I heard “I can see your opa”😭😭😭 shocked af to know that there’s actually a lyric there
  6. I always thought the MAIN reason she removed it from the set list was the high notes. You can see her struggle a lot more in 2016 and also in some close notes in 2017 and hesitate to sing them or dodge them completely. I am sure she was also effected by the Weinstein thing and it upset her but her vocals probably took a role in that decision too.
  7. I agree that they are not good songs but I’ll take their production over jacks any day. At least I can hear the instrumentals and the ambience unlike chemtrails.
  8. Listened cult leader, big eyes, dealer, west coast back to back…then I stumbled across wild at heart…I do not miss jack
  9. I feel like she’s moving way too fast. I’d rather have her release a proper well thought album next year than to have another hurried up album like bb and cocc. To me Nfr felt like the last album that really achieved what it was going for and had a clear concept while cocc and bb was just going with the flow and that flow was really…random
  10. Yes! I still can’t comprehend bb as an album and understand the storyline because I can’t put the songs together. She could’ve easily take a live rendition of cb and nectar.
  11. The iPhone I bought last year just doubled up in prices…
  12. Also a thing to keep in mind is that 1-5$ might seem like a small amount for people in the us or Europe but for lots of places in the world it’s A LOT.
  13. Never have I ever thought I would see a thread like this in here. I guess it’s my time to shine ✨ To be serious, there’s a huge crisis here. Most homes electricity bill costs quarter of the minimum wage. You need to work 6 months to get the latest iPhone, and to buy a cheap car you need to work 5 years. And the worst of all is that people still can’t see why this is happening and blames it on “foreign countries”.
  14. Do we think that she has dissolved the filler on her nose between her brows? It looks like she has her hump back. Also I am really glad that she is getting more and more comfortable in her body whether it’s skinny or not.
  15. I only just noticed how well these tracks fade into each other. People only talk about freak to Art Deco but there are many more other transitions.
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