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  1. This hurts the most😭 I don’t understand why she’s not doing it anymore. She killed it in Glastonbury and I believe she’s never done it again.
  2. Not to sound like a creep but but I have been a fan since lfl and I have to say this has to be her healthiest era so far! She just looks so radiant and happy and looking back at her pics from especially 2017 I feel like her body is just not meant to be that thin. She just looks much more healthy and like meant to be with a lil bit weight on.
  3. I love bartender (I don’t get the hate for it) and it was during nfr tour but for a festival I don’t think it works. If she is going to perform a piano song it should be candy necklace instead.
  4. I’ve been loving this tour so far and she seems to enjoy it too but I can’t help but feel irritated by the increased use of back track on btd songs like btd summertime sadness and blue jeans (especially ss). I really don’t get her use of back track as she doesn’t playback and rest her voice, she is still singing and performing it’s just that we can’t hear it??? I’d rather hear her sing or if she insists on the back track I would rather see her rest her voice. Also she’s been fucking amazing when her mic is quite loud (sao Paulo and glasto) so I really wanna hear more of her voice.
  5. Why did nobody tell me Blake was serving arms this show huh?
  6. I’m sorry but I hate seeing people shit on hope choreography on Twitter etc. It’s clear it was Lana that planned the whole thing, I mean which choreographer would make her sit with two men reading books?? There was intention behind every move and it was coming from Lana. Also who said slow songs couldn’t have a choreography? I mean I also don’t love it when her dancers shake their asses to born to die but with this performance I felt like they were kinda on point but still over dramatic. Also I kinda loved her getting dragged to leave, we always complain she doesn’t do anything new and yet make fun of it when she does it???
  7. I think it also wasn’t performed on bbc 2017
  8. That hope performance could be the best performance of her career
  9. Whatever this album is JACK SHOULD STAY TF AWAY FROM MAKING BEATS. I mean I’m sick of his tiny sounding beats and drums, just compare doin time, fiily, summer bummer and btd beats to fishtail and peppers and you’ll see how cheap the latter sounds
  10. I also think it’s going to be in the direction of the last three songs on ocean blvd but I hope hope hope at least somebody that’s not Jack will be involved. I mean just compare the sound of fishtail and peppers to doin time and cherry and you’ll hear how cheap the first two sounds😭
  11. Kinda bummed about her dodging the high note. She was killing it continuously on the first few shows. Same goes for the blue jeans high notes too. Her high notes have been amazing this tour and I bet she would fucking kill cola!
  12. I never thought chemtrails would be this big of a serve
  13. This video gave so many odd vibes. I couldn’t understand why she was MAD??? like I get shooting a video and criticizing but she seemed off and actually mad like as if she was on the crowd and actually I didn’t see anyone on the crowd being this angry but here she is like actually annoyed and angry??? Also she keeps on saying Glastonbury is huge and she should be thankful but girl that is Lana del fucking Rey?? To her this was probably not that big of a deal anyway? Edit: btw I don’t support Lana being late but it is what it is and there’s no point on trying to cancel her when this has always been a case with just not her but many artists? Also she seemed genuinely upset and handled the situation like a diva. I’m sure if there was somebody else on that stage they’d just walk away.
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