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  1. I’m sorry why are people bashing this show? From what I’ve seen her vocals are better and you can actually hear her and I get that the set list is a bummer but so was it in the first show.
  2. He’s just a tech he doesn’t play on stage but still gets to fly on tour with Lana
  3. watching again I agree that she didn’t sing some parts due to being nervous but her mic is actually very broken. It doesn’t seem to pick up when she sings low and has so little echo, also doesn’t amplify her voice enough. Wish she had some sort of a soundcheck mid concert but she probably didn’t even notice that it was low as her ear plugs usually have a different sound setting.
  4. Damn this is the most nervous I’ve seen her on stage even more than btd days. Hope she feels better next time, she couldn’t even gather her breath to sing quite a few times poor thing. But I love that they really planed out the show. The instrumentals were even better than I could’ve imagined and the dancers actually make the show better now. Her looks were gorgeous and so was the general stage design. I would’ve add fishtail and Paris, texas and cut a few older songs but that’s okay.
  5. I’m sorry but people acting absolutely shocked about the stage having a swing is so weird😭😭 girl it’s been like that for 5 years tf are you surprised about
  6. To me her low notes lack soo much energy like Taylor is all bubbly and Lana is like let’s get this over with
  7. I’m sorry but our girl gave absolutely zero fucks about this she sounds almost ai generated
  8. Fishtail live with a good choreography would ate
  9. Wonder what she’s going to close off now that vb and ottr are gone.
  10. Maybe I’m naive but I don’t think this release was just for the numbers. I mean if it they really cared about the numbers that much they would’ve released it when the hype was bigger and would actually promote it. I feel like this is just a teaser of a bigger project.
  11. I don’t think the opening lower register would be easy for her since btd and 13 beaches also start in a similar place but she was struggling with them (poor Lana is just very nervous). Since A&W goes straight into higher register where I think she is more comfortable would be easier for her. (btw I love talking with you about this tour/live stuff)
  12. Damn i like the idea of starting with A&W and Candy Necklace would set the mood so good being so creepy.
  13. Do we think her bringing those incredible backup singers means she is gonna focus more on her vocals? I mean Lana is pretty amazing when she focuses a little bit she just needs some effort.
  14. Was just about to ask that question. They don’t look like her dancers and don’t look like they are tour crew so I’m pretty sure they are back up singers.
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