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  1. Thinking about how Capitol paid for a music video shoot for Don’t Forget and Sky fired the editor to “do it herself” and ultimately shelved the video. But she’s still using the promotional shots Grant took on set for her tour sksksksks.
  2. Fetiche


    so a few people have entire somewhat HQ mp3s of some of her full DJ sets? I need them to leak immediately
  3. Fetiche


    LSDXOXO interpolated ‘Take Me to Dubai’ for his new song ‘Cream’. Must’ve gotten approval from SOPHIE’s team
  4. Fetiche


    Once again I am begging for SOPHIE techno era HQ leaks. We are starving
  5. Her just sporadically posting about 5 of 12 show announcements on her Instagram stories instead of simply posting a proper tour poster with all the dates listed Never change, Sky
  6. I actually gasped. Is Sky even in LA rn? Sksksks
  7. absolutely insane that it’ll be a decade next month. i remember when she started posting snippets from the album onto her ig. the 1234 punch of the lead single/visuals, the album announcement, sky walking the marc jacobs nyfw show, and the arrest with zach shortly afterwards. the hype was unreal.
  8. It’s on YouTube / Soulseek After refreshing her merch store for the past two hours I was able to snatch a copy of the /100 double yellow LP signed by Roisin and DJ Koze
  9. Everything you can’t handle I’m sure I can And it hurts so bad
  10. Yup…. she just dropped AOTY
  11. Fetiche


    https://reddit.com/r/Sophie/s/ZEwlJIZvoo If anyone’s interested, this is the first time I’ve ever seen the PRODUCT silicone sculpture (dildo) up for sale
  12. Fetiche

    FKA twigs

    oh yeah I know, Twigs is how I discovered Arca back in 2014!! Imo they bring out the best in each other, her Arca produced tracks are among my favorites of hers. I’ve always been curious if there were more Arca produced EP2/LP1 tracks in the vault and now that’s there’s confirmation I’m itching for them. Have you heard Feelin It/Medusa? Hoping they leak soon I really enjoyed Postmortem Lullaby, was there any other Arca production in the mass leak yesterday?
  13. Fetiche

    FKA twigs

    Arca produced LP1 scraps need
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