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  1. gyal

    Lily Allen

    um why did nobody tell me this leaked? 2 fucking years ago at that? bitch im bopping
  2. gyal

    Kali Uchis

    hard working queen wow
  3. gyal

    Kim Petras

    another album? yes girl, let's get u out of that contract eat has me feeling cute too
  4. yummy got remixed and is going viral on tiktok
  5. gyal


    wow the cover is stunning, we could’ve left purr in the drafts though
  6. gyal

    Kim Petras

    lolita is insane, she's been on repeat for days now
  7. gyal

    Charli XCX

    Back in the days when I was trying to stop myself from watching all the live shows because every new song was a megabop and I never thought we'd get them
  8. gyal

    Kim Petras

    omg city girls collab? it's like the universe crafted a bop just for me i just hope the verses don't give big energy
  9. gyal

    Kim Petras

    move is such a bop not she could've been disco princess dua lipa
  10. gyal


    ms belladonna sounds cuter than ever, so im super excited about that aaalso erotic electronic is really that girl, i was worried she wouldn't be as bass-y as the live shows
  11. sorry where did i say i wanted a lana collab? i don’t need another peppers
  12. she needs to at least produce, she just gets it
  13. gyal

    Addison Rae

    I'm ready to stan, I just need her to release something very surprised 2 die 4 never came out, because it's always doing numbers on tiktok
  14. gyal

    Charli XCX

    a girly bop for the summertime, we won
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