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  1. gyal


    attention is rlly that bitch, i need a longer version
  2. gyal

    Kim Petras

    ok, im back on board - this hook is a collapse
  3. gyal

    Sneaker Pimps

    found underground last year by chance + rlly loved it - just finding it hard to get into anything else give me some suggestions
  4. gyal

    Kali Uchis

    lookin dolly i, think i might go out tonight
  5. gyal


    is attention new? its a bop
  6. gyal

    Kim Petras

    im scared yall
  7. gyal

    Kim Petras

    really happy for her, hopefully she can get an album out now what else can they wait for, if not a grammy? lol
  8. gyal

    Ariana Grande

    listen i wanna see you up in the kitchen cooking, cleaning, yeah and washin dishes
  9. gyal

    Kali Uchis

    floored by not too late, this bitch is trying to kill me me quieres comer el pussy, se nota
  10. gyal

    Azealia Banks

    all in all it sounds kinda f**king iconic and i'm mad at her for not doing it
  11. gyal

    Azealia Banks

    she's talking about new bottega - it made 63 on pitchforks end of year list despite not being on streaming they wanted to shine the lyrics on prada/bottega stores in europe but wouldn't take accountability if the brands decided to sue her, so she walked
  12. gyal

    Charli XCX

    ice cakes is such a bop but i can never find a fanmade edit that i'm 100% happy with
  13. gyal

    Tommy Genesis

    I'm excited to hear this collab but more so just bc it's rlly unexpected I've tried getting into her multiple times, but the only good thing ab her music is the production and her visuals/cute ass self - a writer or five wouldn't hurt at allllll
  14. gyal

    Kali Uchis

    all of her visuals are insane, those beauty shots included but they're rly nothing to rave about the butterflies cover is stunning, timeless looking (slight baduizm vibes too)
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