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  1. Kristine is literally my favorite song of hers idg why y’all don’t like it
  2. paltargeist


    Still need the easyfun remix of errors
  3. paltargeist

    Charli XCX

  4. absolutely disgusting
  5. It’s good but I’m surprised she opted to release this before Descending
  6. cheese website won’t load for me I’m foaming at the mouth
  7. Hatcheries music is good until you pay attention to the lyrics (But sounds nothing like sky’s so idg the comparison)
  8. can someone post the highest quality we have of the uncensored ntmt cover? i know it’s been posted here before but I can’t find it
  9. Descending demo needs to leak expiditiously.
  10. Kristine is her best song I can’t believe I’m reading this
  11. paltargeist


    Do we have HQ of The Way I Am/The Way It Is or whatever it’s actually called?
  12. paltargeist


    is there an invite link or is it closed?
  13. paltargeist


    Where are these all coming from? Is there a new Sophie discord or something bc the ones I’m on don’t allow leak discussion
  14. paltargeist

    Allie X

    Is there a zip/folder of all of these? Tried looking but didn’t find anything, might have missed it
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