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  1. where are you guys getting updates where is the live
  2. lana they could never make me hate you camila they could never make me like you
  3. she really said fuck you pete and wanted us all to know
  4. no SYTH or radio was criminal 💔 but i have high hopes for LTLI next weekend
  5. i do still think that her slowest songs back to back (with an exception of a few) as a setlist for coachella is an interesting choice………. but she still looked and sounded beautiful. and her singing with billie was incredible. the faulty sound engineering and fucked up mic did not help at all, but if i was there in that crowd i would be eternally grateful to have seen that performance and im sure 95% if not 100% of that crowd did not leave feeling unhappy. a friend of mine posted her pov of the performance while actually being there and her mic did not sound the same as it did on the stream! so im sure it was even better in person
  6. all i have seen is positive reception online! (tiktok and instagram, i don’t have twitter) so im glad she isn’t getting dragged too much
  7. i will be looking away and pretending that discourse and rhetoric does not exist
  8. i will shut the hell up and go to sleep but i would happily take love song and hope over bartender if she wanted to keep it slow and minimal. i would however beg and plead on my hand and knees for how to disappear
  9. almost any other song from nfr could replace bartender on a live set and i am Sorry
  10. HIAB: everyday is a lullaby hum it on the phone like every night, sing it to my babies on the tour life which is true and then she doesn’t sing HIAB
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