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  1. chuck and charlie both streaming but the quality is so bad it looks like minecraft lol
  2. if she released demos OMG …….. does anyone know when the pic used for syth is from?
  3. i’m so happy syth was finally released i think it sounds so beautiful!! it’s interesting how this was the unreleased song that blew up on tiktok she chose to release first. serial killer, wayamaya, queen of disaster, meet me in the pale moonlight, every man gets his wish when? i would die for i talk to jesus to be released….i’ve also seen angels forever, forever angels blowing up a bit recently too….
  4. received my racing jacket and i’m obsessed!! still waiting on my lighter though which is weird because shop ldr made it seem like they’d ship together smh
  5. i ordered the low rider cropped tank in march and it arrived a few days ago, but let me just say it does not look like the photo and i’m so mad 😭😭😭😭 in the marketing photo it just looks like a very standard tank top, wifebeater style(sorry for lack of a better terminology example) with not much shape to it at all which is what i wanted but the one i got is an extremely odd shaped tank which runs HUGE!! i’m a pretty petite person and i ordered a small and it fits like a large 😭 ugh this isn’t the first time i’ve ever ordered a flop tank from ldr village either. i should’ve learned my lesson, the only good tank i’ve ever received was my venice bitch one which actually looked like the photo. idk if customer service will even help me at this point lol
  6. sweet mv in that location would literally cause my heart to stop
  7. do y’all know what the email is to contact shop ldr about orders i couldn’t find it on the site for some reason? i saw a tiktok of someone receiving their racing jacket and my lighter and jacket haven’t even shipped i am going insane
  8. i listen to sweet soooo much, it is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs of hers ever — do u want children? do u wanna marry me? do u wanna run marathons in long beach by the sea? THAT LINE HAS NEVER NOT MADE ME TEAR UP
  9. i ordered both the lighter and jacket and neither have shipped i’m feeling so impatient rn but i’m pretty sure jackets won’t ship until may
  10. can’t wait for syth and cn mv to be released in 2024
  11. i’ve been listening to god bless america and all the beautiful women in it sooo much lately it’s such a sweet spring jam, underrated little gem
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