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  1. I'm all in for an unreleased album but knowing It'll be composed of random pre btd cuts puts me off a bit. I wish it included songs from paradise onwards, Hollywood, Your Girl, Cult Leader, Dragon Slayer, AFFA, Pink Champagne, Fine China, Madly, Crazy for you etc. That would be a dream for me
  2. xlanax

    Kim Petras

    Old on arrival
  3. I want a full psychedelic piano album produced by Jon Batiste, its interlude always leaves speechless
  4. I def think this is one of her best but fishtail is beautiful level of worthlessness for me. Truly one of her worst, it's clearly a demo. And I agree with the ones who say the last three tracks feel like bonuses. Peppers seem undercooked too.
  5. xlanax

    Charli XCX

    I swear sometimes I can't stand her anymore since the crash era started.
  6. xlanax


    This is so good. Do we know if there's a less rough or polished version waiting to be leaked? I want it so bad.
  7. xlanax

    Instagram Updates

    Their music is trash tho im sorry
  8. Yes To Heaven as first single for a 10 year Deluxe commemorative version of Ultraviolence
  9. Chemtrails/Blue Banisters I tried to make one album out of the two and I must say I'm quite happy with it even tho it wasnt easy to select the right songs. The result is really solid and it could have been one of her best albums ever. I would have really much preferred to have one album with the best tracks rather than two with many fillers. 1. White dress 2. Text book 3. Chemtrails over the countryclub 4. Blue Banisters 5. Arcadia 6. The trio 7. Black bathing suit 8. Dark but Just a Game 9. If you lie down with me 10. Tulsa Jesus Freak 11. Dealer 12. Thunder 13. Wild at Heart 14. Wildflower Wildfire 15. Sweet Carolina
  10. 1. NFR 2. Ocean Blvd 3. Ultraviolence 4. Honeymoon 5. Blue Banisters 6. Born to Die 7. Paradise 9. Chemtrails 10. Lust for Life
  11. xlanax

    Kim Petras

    So happy for her, she's a Legend now
  12. xlanax

    Charli XCX

    Ugh I miss when her music had a rave quality to it and made me feel so badass
  13. Red Velvet music is getting worse with each release my god
  14. xlanax

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    I received a Google notification today saying that new Marina's album was out and it also had the full tracklist but I guess someone just hacked her
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