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  1. details

    Charli XCX

    well yes! the album itself too and i wish we were ready for this conversation as a fanbase except die tonight tho she can rot for all i care
  2. details

    Katy Perry

    somebody get sg lewis on the line for her they can dig on the tove lo scraps folder and find something more exciting
  3. details

    Katy Perry

    oh btw the snippet was not fake, the whole thing leaked in hq(ish) yesterday (i think) and it sounds really clear and shares some of the lyrics katy teased later so i believe it's real, just an early demo
  4. details

    Charli XCX

    i love lorde's verse i wish it was all her and no charli. i hate when charli does that stupid trapper voice of hers she sounds like she got two balls in her mouth at the studio and it annoys me so bad, hence why i hate this song, thoughts, if i cried and any other that she uses her post malone voice. so, in conclusion, still very much here and not extinct
  5. details

    Katy Perry

    Composer Lyricist: Aaron Joseph Composer Lyricist: Chloe Angelides Composer Lyricist: Katy Perry Composer Lyricist: Lukasz Gottwald Composer Lyricist: Rocco Valdes Composer Lyricist: Vaughn Oliver oh this is definitely a kim reject ijbol her exact team
  6. details


    so good to hear lorde over an electronic beat again i hope she brings this vibe to her next record
  7. this sounds so good omg my pussy is jittering
  8. i luv it had a solo version tho and i believe playboy carti was a last minute addition. quavo however seems to play a bigger part on tough so i really think lana would have a hard time debuting live it without him. seems like a duet instead of lana featuring quavo. and i fear it might actually be quavo featuring lana
  9. details

    Katy Perry

    damn katy, working with a rapist and couldn't even get him to give you a bop… i always thought kim petras was the problem and she was releasing ass music because she wanted to but now i realize is dr. luke that fell off bc wow… this is worse than slut pop or coconuts
  10. details

    Jennifer Lopez

    i lowkey root for jlo… bc people love to hate her over nonsense so i kinda feel obligated to support her. while i don't think she's the most talented artist out there, i don't think she's as untalented as they claim her to be. people like britney or rihanna have around the same level of talent as her but you don't see folks coming at them for that… i actually think jlo is a slightly above average actress, definitely one of the best that we have from the singer-actor cycle. perhaps even better than bey lol, i love my queen but let's be serious for a moment, acting ain't her thing!
  11. details

    Charli XCX

    y'all really think charli can compete on the charts against TAYLOR of all people 😭 babes… let's aim lower… how bout we start with sabrina carpenter? maybe dua lipa!
  12. leak tonite 👀 leak tonite queen?? leak tonite 👀
  13. details

    Charli XCX

    that's just the motto for this era i guess… everything ugly as hell. guess we'll have to wait for sweat tour merch for (potentially) nicer looking stuff
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