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  1. at this point she just needs to put something out and move on to the next project
  2. Need https://www.knitwrth.com/shop/p/hbhsskrg768mnnb-tha8g-rckb4-b4csg-3ssxm-5ewy7-sch2w-6bpkw-rnwmb-rch69-g7cre-2w38s-d4lxp-4znrj-9k8n3-ysltr-rjrpj-jngrj-hr77e-24nj9-s2ece-g3bpj-eynjz-3slkk
  3. Something Sky loves to omit (and that she's been doing for awhile) is that her label has given her the green light numerous times to the point where she's in the mixing/mastering phase of her project her deadline to turn it in comes up and then she says she's being rushed and the project falls apart because the label refuses to give something they don't think will ever be turned in a release date and Sky doesn't want to give them any music because she thinks they'll just sit on it and never let her release it.
  4. I can't believe she paid all that money for a Nicki feature just to have to compete for the barbz attention with the Princess Diana remix pushing for #1......she can't win
  5. KillForLove

    Charli XCX

    idk im happy she didn't, the track would have never made it to Style of Eye who's production is arguably at least 50% of the reason that song was popular, the og demo had a really synthy sound with none of the edge. Also if that would have blow up True Romance probably would have never existed in the form we got it, as Atlantic probably would have stuck their hands in it (a la Sucker) and probably would have been an absolute nightmare for her. Idk i think if I Love It were her song I have a weird feeling that she would have gotten annoyed with the industry and fizzled out very quick. Honestly as much as I love XCX World, I don't know if I'd change any of her releases. Even the failures of Sucker led her to people like SOPHIE and AG and rage against the pop industry.
  6. As someone who thought the Delirium sound was all wrong for her and the last album was a snooze, i was shocked at how good this album is!!!!! She ate those leftover Koz beats from Future Nostalgia up!!!!!!
  7. Well at least her label is like..........actually doing something with her. I'm just impatient and hate long rollouts. I hope this works for her, she deserves to chart on her own song.
  8. KillForLove

    Charli XCX

    Did Plasma ever leak in HQ?
  9. KillForLove

    Charli XCX

    when she said "rave bangers" i took it as her meaning late 2000s electro-clash / ed banger-esque stuff
  10. KillForLove

    Charli XCX

    Completely possible! I'm just saying that's my optimist theory. Although I do think the Mattel/MCA lawsuit angle is being pushed a little too hard. Mattel used the song in a 2009 ad with changed lyrics. And only the original Aqua song not being in the movie was confirmed by Aqua's manager, so technically an interpolation isn't out of the question. Again, you're probably right, but I also think it's still very possible, and I'm hopeful because I think it could be big for her. Mattel used the song with different lyrics in 2009
  11. KillForLove

    Charli XCX

    I think that Barbie Girl interpolation is for the film. My theory is, regardless if Mattel hates that song, Barbie (2023) is a Warner Bros. picture (Same parent company as Atlantic) and Dua, a Warner artist, is in the movie, implying that she'll contribute a song (probably the single). Lastly, Margot Robbie's last film with Warner Bros. as a lead was Birds of Prey which got a soundtrack (released on Atlantic who we know she just re-signed with), and Margot's production company was a big backer of both BOP and Barbie. It also now makes sense why they shot down "Barbie Girl" being in/for the movie so quickly, because they're doing an interpolation/sample. Again, all just theories based on available information, I could 100% be wrong.
  12. two more weeks of her teasing that f*cking snippet im gonna lose it
  13. KillForLove

    Charli XCX

    not to be rude but how about everyone just stream True Romance next week for the anniversary instead of bothering 1000Times for leaks? Maybe then she or her team will actually do something with TR (if its not already planned).
  14. Agree in the sense that I was hoping we would get a solo track and then a remix when its charting, but then again maybe they want the Nicki name to get it to stick on the charts/radio. As long as it gets an album out at this point I cant really complain.
  15. Nicki feature explains the hold up
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