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  1. she said in March 2021 on Not Really with Patrik Sandberg that the album is like 70% done and that at that point she really had no contact with her label.
  2. I have a feeling it was but I think this might be a good thing? Maybe she needed the money from the part to finish the album since Capitol sure isn't funding her/it
  3. she made it sound like the songs were pre-NTMT but maybe that was more just a vibe i picked up
  4. I mean I do understand some of the pushback because i do feel like she kinda misrepresented how much of the album she actually wrote, but I also don't really care if she writes her music or not, and its like a common practice among artists to ask for a writing credit due to the contributions their voice singing the song makes, but to say she "stole" them is a huge reach. Idk I just want music from her at this point like I kinda do not care who wrote it, i just want SOMETHING if you know what I mean. Even another soundcloud cover would be nice.
  5. KillForLove

    Charli XCX

    im not going to speculate on her love life, and im sure she's hurt but like she basically referred to him as her "former partner" on How Long Gone so I was wondering how long it would take for it to come out. I have a feeling the split has been a slow, ongoing thing over the past month
  6. So she said on Not Really in like March that the album was 80% done but basically implied that she has no contact with Capitol records and that they're not financially helping her. I still feel like she has a bigger part to play in all this than she lets on, but she also dropped that she ghostwrote several pop songs for people that were released but she couldnt say who being she's under an NDA since it was a legitimate "ghostwrite"
  7. KillForLove

    Charli XCX

    I wonder if the preview is this
  8. KillForLove

    Charli XCX

    hm i wonder if its possible that "what u want, i aint got it" could actually be a snippet/remixed-snippet of Sweat?
  9. KillForLove

    Charli XCX

    yeah im excited I think she's kind of found her niche thing within her label and the industry. I really liked the segment where she was complaining about having to listen to people who aren't songwriters while in sessions. Also sweat sounds so cute from the snippet totally getting the janet/control influence she was talking about for this era
  10. KillForLove

    Charli XCX

    idk if this was already confirmed but she confirmed today on how long gone that her contract with Atlantic is for 5 albums and that the mixtapes didn't count
  11. KillForLove

    Charli XCX

    dont think twice isn't for the new album right?
  12. this dealer demo.................this album may be her magnum opus i fear.........
  13. Its so funny to watch the same 5 people come in here every 6 months, its kind of pathological how many times they pop in here to be mad
  14. The way Kim gets the full brunt of all the Luke vitriol because the gays would rather take it out on the trans girl who works with him than any of the numerous men (and cis women) getting hits with him currently. Where's the ire for Max Martin? I find it hard to believe that MM had no idea Luke was abusing his female acts, especially if this goes back to 2005. Cirkut too? How about RCA and the label team? I'm just curious why people all have this energy for the trans girl who didn't know him before 2015 but quickly fall silent when the people who actually enabled all of this get off scot free?
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