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  1. the true masochism experience is having her be a hot mess for months then doing One absolutely good thing and running right back to her feet. why can't she be this good consistently 😭
  2. do any of you remember that one nip tuck snippet that was going around ages ago? it's so catchy and good i feel like it's her own equivalent of vroom vroom i wanna hear the full song so bad
  3. !!!!WINTER!!!! 💋💋💋🎻❄️🚬🔥🌆
  4. wait I want to know who Sunset is now I haven't been checking this amusing hellhole for that long
  5. the description on the new swamperella video is kinda weird and worrying? i imagine it's a silly play on words using song titles but damn are they okay lol
  6. imagine the power she'd have if she would actually release her shit, that one snippet is incredible
  7. it was so homophobic when she performed grins with Charli but never released a studio remix of it like... that would have DESTROYED tumblr back in the day
  8. not y'all using an old ass pic go to bed immediately
  9. I have caught myself in the past wondering what type of day job she could have, if she's not making a living from music or modelling she's certainly having to do something else to maintain herself
  10. oh? then where is it 👁️
  11. i expected something a lot different from cobra but I'm glad we were finally able to listen to one of her old songs from soundcloud, this one has specifically been haunting me ever since sky posted it. either way, y'all be grateful for a second and stop whining so these keep coming
  12. someone should make a nice updated compilation with her unreleased songs so far just like skyferreirasource did back in the day
  13. if it's actually going to be released I don't want any of you f words messing with that shit, she's got enough issues already 😭
  14. whoever is doing the leaks, PLEASE leak the song 1 demo she posted on soundcloud ages ago I've been dying for this one
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