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  1. the ocean

    Kylie Minogue

    very unpopular opinion from me but vinyl is kinda overrated imho especially because of the increased demand and the markups for it also yeahhhh if it's from russia maybe not.... the vinyl itself is probably in good condition but it might be a bootleg
  2. the ocean

    Kylie Minogue

    if the seller has a 95% or up rating on discogs i'd go for it i've bought from discogs sellers before and it takes a bit of time to arrive but it's pretty reputable
  3. the ocean

    Kylie Minogue

    i'm literally doing school for photography right now (i'm more known for cover art / graphic things on lb but photography is my main thing and will always be my main thing) it makes me really happy to see other people want to get into it
  4. the ocean

    Kylie Minogue

    i absolutely agree. impossible princess tbh is her magnum opus alongside body language (although body language for completely different reasons)
  5. the ocean

    Rina Sawayama

    i'm pretty sure most people know this already but "beg for you" with charli xcx is coming on thursday, january 27!
  6. uh what was that edit: the site was down for an hour and there was a message that said "Site offline, will be up soon!" or something like that
  7. made two more gifs for funsies before i start my second semester trisha content aware take 2 - the better one haseul from loona dancing to hula hoop
  8. imagine if she made a trip hop record
  9. the ocean


    i haven't finished the album yet but i'm literally itching to talk about it modern times is one of the best fucking albums i've heard in a long time i was lowkey caught off guard by the complete dive backflips and all into the jazz / bossa nova / big band sound but it works SO well?
  10. i think shades of cool wouldn't sound out of place on honeymoon i can also see venice bitch fitting in on honeymoon
  11. the ocean


    oooh i've wanted to get into her music for awhile i've heard and liked a few of her songs (i think i've heard celebrity, coin, blueming, bbibbi and i think through the night) anything you recommend?
  12. tbh she might as well have named her tour backing band "the diamonds" just to roll with it even though we obviously know what the diamonds really meant
  13. the ocean

    Charli XCX

    i think crash is charli's take on the "future nostalgia" concept that everyone seems to be trying to do right now
  14. this could just be me... but lana looks a bit different NOT IN A BAD WAY i actually think she got even more beautiful looking but she definitely looks different i don't know how to phrase this without it coming off wrong
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