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    Barbz, Ldr Stans, Monsters (Gaga's fanbase), Angels (XCX Stans),, Glitchcore, Crybabies (Melanie Martinez fanbase), hyperpop
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    May 2021 (When I rediscovered her and listened to her albums)

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  1. tbh i think i feel the same bc towards the end of blue banister it got so boring i frgot how it sounds
  2. I love paradise. fight me chemtrails is overrated
  3. might as well merge then tbh. thank u luv
  4. "Fuuuuuuuuck youuuuuu". 2014 or 2015 i think
  5. it was her twitter beef with miss azelia banks
  6. azelia deserved it. azelia is very bitchy and problematic. i understand only some views about her burning hatred for white people, mainly the gays, but she goes to far every time. i think lana put banks in her place
  7. Thread for favourite lana lyrics/qoutes. Btw if a once said thread for lana exists then please merge or take down, thank you xo!
  8. its her labels fault. they dont want her to release anything
  9. December 2019. When was the last time you listened to spotify?
  10. RomanCrystal


    rebel heart is ok, hard candy is underrated but i havent fully listened to it yet.
  11. RomanCrystal


    Erotica is her most iconic album because she normalised sex. in its time, the album was banned as controversial, mainly bc of the book and exclicit videos released, but shenormalised and opened gates. i cant properly explain it
  12. RomanCrystal


    i feel like madame x is her worst album.
  13. RomanCrystal


    lets talk about how iconic self titled, erotica and like a virgin were. i miss old madonna even tho i was born in the confesions era
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