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  1. acacia

    Instagram Updates

  2. btw does anyone know if my beige/cream aka pressing is rare? i assumed it was because i had never heard about a beige pressing but was just wondering
  3. just wanted to share my record/cd collection + wishlist records lana del ray aka lizzy grant (cream pressing) born to die uk pressing paradise ultraviolence lust for life cotcc target exclusive blue banisters ocean blvd target exclusive ocean blvd amazon exclusive back to black electra heart cds honeymoon lust for life nfr ocean blvd target exclusive titanic soundtrack musiquarium vols. 1 + 2 extraordinary machine record wishlist honeymoon nfr btd paradise edition uv deluxe uv boxset lfl heart shaped record cotcc standard pressing crybaby k-12 the eminem show the slim shady lp born this way the virgin suicides soundtrack
  4. idc i still love yth idk why some of y’all dont… anyways, ANGELIC STUNNING EVERYTHING
  5. new favorite music video (also why is everyone fighting)
  6. i’d say honey gentry’s music is quite similar. but i would recommend marina, fiona apple, melanie martinez, and mitski even though they don’t sound similar imo if you like lana you’ll probably like them to some degree
  7. acacia

    Melanie Martinez

    has anyone else not gotten their merch?? i preordered over $50 worth (i wish i hadn’t 💀) and i haven’t even gotten a single update… what do i do? can u cancel or call some sort of customer service? her website is so confusing and sketchy tbh
  8. my prediction rang pretty true
  9. i checked her instagram and tiktok, it's so sad to see how sweet she was, she seemed like someone i would love to be friends with... rip brianna
  10. does this actually mean anything will happen though
  11. acacia

    Melanie Martinez

    guys... i spent over $50 on this album and i can't find a single song i'm gonna ever listen to again
  12. acacia

    Melanie Martinez

    19,724,818 in total if thats what u were asking just started listening... does she use this voice effect for the entire album...
  13. movies: titanic, black swan, girl interrupted, marie antoinette, kill bill vol 1&2, the basketball diaries, the virgin suicides directors: tim burton, quentin tarantino, sofia coppola actors: angelina jolie, brad pitt (brangelina 4 ever), leonardo dicaprio, mia goth
  14. venice bitch... PART 2...???? best day of my life
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