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  1. acacia

    Melanie Martinez

    which one is the exclusive cd?
  2. ultraviolence nfr ocean blvd (probably will overtake nfr but i haven't listened to it in full yet so idk) btd + paradise honeymoon aka bb cotcc lfl im sorry but i agree with uvbabe this is lana's only "bad" album (i wouldn't call it bad objectively but compared to her other albums... yeah) the highs r high (cherry, heroin, get free, even love) but too many of the other songs are skips for me
  3. you have to click on the location you're interested in and there should probably be a link to another site where you can find time/ticket info. all of the listening parties are being done independently at different places like record shops and beaches so the tickets can be found on those places websites
  4. acacia

    Rina Sawayama

    i just listened to XS for the first time by watching the music video... and i think i'm already a fan her sound is so catchy but innovative, like nostalgic in a way but also very modern also i always respect when an artist can actually act or be entertaining in a music video and doesn't just stand there lip syncing and looking pretty
  5. honestly i wish i could just go up there for the stuff but i'm from san diego so my mom would never let us drive 2 1/2 hours there and back just for merch so i might as well stay... although i might just stay until a&w so i can sing along to the grants, ocean blvd, and a&w and listen to sweet. idk i think i'll decide after a&w if we should stay or leave and get some tacos or something before driving back LMAO
  6. well i'm happy to go i'm (hopefully) going to the one in long beach with my friend, honestly i feel like it's gonna be awkward but still i want that poster and wristband btw how early should i get there if it's first come first serve to make sure i get the free stuff? i've rsvp'd so hopefully there should be enough but i think like 30 mins early is good enough to ensure the merch and good spots on the beach, right?
  7. acacia

    Melanie Martinez

    for sure prosthetics also people calling her fat is killing me bc that's exactly how i look so that's the confusion death is really pretty but i understand what u guys mean now with DEATH bc she gave
  8. acacia

    Melanie Martinez

    OK SO i just listened to DEATH for the first time bc the leak i found on youtube was literally just another song and i was wondering why you guys were living breathing and dying by this song but now i understand
  9. acacia

    Melanie Martinez

    girl not her nft era i was trying to forget that
  10. acacia

    Melanie Martinez

    just listened to it and it would be a stunning closer
  11. acacia

    Melanie Martinez

    the beat is… fine where is everyone getting the death leak i’m too tired to scroll back
  12. acacia

    Melanie Martinez

    oh my god i listened to the full moon cycle leak and it gets worse… how does it get worse… “BLOOD’S FINNA MAKE HIM AMPHIBIOUS????”
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