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  1. /-: Meh........... sorry. Maybe it will be better post prod?
  2. So none of yous are able to screen record and post a link to the snippet for those of us on a social media detox... Toxic ass fandom Living proof that literacy rates are down in America... I found Elle's post
  3. LOVE

    Instagram Updates

    Pre-fame stans are imploding Speaking from current experiences
  4. Mm yea me encantaaan Kitten Heel y Vuelta
  5. All Smiles deserved a spot on AKA! I would love to hear it with a full production. Daytona Meth too but I think it wouldn't be as iconic if it were overproduced and glossy. Gogo Dancer has serious potential imo... imagine it with production like Gangsta Boy, Dangerous Girl, True Love on the Side...
  6. Summer Bummer been on repeat so I gave LFL a relisten and yeah.. I forgot how good this record is. She gets flowers from me at least
  7. LOVE

    Lana Del Rey Heardle

    Lana Del Rey Heardle #103 🔊🟩⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ https://lana-del-rey-heardle.netlify.app/ Classic and underrated asf
  8. Something something big beats bussy bop BTD unreleased pop era gangsta Nancy Sinatra peak bring it back or flop forever hag something something /s
  9. Maybe not intentional on her part but I like the idea that this could've been tucked into her subconscious. She did study philosophy after all, with an interest in religion. I like this parallel a lot
  10. DNC = Do Not Call Lyrics from the title track are:
  11. Lana could sleep and snore on the studio piano, she just needs Johnny Blueeyes back on deck for LDR9's promo and tour lewks
  12. If this is real, I gotta say... Lanz and I are psychically linked
  13. Ghetto Baby and I can't and won't apologize!
  14. LOVE

    Song vs. Song

    Meet Me in the Pale Moonlight vs Every Man Has His Wish
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