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  1. Hi all, Just need to rant: LANA WHERE IS CN MUSIC VIDEO????????? LIKE UPDATE US!!!! I AM NOT EVEN HYPED NO MORE. okay rant over. have a blessed day xx
  2. Something about the Online Exclusive cover is very 'Hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but I have it' and I think it's the most iconic cover of all!
  3. Simply put I think she means she is old fashioned, traditional w that man
  4. Sweet is THAT bitch! It did what? THAT is what it did!! It’s not for basic bitches that’s for sure!
  5. Ocean Blvd: #1 UK and Aus Watch America fail Lana. It’s ironic an American album with an American title is not #1 in America. Somehow, it’s also very American to me at the same time 😂 Lana really deserves a number 1 album in the states.
  6. There's an organic drum kit in the back mixed with programmed R&B beats. You hear it more in the second chorus and outro a lot but it's filtered there
  7. Why aren't people talking about how amazing Fishtail is? Like, it combines rock sound with R&B? It's so well executed and sets Peppers up musically. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it. The execution of all this is so Lana Del Rey
  8. I am just so tired of Ultraviolence stans. Like I get it. I remember when I was 15 and just being sad and depressed af feeling like a bad bitch listening to UV but get over it!?? Ocean Blvd and any of her upcoming projects don’t have to be something she’s done already. It just bugs me when I see comparisons to UV or remakes in UV style because people just want fetch to happen so bad?
  9. You know after I heard “Shut Up” by Ariana Grande, I lost some respect for her because I couldn’t help but feel like she was shading Lana after the whole QFTC fiasco. Lana has stated many times she doesn’t even like her own music etc (her outlook recently has changed a lot) anyway, the whole breakdown of their friendship was sad to me
  10. The biggest growers for me: • Sweet • Kintsugi • Paris Texas • Peppers (one of the most iconic songs in her discography) I really liked Fingertips on my initial listen so I didn’t include it on here but it also keeps getting better with each listen along w Margaret.
  11. No it’s so true. A&W as great as it is for music and for Lana’s career is definitely not one of my top songs from the album. Like it’s a career highlight for sure but it’s not my absolute favourite.
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