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  1. 1. White Dress 2. Chemtrails Over the Country Club 3. Venice Bitch 4. Fuck It I Love You 5. West Coast 6. Summer Bummer 7. Art Deco 8. Bel Air 9. Pawn Shop Blues 10. Salvatore 11. The Greatest 12. Black Beauty 13. Happiness is a Butterfly 14. Heroin 15. Flipside 16. Get Free
  2. I'm into it. I love me some COCC. I've been listening to her a lot lately.
  3. The amount of emotional whiplash we go through as Lana fans……… Sending a hug to you all bc it isn’t always a walk in the park.
  4. I have to admit, I got really sad when she posted the link to the Fuck It I Love You / The Greatest video on Twitter. Didn't like that, personally.
  5. I'm going to choose to stay excited about the new album, and everything to come. We really are spoiled. And I'm very excited for this album in particular. It feels like such a gift from her to us, I don't know how to explain it properly.
  6. I love this. I think this is a really good point. She seems really close to this album, like she really loves it, so she might be extra sensitive about the reception it gets.
  7. Maybe she’s… pregnant and that’s why she wants privacy? Feels awful to speculate. I already regret posting this reply, lol. But it’s just so weird. Or maybe she’s receiving some sort of treatment somewhere. The whole “she needs privacy” thing is intriguing and also somewhat concerning. But I guess we aren’t owed an explanation.
  8. I will say, it is a little frustrating that she’s making this decision so abruptly when she just updated all her social media and seemed excited about the new album. Hmm. I don’t want to read into it, though. It’s just …. Odd.
  9. I thought the same thing today and was just laughing at how wild some of those meetings must be.
  10. I think she knows what she’s doing. Dropping off the socials will create even more interest and make her even more mysterious again. It’ll probably be better for her mental health, too. I just hope she doubles down on her art, and uses the time away to have even more wild life experiences that turn into material for future magnum opuses! We’re so spoiled, and we know she’s dedicated to her art, so it’s sad yet exciting, in the best possible way. As long as she’s okay. And we get our second album of the year in a month. Who cares about promotion. Let’s celebrate the music!
  11. Idk what to think. Part of me is relieved to know she’s continuing to make music, poetry, and albums in general. But part of me feels like she may still not be doing well mentally? I don’t want to make assumptions, because I have no idea. It’s just odd - she seems so prolific and yet so… frustrated at the same time, and it’s just not very clear. I wish we could make her feel better. If it’s just a social media hiatus, I understand, too. Like others have said, just hope she’s okay! (Also, I love her w/ all my heart but she changes her mind a lot, too, so we end up with emotional whiplash all the time. )
  12. I honestly don't mind Nikki Lane, but I find the trauma surrounding her on this site to be fucking hilarious. Can we keep it all the way real? Lana loves to randomly hype and then completely drop some of her musician friends, so I wasn't expecting Nikki to stay around this long.
  13. It looks like the CDs, cassettes, and standard vinyl will be available Oct. 22, but everything else Oct. 29. I don't know. It's weird.
  14. UO has to be the smiling w/ dogs pic.
  15. This lowkey Fuck You anthem. Who was expecting that.
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