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  1. the way these background singers can never seem to find the note... (respectfully)
  2. Chemtrails is a modern Lana classic and one day the world will see
  3. i love that approximately no one ever cheers or screams for Bartender, it isn't a fan favorite, it's buried at the end of NFR!, no one even remembers she made a music video for it... but there it is. in the middle (or beginning) of every Lana setlist. forever. whether you like it or not. (i love Bartender btw)
  4. Poor Stacy


    Can she/her team please fix the intro to John and Jonathan on Spotify...
  5. This is so random.... But does anyone remember this slightly... unhinged... woman who made YouTube videos singing/chanting acapella versions of Ultraviolence songs in the woods with a large sword, maybe back in 2015? Her energy was unmatched and I can't remember her name or how to find her videos (if they're even still up)... I still think about them almost 10 years later. I cannot be the only one who remembers her. There may have been an ONTD thread about her or something. Help!
  6. it's because the announcement was pushed back a few days super last minute due to the Aaron Bushnell incident, comically bad timing
  7. Can we not return to the whole G-Eazy thing, luv... Also, Offset and G-Eazy and baddie vibes are not giving Lasso era. I love our unpredictable queen.
  8. Margaret is fucking killing it. I saw Tulsa Jesus Freak almost hit 100K streams yesterday, too. So happy to see Chemtrails finally receiving the LOVE it deserves 3 years later!
  9. I don't want a half-originals, half-covers album. If she has to, then make it a double record - one album originals, one album covers.
  10. If I ever get asked why Lana's my #1 fave, I will point them to her first post-Grammys IG post where she's stone-faced, holding a gun, with no caption to be found. 10/10 A+++.
  11. You are fucking 100% spot on. Lana doesn't "play the game". That's why a lot of us thought it was odd that she actively campaigned for Ocean Blvd (at the urging of others it seems?), inspired by the goodwill she'd been receiving, just to ultimately be slapped in the face by the powers that be. Her punishment, right? Well, no, because she benefits both ways. She doesn't have to ever do SHIT for the Grammys again, and she'll still be incredibly successful, innovative, subversive, and self-maintained... all of that without being some cookie cutter industry shrill trying to impress the industry bigwigs. Isn't she the #2 most streamed female artist on Spotify currently? She's quite literally the 2nd most prolific and successful female artist out there right now. And she did it without being watered down, or playing it safe. If she wants to say "fuck it" and go even more gloves off now, well... We ride at dawn! She's a genius. And she'll be fine without a stupid trophy given to her by Boomers who never understood her (or tried to) anyway. Fuck 'em. She's a true rebel, and rebels are rarely rewarded easily by those who have played it safe their entire lives.
  12. I think Taylor is overpraised and painfully overexposed, but I believe she had good intentions in that moment and I actually respect her for the love she showed Lana tonight. She dedicated part of her speech to giving Lana her flowers, presumably in front of the voting committee along with the entire audience. If the biggest cash cow for the music industry can't get them to listen to her, then who will? She did as much as she could, short of handing her the award.
  13. yeah, her energy was interesting all night, to say the least. I'm sure we'll hear more from her in the not-so-distant future.
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