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  1. I swear if this actually comes in March I will buy every variant available (although let's be real, it'll be digital only for a year )
  2. Reads both optimistic and sad. Letting go of dreams you had for yourself to trust your life's journey and wherever fate leads you? Idk. Maybe I'm just projecting.
  3. She was definitely shading the fuck out of those covers. But I feel like she’s teasing Rock Candy Sweet with the emojis…
  4. Fiona 3 years (Jul. 1996 - Nov. 1999) 5 years (Nov. 1999 - Oct. 2005) 6 years (Oct. 2005 - Jun. 2012) 7 years (Jun. 2012 - Apr. 2020) Sky? 8 years + (Oct. 2013 - Present) Fiona's never had a bigger gap than this between albums.
  5. - A Star for Nick - Pawn Shop Blues - Summertime Sadness - Ride - West Coast - Salvatore - Summer Bummer - Venice Bitch - White Dress - Dealer
  6. Hahahaha, loves it. Hopefully we can get our queen back to 80 on MC!
  7. Listening to Living Legend and I'm still dead that she thinks she was doing a sax... Let me just enjoy this vocalized guitar solo and move on.
  8. Aging myself a little, but I agree. It felt fresh in the '90s with Lil' Kim, Foxy Brown, etc. but nowadays it all comes off super stale and redundant for some reason. The only girl who actually pulls it off effortlessly for me is Rihanna.
  9. you had me in the first half, lol
  10. I actually really loved it, too, especially what they wrote about Text Book.
  11. Still claiming the title track today (it's hit even harder for me with the full album for some reason??), but Violets For Roses is also doing things to me lately.
  12. He posted the cover on his IG story the day it was released and wrote "Beautiful", so I don't think there's any beef/drama.
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