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  1. I mean, didn't Jack say the album goes in a lot of directions? That doesn't mean it's incohesive, it just means don't expect everything to sound the same. The description of Dealer, compared to LMLYLAW, compared to Breaking Up Slowly... it all sounds pretty varied.
  2. I get the impression Lana has baby fever. Sorry if that's edgy or something. I just get the vibe that she wants to get married & be a mom. She commented "Love it" 2 days ago on this girl's post about getting pregnant with her friends at the same time ddddddd. This is a really unpopular opinion of mine (apologizing in advance for even sharing), but I kinda hate it when artists have kids because I feel like it slows them down - I'm really fascinated by the artist who lives & dies by their muse... But honestly, if a family's what Lana wants, I want her to have that. I find it kind of sad she seems to think it'll be impossible for her.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks we're still getting the album in December? I really don't think her team would allow her to miss out on Christmas sales. I could see us getting the title track around this time or late next month, then the album a couple weeks after. Had they waited any longer to put out LMLYLAW, I would have guessed January.
  4. This sudden southern accent appearing in her voice is sending me
  5. They're those same dorks on all the pop sites claiming to have everything. They're not specifically saying Yoesmite, they're just taunting fans as usual lol, saying "songs we know of" will be on the album. I agree that it'd be weird to have Yosemite on the album if it's about leaving CA.
  6. I don't actually think Yosemite's on the album - I think she's just being a troll with that shirt. But insiders have been teasing it, or some other songs we know of that have made the album.
  7. I love this sort of stuff - it'll be fun to compare once we finally get a tracklist. This is what I'm thinking: 01 - Let Me Love You Like A Woman 02 - Chemtrails Over the Country Club 03 - 04 - 05 - White Hot Forever 06 - 07 - Grenadine Quarantine 08 - Dealer 09 - 10 - Tulsa Jesus Freak 11 - White Dress / Waitress 12 - Breaking Up Slowly 13 - If This Is The End, I Want A Boyfriend 14 - Something to consider is that Track 5, outside of Born to Die, has always been released in some way/shape/form. But apparently insiders are teasing Yosemite & whatever Track 9 is, so I guess Yosemite could be track 9, too? Idk. This is fun, though.
  8. The more I listen to Let Me Love You Like A Woman, the more it sounds like an iconic opener to me. Kicking off the album as sort of a sonic bridge from NFR! to this album, opening with the lines: "I come from a small town, how 'bout you? I only mention it 'cause I'm ready to leave LA And I want you to come..." It's clear we're leaving California with her, perhaps on a road trip? To the midwest from what we know, but definitely somewhere smaller, more intimate. The abrupt ending of the song leading into "You should stay that close to Jesus...", or directly into the title track, which is centered more around her family. The more I listen to it, it just sounds like the beginning of a new journey, or an introduction track. "Take you to infinity..." Maybe it's just me.
  9. Wow, this is really good? I'm happy for her. Haters can stop saying "she's over!~" now.
  10. I wonder if this is going to be a black & white era. The artwork and promo shots are all pretty dark/monochrome so far - I was truly expecting our yellow/golden era dddd.
  11. I didn't know she had a kid... I'm depressed she's on Instagram talking about how she's spent the last 3 years reading books and not making music. I feel like kids always ruin things, too, but I know that's not a nice thing to say. Oh well. Hopefully we'll get new music soon.
  12. I also think people will react more favorably to it once there's a full album to provide context. Honeymoon got dragged as a pre-release song & now it gets a lot more love. I see that happening with Let Me Love You Like A Woman, too. It's an odd choice for a pre-release, but so was Honeymoon & MAC.
  13. There's nothing I love more than angry (former?) stans whining and bitching about how bad the music is once it (finally) gets released. It's one thing to prefer a song over another, but Lana doesn't make bad music. Y'all are clowns.
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