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  1. Wait at her following Kim and not Taylor. I'll only be entertained by this for about an hour, but... Tangy!
  2. This is why we can't take critics seriously when she releases an album. 3/5 reviews only to hit #1 out of hundreds of albums in the same critics' Best of 2023 lists. They're aware of her brilliance, but they never give Lana her flowers immediately. Pure fucking comedy.
  3. Sorry, but I demand more. She needs to sweep.
  4. she's eatinggggggggg! the album's doing amazing on EOY lists, too. hopefully it snags the top spot somewhere.
  5. I think it just means simpler, modern classic sounding songs. Like Let The Light In, Say Yes to Heaven, etc. Less stream-of-consciousness lyrics about her family and whatnot.
  6. I actually love that Neil photoshoot. It’s so colorful.
  7. The ending part about not having kids yet was interesting. She was slightly hard to follow there, but it sounds like she might be coming around to accepting that she doesn’t feel it’s possible for her because she’s living an artist’s life?
  8. Wow, the production is perfect. Like others have said, her vocals are crystal clear and I love the slight reverb.
  9. It's beautiful. I honestly love Chemtrails Lana, so this sound/vibe hits the spot for me.
  10. Imagine us getting another year of 2 albums within 12 months!
  11. That last minute gave me chills... Was not expecting her to cover one of my favorite songs of all time. This has me fantasizing about a '50s doo-wop inspired album, ngl.
  12. Lana was my #1 on Spotify Wrapped (surprise, surprise) and I'm also a ~Top 0.05%~ listener. Sweet made it into my Top 5 songs list along w/ A&W and Tunnel.
  13. does anyone have Ophelia?
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