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  1. I don't really care about sales, but I feel like releasing White Dress on the 5th would create a lot of hype for the album if she isn't going to do any other promo. New song, new video, capitalizing off what's left of the TikTok drama, removing some of the "noise" around Mustin's bullshit, building up some streams before the release date, release Picture Disc #3, new merch bundles, and signed variants alongside it. Idk. It's crunch time. It's cool if this is a lowkey release, but it'd be nice to spark some excitement in the last two weeks.
  2. Thank you so much! I ordered the gray and transparent vinyl the day they went up for pre-order, would love to save $12 on the shipping, too! It's hilarious they won't let you apply it to previous orders. Enjoy the cancellations, dumbasses.
  3. Can I cancel my pre-order with the $12 shipping and re-order for free shipping?
  4. Maybe... I'd get less stressed if I was tested less like, #18daysmaximum
  5. 18 days! We can do it. Remember September 5th? Look where we are now.
  6. Unpopular opinion, but LMLYLAW has better lyrics than Love Song. They're both good, but they do feel connected in some way. Like Love Song is the start of their romance, and LMLYLAW is the wanting for more just before it ends. (Is it considered off topic to compare a COCC song to another album's song? I wouldn't think so, but...)
  7. Then she should put Violet on streaming for us.
  8. I thought he's always been weird. Lana is a total eccentric, too - she just tries to hide it sometimes.
  9. I mean, we'll see if we even get White Dress on the 26th (I'm praying we do). In that case, I'll definitely be listening, and on repeat. It'll be less than a month until we get the whole album. I'm down for another piece of the puzzle.
  10. Question for the culture: Why didn't we get a white vinyl. I thought we were white hot forever this era. In a white dress. Next to white picket chemtrails... over the country club.
  11. all the stans on Twitter thinking she's pregnant she's pregnat WITH cocc, not pregant BY cocc.
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