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  1. I don't think Suki's music is good at all, but she might bring a lil glamorous edge out of Lana, so I'm tentatively here for it.
  2. She’s swimming where Jeff Buckley drowned and died in the Mississippi. From all that I’ve read, it’s pretty unsafe to swim there. Risky, rebellious queen…
  3. Family Tree is the best song on here with Strangers, yeah, I saidddd it.
  4. Poor Stacy

    Rina Sawayama

    This Hell is trash.
  5. So excited to give this a listen. Very Lana with the lengths. Salivating at someone using Springsteen as a touchpoint. Strangers has been on repeat.
  6. Not All Who Wander Are Lost has been single-handedly keeping her career afloat for the past two years. Her mid-album masterpiece!
  7. I’m honestly thrilled she’s back with Jack again. Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of the material on Blue Banisters and it’s still a fascinating album as a whole to me, but maybe aside from the title track, none of it reaches the highs she and Jack attained on NFR and Chemtrails. I’m excited that if they’re working together again, Lana’s getting him to the “weirder” place she initially wanted out of Chemtrails, just for this new album. Yes, he made flop albums with Clairo and Lorde (Sling was horrendous…), but he works so well with girls like Lana and Taylor. I’m fairly certain Sling was an album of dry, flavorless acoustic demos and Jack had to polish shit, and well. Shit is still shit. Which is why that album is forgotten. You can’t seriously like Sling and hate Chemtrails, I’m sorry…
  8. Poor Stacy

    Charli XCX

    Should I get the white or grey vinyl, besties? I know the clear red's already sold out, and I don't like the way the opaque one looks. Is there a chance of one selling out sooner?
  9. I love her mind so much. Queen!
  10. I swear if this actually comes in March I will buy every variant available (although let's be real, it'll be digital only for a year )
  11. Reads both optimistic and sad. Letting go of dreams you had for yourself to trust your life's journey and wherever fate leads you? Idk. Maybe I'm just projecting.
  12. She was definitely shading the fuck out of those covers. But I feel like she’s teasing Rock Candy Sweet with the emojis…
  13. Fiona 3 years (Jul. 1996 - Nov. 1999) 5 years (Nov. 1999 - Oct. 2005) 6 years (Oct. 2005 - Jun. 2012) 7 years (Jun. 2012 - Apr. 2020) Sky? 8 years + (Oct. 2013 - Present) Fiona's never had a bigger gap than this between albums.
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