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  1. This is very accurate thank you It’s the perfect summer song
  2. June is just gonna be birthday shout-out month I fear
  3. Drinking Tim Hortons in the club is so lasso coded
  4. Hm I don’t think so. Cotcc seemed like a rushed work to get out fast following the critical acclaim of Norman. Since then, I think she’s had time to kinda find/develop her country sound (I hope).
  5. ooof another collection of sweets does sound painful
  6. Now breaking up slowly is an acquired taste but there are definitely many unrecognized 'bops' on cotcc and bb
  7. Feeling less alone knowing there are others who bop to Tulsa Jesus freak and black bathing suit
  8. Only if you also have laryngitis
  9. Maybe sleep and that way you’ll be motivated to wake up at 6 to watch?
  10. I can finally put my horrible sleep schedule to use !!!!
  11. If she actually sings a&w (not just the Jimmy part) I’ll simply pass away
  12. Very true but I feel she frequently moves songs from one album to another (released or unreleased - ie chemtrails and taco truck, and wasnt tnbar initially for lust for life or no?)
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