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  1. My unsolicited thoughts about the concert: Lana has had technical issues, and any presentation she gives that has even a slight air of importance to it, she will be visibly nervous until she has something to make her relax and enjoy the moment. Last year was stressful. Return to the stage shows, Glastonbury, and even a Grammy catwalk left her anxious. It would be no different at Coachella. In the first few songs, she was so nervous that she couldn't get air in her voice. I believe it should be something to consider and, when putting together the show, to think strategically about it: starting with the vocal demands of Without You was not cool. But the following fun tracks were an interesting choice to get her grooving and grounded. I don't want to go on talking about the setlist, I think it's boring for fans to want a show to suit their own taste (many of the setlists put together by fans just replace songs that, in the end, will have the same vibe in the show). However, I would like her to consider all the tracks that, last year and this year, made a splash on the charts or went viral in a certain way. Lana doesn't have commercial purposes anymore, but not singing Margaret, Let the Light In and Say Yes to Heaven didn't seem smart to me. I made these negative comments first because I don't want what I'm going to say now to lose its power, because, in fact, this is my prevailing opinion: it was an excellent show. Think about it with me: the only thing that leaves us slightly disappointed is, as fans, having seen this show being built bit by bit over the past year; so, the parts we saw previously no longer hit us in the same way. However, I remember being surprised and satisfied with the new choreographies, the ballet, the stage more "full" of elements, the backing vocals complementing Lana's voice - in short, all the creativity present. For critics and anyone who went to see the show without wanting to have their favorite playlist playing, with their eyes clear, it was incredible. Right after Chemtrails and all the technical problems subsided a little, the atmosphere was amazing. Lana's real chemistry with the guests, the improvisations she did with the backing vocals, John Baptiste and her singing for a long time over just a piano at the biggest festival in the world known for having an electrifying energy was the most rockn act 'night roll. I don't know. It was just special.
  2. The fact that Lana opened the show with that song that twelve years ago was used as an example of "unhealthy music for children to listen to".
  3. I like how the interviewer is respectful and complements Lana's ideas in her own words (there was a career follow-up, not just a survey a few days ago). The most interesting thing about Lana is that she is on her 9th album and always has this aura that there is still a lot to come, there is a lot to be told. Like, yes, she is in a more simplistic phase, more dedicated to her family, I don't know, almost 40 years old, so I would totally understand if she announced her retirement for tomorrow. However, it is clear that even Lana knows that there is still a lot to come (and something interesting to see). The colleague commented on her growth over the years and how she is being more respected today and admired by new fans, and, yes, I am proof of that too. She was already very popular in 2013 and I knew a lot of people (online) who were admirers of her work, but not so much in my city; and I remember staying up early in the morning listening to the unreleased songs and thinking "how come no one else is listening to this?", not in the sense that only I would be paying attention, but in the sense that it should be talked about more, there should be more fans. And then I blink my eyes, and she is, thankfully, super popular now and seen as the artist she always was. Teenagers and children talk about her shortly after quoting Taylor Swift. It's not something common. We had artists who debuted with her at the time that today don't receive the same attention, it amazes me that their debut is still so popular, as it should have been considered, at the very least, outdated and tacky, but now young people share edits on TikTok as if it were something fresh months ago. I think Lana will always have this rescue as new generations emerge and work becomes more and more valued over time because that's exactly what she needed - time.
  4. It's interesting that the photoshot is her in the room, as the album sounds like secrets said inside. It's a personal album that she didn't need to force. She's wanted to tell these reflections for a long time, but only now did it come out in such an organic way (Blue Banisters was a beautiful bridge). We wanted to hear the intense adventures, but it's the type of album that a woman, at her age, would make. We are still so young and so inexperienced. We have so much to learn, that I think about how this album will sound when we are adults and the same questions presented are relevant to us. Another thing: it's bizarre how her discography, in chronology, sounds like a coming-of-age and discovery story, which, if she wanted to end it here, would be a great ending. At the same time, it seems like just the beginning of much more to come! It's crazy to think that she's on her NINTH album and still maintains the same level of interest from the public. We WANT to see what she does next. In the last two years, she has resurrected her career.
  5. Do you or anyone else have another link? This one is not working
  6. Once everything has calmed down and I've gotten away from my expectations, I can see the album for what it is. It's amazing that we have an album like that. My only concern with Lana's albums is whether it comes with something different and has a unique aura. Even if Lana references herself, this album has her identity. I like how there are tracks that, even though you've listened to them a lot and memorized the lyrics, they take you on a trip like it's the first time, and you don't know what's going to come next. I think Kintsugi's construction is incredible, when she seems to finish the song, she comes up with "Daddy I miss them" again and so on. Then comes Fingertips with a melody that goes around and around and she's just throwing words at you and everything just sounds so beautiful. I'm in love with this album and I still can't believe it's almost the 10th, where Lana remains as interesting as at the beginning of her career. I understand everyone's personal tastes and I understand who doesn't now. But believe me: one hour you will connect with him and see all the beauty.
  7. Someone can make Thank You for The Music by ABBA?
  8. Fingertips, even I tend to lyrics, music captures you and will lift you as you are listening for the first time.
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