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  1. omg she’s in the UN general assembly? oh mother what can’t she do
  2. i personally dont look for celebrities to take political stances on issues, especially when they’re unqualified to issue statements on international relations/politics. but oh how i wish she would’ve just stayed out of signing this letter i know her intentions are good but it’s a little saddening. then again im grateful she hasn’t made any pro israel statements on her social media like others (kylie jenner, justin bieber, sarah paulson, etc) and praying she keeps it that way
  3. zach dawes produced thunder, california, and black bathing suit so i’m not worried at all it’s gonna be such a massive serve
  4. https://twitter.com/chartdata/status/1633050303321845763?s=46&t=006QPa2Ly2GwJ3QwP7ppNw this is lana’s competition on the 24th? #1 on bb 200 is secured
  5. i might be making this up but im pretty sure someone once asked boz if any of the songs are electric guitar driven / have prominent electric guitar and he said taco truck and jon batiste interlude
  6. first solo song with 1.2+ million streams for 7 days in a row along with universal acclaim from fans and critics? we won i fear
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