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  1. it’s not an actual book, but its like early-mid 1900s jazz songs that are considered classics/standards because they get covered year after year. stuff like fly me to the moon, and blue skies which she covered recently. hoagy carmichael and irving berlin songs are usually considered that
  2. everyone up in arms about a country album and slowly coming around to it and now she’s like well no! i’m completely blanking, other than beyonce who went country?
  3. valewww on instagram or something like that. i had no clue they were married but i think she’s like 7-10 years younger than charlie or something
  4. they reminded me so much of the keds she designed. I saw a picture of the back of these somewhere too and there was another design there.
  5. The cop picture is from when he got arrested last year for setting off fireworks illegally, Julia posted it again for his birthday right like it’s clearly tears of laughter.. everyone needs to leave my esoteric witch house it boy alone.. from what i can tell he seems to stay friendly with a few of his exes (or he just has a lot of female friends), so i don’t think he’s as much of a freak as he appears lol
  6. i’m so obsessed… not us joking she was joining sexyy red and she actually did
  7. while i think it’s definitely lana’s decision and her right if she wants to reconnect with her mom, that is definitely not patty lol. and i think usually when celebs rent vans like that for events they get a chauffeur too. it wouldn’t make sense to have security guards and be like yeah whatever, just put my 70 yo mother who i haven’t talked to in almost 10 years behind the wheel.
  8. https://x.com/ldraddic/status/1792356828044816646?s=46 yayyy
  9. Sooo she didn’t join megan i guess. is she blending in in the crowd?
  10. but what the hells going on with that makeshift dress and she should sing SYTH in honor of its anniversary
  11. the transvestigation movement is so odd, and also ruins the old anti lgbt argument that “it’s only like 1% of the population so it’s obviously not natural and an anomaly”
  12. likeeeee! and that was like an insular event for people in the industry i swear she didn’t mean for everyone to hear that.
  13. It’s always better being in the atmosphere! And if you’re a fan I think you’re definitely gonna enjoy it regardless but I will say my dad was unimpressed by her live Her hair was done by Sheridan instead of Anna and his is never as good as Anna IMO. It was humid as hell i guess so its understandable but you’d think he would have been more aware of that when styling. But also yeah- i really wouldn’t care about her hair!
  14. She did add a little of Angelina at the end but i agree they should’ve done a little more. I hope they didn’t have to shorten it cause Lana was late. Maybe she could’ve done the first verse of Angelina up to “hands on your knees” into Peppers.
  15. They’re the best additions imo they add so much and she has plenty of songs that require them regardless of what some people on twitter say. I love that she brings them down to the front of the stage and highlights them because background singers don’t often get to do that. Their choreography (which I’m assuming is from the same choreographer) feels more cohesive with Lana’s songs and presence and they look like they’re having fun there too- like almost as if it wasn’t rehearsed and they’re just feeling the song. Like I feel bad always knocking the dancers cause they seem lovely and I like their additions to some songs, however, it’s a lot of times feels like that meme where people edited Megan thee stallion dancing with Adele
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