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  1. maybe u shouldn’t be on lanaboards then
  2. need that how to disappear demo right about now
  3. anyone can start again not through love, but through revenge through the fire we’re born again peace by vengeance brings the end
  4. i don’t wanna go to bed and wake up to her socials being gone
  5. for some reason i just feel like this is the right move but i’m still so so sad it’s kinda insane to think about how much we depend on social media. almost like, wtf did we do before it? I think lana not only made this decision for her mental health but because it’s her deciding this is the way she wants to present herself as an artist. one of the things that always made her so intriguing was her mystique- something not a lot of artists have today thanks to social media. even mk and ashley still have this alluring cult-like aura surrounding them because they never indulged in creating an instagram or twitter
  6. my body is a map of LA
  7. hmmmm this does seem more and more strange as i process this... -posted a pic standing in front of capitol and sparks convo that she may be switching labels -posts cryptic video with subliminal messages hinting trust, secret projects, smaller circle... -literally looks like she’s being held at gun point and says “we are deactivating” all in the middle of an album rollout nonetheless
  8. petition for lana to out herself on lanaboards if she’s gonna deactivate her socials
  9. the video was strange like towards the end she was talking about trust and keeping her circle small
  10. right after she finally changed her pfp
  11. i might as well deactivate too
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