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  1. wow chuck and charlie look amazing in that photo why couldn’t we get a high budget album cover
  2. deuxmoi just got another submission saying the adele info was 100% false not sure if this is good or bad...
  3. i actually liked the breaking up slowly snippet, the only thing I didn’t like was nikki possibly being a feature but she isn’t so we won
  4. can we see who produced breaking up slowly? I feel like this was a late add because jack wasn’t around. is he mentioned in credits or only nikki?
  5. 1. white dress 2. yosemite 3. tulsa jesus freak 4. not all who wander are lost 5. dark but just a game 6. chemtrails over the country club 7. wild at heart 8. dance till we die 9. for free 10. breaking up slowly 11. lmlylaw
  6. i think it would have been one of her best actually and i’m pretty sure the user didn’t mean the pics were horrible just that they missed the opportunity to take more pleasing/ creative photos with the house im hoping though that more pics will be released
  7. idk why everyone is so shook tbh, btd and honeymoon only had 1 explicit song out of the whole album. i mean it’s weird bc u kinda expect her to curse but u really don’t notice. it’s also strange bc nfr seemed like her tamest album to me despite how much she cursed. so i don’t think it’s gonna really effect the music for chemtrails as much as we think
  8. can we put all future info in spoilers I don’t wanna know anymore but i love all the info we got
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