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  1. the way we thought lmlylaw was gonna be a controversial song about feminism I wanted it to be the opener but i’ve changed my mind because every album opens with a really strong song and it’s cute but not giving me track 1 energy
  2. i know lana never replicated previous album sounds but I would love a full on jazz album that goes further than honeymoon and is super sultry ugh a dream
  3. idk i’m kinda thinking a february release at this point how ironic that ariana grande is giving her fans the exact rollout we were hoping for: a suprise release with 1 single a week before her album drops
  4. i never liked hbb but i just relistened and actually wouldn’t mind a studio version with heavier instruments.......
  5. this is literally all speculation no offensive but y’all need to calm down, she has managers for a reason who guide her to make the best decisions for her career. let’s just take a back seat for now because obviously nothing is set in stone for this album
  6. the song is kinda giving me house of the rising sun vibes... wouldn’t mind her covering that, I actually think i’d die for that cover
  7. not y’all destroying bus already we only heard 1 part of the song, there are still so many other elements like the verses she didn’t sing and possibly a bridge. i’m sure she didn’t sing the whole song. with the right production and inclusion of instruments i think this could be a really lovely and devastating song. I think the message is so heartbreaking and something she can really relate to. it’s not necessarily just about a man leaving her and her crying, it’s about being in a relationship you can feel ending before anything really goes wrong and wondering if u even made an impact on that person. we knew for a long time now there would be break up ballads on this album like with every album because she obviously has not found that special someone yet. I also really hope it is a solo song, I think nikki adds a bit too much twang for me. this song with lanas vocals alone doesnt give me a full on country sound but a very dark and haunting sound. something like velvet crowbar and tired of singing the blues that turn into very aggressive and “i’m exhausted” songs towards the end. I think this song and melody has a lot of potential and hope the production and final product lives up to that but let’s not let an acoustic snippet at nikkis show ruin our hype. edit: BYE THIS IS SO LONG if u read this thanks😍
  8. she just said “that song was produced by my buddy zac dawes” or something like that. she didn’t necessarily say thats the only song with a different producer, at least it didn’t sound that way to me. I think she was just sharing more about it since someone brought it up
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