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  1. logging on to share my latest delusion so i was watching an interview from btd era and she talks about working with the philadelphia orchestra then i got to thinking of her post back in november to support the philharmonic orchestra aka the same time she submitted chemtrails and begun working on new music.... strings, drama, lush cinematic flavor for this album confirmed?? i think it’s time to manifest a paradise 2.0 instead of uv 2.0 ladies- electric guitars and strings the best of both worlds
  2. i don’t think this is her strongest album nor my favorite but i do think white dress is one of her best songs and i will never get tired of listening to it ever
  3. i’m SCREAMINGGG i just keep watching
  4. ok but that post from 3 days ago of mike dean playing the guitar... ladies let’s not be too hasty. maybe it’s produced by zach (or unfortunately jack) and mike just added something extra to some of the tracks
  5. manifesting this on rcs https://www.instagram.com/p/CNec9k4JuqB/?igshid=1tu6qk6vai5xm
  6. blue banister... stairs... carry me up them stairs put my white socks on and my pretty song you like my blue nail polish 1949 rework yup
  7. let’s look at some of her other “object” titled songs fine china velvet crowbar old money mariners apartment complex white mustang white dress video games blue jeans diet mountain dew radio blue banister
  8. black beauty, brooklyn baby, and blue bannisters knowing they’re BB acronym masterpieces in lanas discography
  9. i think of hawaiian tropic which i’m obsessed with
  10. still disappointed nawwal had little to no organ not to bring up jack for the millionth time but i was cleaning the other day and asked alexa to shuffle lana and i swear every song on nfr and chemtrails was so quiet compared to the other songs idk if that’s jacks fault but rcs better be loud
  11. it’s always the same user constantly worrying about how “republican” lana looks can we please drop it already- it’s one thing to give an opinion on country music since she is an artist but stop assuming everyones political stance it’s fucking annoying to read all the time
  12. actually we want her to evolve... without jack this entire rant sounds like mental gymnastics considering we’ve been asking for zach who is a new producer lol also yeah some of us want a more glamorous/ cinematic production, why should we feel bad about that??? that sound was the entire reason for her and her label to create the persona/ name “lana del rey”
  13. the jack and nikki lane speculation is destroying my hype for this album manifesting () a solo alternative rock album with zach
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