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  1. Her energy was amazing made me forget i hate the setlist
  2. Im sorry idk why this was ever put onto the setlist for a festival tbh
  3. Rob so bored during this feature he panned over to the empty set
  4. She never misses a lyric with this one but god forbid she sings the full bridge on young and beautiful
  5. Nooooooooooo not the candle sticks put them away!!!!!!
  6. The male dancer’s BTD choreography……….
  7. I’m crying at the background dancers… literally looked like the guy was security trying to take the girl off the stage for a sec and then they started rolling around
  8. I can’t believe we missed a PEPPERS performance
  9. But she will sing every note on bartender
  10. The lynyrd skynyrd intro not to sound greedy but rob’s live stream sucks
  11. When Lana performs million dollar man with Eurockéennes music festival vocals then what
  12. just want the bare minimum FJM I’m so tired
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