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  1. rollwithme

    Charli XCX

    I’m craving the next era of solo Charli ready for a new experimental phase. Something that pushes the limits of pop music even further but also makes me feel something give me the excitement of the droplet era with a whole new look (maybe a shorter hairstyle to contrast the HIFN/crash era) also I would love to see her work with producers like AG, Danny, and also some new producers like Fredrik Okazaki (produced bliss with FKA twigs and yung lean) or others she hasn’t worked with before that still offer interesting production What does everyone want to see next?
  2. rollwithme

    Charli XCX

    I can’t believe we aren’t talking about how good Hot Girl is…like it’s so fun and everything Hot In It should’ve been Hot Girl (feat. Shygirl) [A. G. Cook Remix] when?
  3. rollwithme

    Charli XCX

    I really miss the HIFN era for all the intimate performances that we got. specifically, this performance is one of my favorites ever. A full set, one of the best raw performances of party 4 u we’ve ever gotten (also really love her performance of cross you out here) also the iconic Spirit Halloween look that was so unexpected and random but worked so effortlessly
  4. rollwithme

    Charli XCX

    Realistically, I doubt there will be a special 10th anniversary vinyl released unless it’s announced when the silver one is announced. it would make no sense to put the money into manufacturing 2 variants of the same album that would release within 8 months of each other, especially with the way the vinyl industry works now the only way I could see another variant being done at a later time is if she decides to go on a True Romance anniversary tour & does a tour exclusive vinyl variant that she would sell at the merch table (which I doubt because she’s never done this sort of thing before and doesn’t seem to care about that sort of thing) I would say it’s a safe bet to buy the new repress when it’s announced
  5. Another interview where nothing new is revealed 🙁 mentions the DF video but nothing about a release
  6. rollwithme

    Charli XCX

    can someone upload this to google drive or something? It won’t let me download without paying for an account or waiting 5 hours to continue 😒
  7. Am I the only one that doesn’t care for Guardian
  8. How many of y’all have watched Putty Hill in its entirety? stanning Sky back then was a fucking chore to sit through that movie
  9. rollwithme

    Charli XCX

    I need a full 4K UHD recording of Need Ur Luv immediately
  10. You forgot her best cover My Molly (Ariel Pink)
  11. rollwithme

    Charli XCX

    Looks like any chance of UTKM becoming a TikTok hit is gone since Beyoncé’s song with the same sample will probably be going viral within the next 2 weeks.
  12. I’m so happy that this last show turned out so well. she sounded amazing and after being actually able to sort of hear the new songs, they sound really good. It was so good to finally hear Downhill Lullaby live. Night time really is her time. This is the first moment where I really feel like Masochism might actually be coming out this time. Her performance felt like the first real taste of what’s to come. please let this be the start of the greatest comeback of all time
  13. What was the set list tho?
  14. Imagine if she drops the DF music video along with an official Masochism release announcement (It could actually work if the video is released months from now which it very well might be) and then she can release promo singles from the album leading up to the release date im a dreamer
  15. so I’ve been a sky fan since the beginning and I had never seen her live, so back in 2019 when she announced she was performing at Pitchfork fest I flew in to see her perform for the first time ever. obviously it was very disappointing as we all know what happened (luckily Charli put on an amazing show and made up for it) but the way she got mad and walked off stage had me so sad because she her set list that she actually performed felt so random and she was visibly upset and annoyed with the sound issues the entire time. seeing these last 2 shows, I feel way better about it knowing that it wasn’t just a one off performance that ended up like that but it makes me wonder why she even does festivals at this point she obviously is very specific about her music as we know from her creative process and a major perfectionist. She cannot excel in a festival setting because of the limitations there are. I don’t know why she doesn’t just stick to doing a club tour where she can have better control of the logistics to make sure the performance goes as planned like what’s the point of even doing these festival shows anymore? It can’t be helping her with promo for people to see her do half a set while being annoyed before being kicked off stage mid set list
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