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  1. Imagine thinking that mentioning 2 of her best songs is shading Innocent Kind but tbh I love Descending so much and I think the final mix that leaked is one of her best sounding tracks of all time although it seems to be an unpopular opinion
  2. I mean true but since 2019 she has added Descending, Don’t Forget, Innocent Kind, DH Lullaby, All My Lovers Die, Hands All Over Me, and Voices Carry hoping we get at least 1 more new original (not a cover)
  3. What are the chances of Sky sneaking a new song onto her setlist for this tour it’s been basically the same set since her festival run last year
  4. Doesn’t matter if they’re honest or not tbh the point is that SOMETHING will be said about the situation by the time the free sky movement ends up crowdfunding a bomb to blow up capitol HQ it creates buzz which is (hopefully) better than the silence we’ve been in so far
  5. Even if Sky is the reason for the hold up, maybe this campaign will force Capitol to make a public statement so we can at least get more clarity to what’s going on.
  6. in terms of newer Masochism leaks we have: Descending (final mix) Downhill Lullaby (new mix?) Guardian All My Lovers Die Innocent Kind (not final mix) still need: Hands All Over Me (studio version) . … ….. Pretty Dull
  7. Literally dbree refuses to let me dl anything @rancidgirl can u update ur masterpost king?
  8. The way Sky has barely said anything and this isn’t even the full list of dates https://x.com/skyferreiratour/status/1704906268056732037
  9. Now can we cease all celebrations until Pretty Dull leaks in the highest of qualities?
  10. Is this real or a demo? The song came out after that date so I’m confused Sky Ferreira - Dont Forget 7.8MIX 24bit 1.28.22.mp3
  11. Okay where would one find links for AMLD, and the new mixes of Descending and DHL? 👀
  12. I can’t believe I’ll be seeing Sky this year 😭😭😭 praying the set is as good as her LA show from the summer
  13. rollwithme

    Charli XCX

    I’m pretty sure AG produced Believe, not Sophie.
  14. rollwithme

    Charli XCX

    The bandsintown performance of Focus was truly everything it needed to be
  15. rollwithme

    Charli XCX

    I do love the magazine shoot but that cover story article is about a whole lot of nothing…I’m so bored
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