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  1. Pic with Charlie makes me think that the grants will be thoroughly talked about
  2. The literal collapse I have from reading that he could see the liquid blue, this song is going to be something else
  3. The let the light in one? It’s from a concert, she used to sing this before getting on stage and singing cola during Para-UV era
  4. The way she controls the room the way she’s so fucking pretty and stands out the way her voice is the only thing that should be heard im obsessed
  5. I haven’t listened to the lead in a whileeeee because I was overplaying it, but I still get spontaneous moments where I sing from verse 1 to end of chorus 2 and the I just belt out the outro the song still makes me smile during the chorus is so freaking good and I randomly scream DONT FORGET ME a lot through the day i can’t wait for all the new lyrics and Melodies shes come up with
  6. Gosh I ….like…. Them but listen all Lana needs to do is literally sway and walk around the stage and that’s a SHOW for me like I don’t need the fake background singing like
  7. How the hell do people have this album already ….like people have already heard this masterpiece still boggles my mindddddddd
  8. This album feels too special for her to be so silent where the fuck is she WHERE ARE THE VIDEOS IS THERE A TRAILER? IS SHE PLANNING A TROPICO STYLE MOVIE FOR THE WHOLE ALBUM IS THERE GOING TO BE A RELEASE PARTY???
  9. I’m scared I’m gonna miss it and it’s going to sell out because people with all the variants are gonna want this one too
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