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  1. The song has been on repeat and I’ve literally been playing this song for almost a decade. it’s so good I love herrrrr
  2. Wait wasn’t it I’ll put my dress on again? omg have I not been hearing the « get it on » this whole time wow Fuckkkkk
  3. I just realized she changed the lyrics in the bridge??? is this a new vocal take??? she can still sing like this??? i hope it charts it’s so soothing and gorgeous
  4. Not guaranteed a spot…what the actual fuck is that????
  5. My friend told me about this album, and it took me a few listens but I love it! True blue and the last three song run are my current favs
  6. I’ve finally decided that Margaret is the worse song on the album i even préfère the interludes since they have more life to it. the album is already a classic. I left it for a minute since I was listening to jt everyday and only songs from it. came back to it today and shieeeeetttttt the way it’s cohesive, the journey you go on about grief and family, and love and becoming comfortable in your own sexuality and finding the joy in being care free. Lovely journey
  7. Got the titty vinyl and lighter idk why I got the lighter, maybe on the event I start smoking Mary Jane again Feel like it’s only necessary to buy a zippo lighter from THE Lana Del Rey as a fan since 2012.
  8. So weird, and one from different years….I wonder what the fuck it is rust dress
  9. WIPEOOOOUTTTTTTTTTT 🤙 This album getting me to shake my ass and be cute to literal existential crisis Love you Ocean
  10. This album is so gorgeous, it deserves everything and more. im not surprised at which songs are streaming more,
  11. Ahhhh I’m sorry it’s not clicking, the album. it is so personal, and sometimes you can’t relate. I get it i think the last two albums have been the result of covid we all had to sit with ourselves and really reflect death was right at our door steps Falling in love after the pandemic felt so intense isolation, everything. i wonder if lana will continue on this diary like writing, or go back to « world building » I think the writing on this album shows that she’s capable of being so sincere, and being so unserious and fun. i hope the album grows on you babe <3 at least we have a hugeeee catalogue of amazing music from her
  12. look at us You and me back at it again FFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK having my heart broken, being still very much in love…..and trying to fix things……the sweetness to this song this album…..
  13. Grandfather……the song that you are….god if you’re near me… she always pushes the bar higher, this album is something else.
  14. There’s some tea that she’s not revealing she’s iconic
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