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  1. Had a date with an Older bear last night, cooked me food, great convo and great make out sessions so now I need Lana do release some sex music causeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee a bitch is about to go down I hope when she means wordy it’s in the music scape of Hope but also to quirky ness of off to the races. Whatever it is, I’m excited to hear how the melody sounds with the lyrics she teased anyways I’m excited for this, the no colour aspect has me very intrigued. Her albums are steeped with colour, red blue and yellow skies no colour is…………..melancholic
  2. THIS This is my problem, negativity where we literally haven’t heard anything I get this is a discussion board but do people literally have nothing else to do?
  3. I still think about this smh and she might have just been thinking of those lines on the spot
  4. You’re sweet dont get me wrong I used to be a piece of shit when it came to Lana, I was comparing everything to everything then I would go back and listen and think to myself why the fuck was I being so weird No one does it like her, so I’ve let go of that mentality of nitpicking and comparing and saying ah she should do this and do that waste of my time and makes me enjoy music less and why be negative in any aspect it’s so exhausting
  5. What’s with these expectations? when you let go of anything like that and you’re experiencing an artists journey in her own art, I find it so enjoyable We literally have no control over what’s to come, why build these fantasies enjoy her while were here because one day this will just be nostalgia
  6. I don’t think it’s the difference in opinion that’s fucking absurd here its the fact that people will bash a tease of a song that we haven’t heard just because the producer said he started playing piano when she started ad libing where does the energy to be so fucking negative come from when we literally haven’t heard anything i used to dislike lfl but I don’t come around fucking shit talking it every time someone mentions it Get some new ideas and btw we know at this point it’s not the producer that’s making these decisios, it’s Lana so if you’re going to hate someone it’s her, and at that point you’re not a fan so keep your mouth shut
  7. You piano haters are so dumb its funnnyyyy when writing songs, usually people accompany with just piano, it’s a process lana give me strength
  8. It really does hit, I remember playing all those songs on vinyl and being like wow what a way to end this album especially with sweet Carolina, I had to pause for a minute and regroup
  9. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM NO nectar of the GAWDS is a serve with just her, her layered vocals and that gorgeous guitar a folk masterpiece
  10. I feel another serve coming but this time it seems more fun?…..I love bb and cocc but Im getting life’s good vibes and not let’s think about life till this point idk im getting these vibes….in the wind
  11. I've thought about it and My Everything and Dangerous women, those two albums are JUGGERNAUTS in her discography i needed to say this somewhere i know im not your only, but at least im one..... xoxoxo
  12. Why am I literally spiralling spiritually with this idea
  13. I'm obsessed with Sweet CAROLINA and the way Lana sounds while Rob plays piano..... excited to see where them collaborating again with Jack and the other guy i forget his name will sound
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