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  1. if we got more of the guitar + piano style a la Living legend and Color blue i would so be here for it, which is what we're kinda getting for cocc one thing that we got to give lana is the progression of her sound, like none of her albums sound the same, they all got a specific vibe but the themes are pretty consistent for the most part with the addition of something new in each album as much as i would love a UV 2.0, i dont want it to sound like UV. but would definitely want a progression of that sound AND can i just say watching the cocc video is so fun, with the pentagram chemtrails, the aspect ratio changing during the cult walk, the glowing eyes, the tongue out flip hair lana, shes so fucking HOT i love her PLUS i NEED a pic of her in that dress when she goes to the market SHEEEEESHHH
  2. the "muddy" trap beats we got with HM i think are superior than the trap beats we got in LFL especially with the demos from the HM era
  3. ngl i wish she did more of that, especially since UV is my fav album of hers especially the guitar in the second verse of sad girl just going with what we're receiving, BUT would loveeeeee to hear more guitar in her music
  4. The mess when she was talking about Yosemite and then said it wasn’t going to be on the album was an iconic moment in the boards she truly did all that for fun and for free, she loves to see us squirm
  5. Idk about y’all but piano is THE instrument for Lana , I’m mean cocc is predominantly piano and it’s a fucking bop and from what that iconic fag eclipse is saying, the song is stellar and will be a high point lets not spiral like we did before the cocc release,
  6. I’ve always wanted to get drunk/h*gh with a bunch of Lana stand and go through her discography or the classics and just scream and shout the lyrics and have a good time its such a good time to listen to her music buzzed FUCK
  7. The fact that she almost has a flawless title track record (would ride be a part of this? since paradise never got released or should we skip ha) Lfl, even tho sometimes i do dig the official release, was the weakest ESPECIALLY after hearing the demos with those iconic verses! but shiiiieeeetttt, during the second chorus of cock where she gets into the bridge is so fucking great, like the melody, HOW does she come up with that with a line like chemtrails over the country club FUCK, like a lot of people know, only Lana can do what Lana does FUCK shes great
  8. Coming to say that Chemtrails is fucking everything, I haven’t stopped playing it sheeeessshhhh i can NOT wait for the trio of the century, WHITE DRESS COCK TULSA MUDHAFUCKING JESUS FREAK
  9. I agree, she was called out for her comments that were misinterpreted and she really didn’t communicate well with her posts, but I think she addressed it pretty well in the video since she was commenting about herself as well as the trump comments etc I think she cleared up her comments AND the things people we saying about her
  10. She said in the video that she wants to get there but it things are political everywhere, so she’s addressing it now
  11. Wasnt it about her tho? She was criticized literally about what SHE said and stuff ABOUT her, sheesh she addressed it, and if it’s not more clear now then idk try to hit her up in the comments
  12. Again, you’re focusing on everything BUT the music, she changes her schedule and but choose the art she wants to send out and that’s it at the end of the day, all she does IS release constant, and great music And all she was getting to is that she wants it to be about that (but I get why we also want to know her political opinion, but knowing about Lana for the last ten years we can piece it up)
  13. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/vinyl-del-rey-lana-chemtrails-over-the-country-club-jb-hi-fi-australian-exclusive-red-vinyl-lp im pretty sure they deliver to Argentina
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