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  1. The fucking idea that I’m gonna be hearing TJF soon makes me YOU SHOULD CUM BACK TO OUR PLACE BB
  2. We did it for fun, we did it for free, I did it for you, you did it for me no harm done bb Now back to manifesting Lana bitting a cocc with fangs for the mv
  3. As much as the hate of a nine second live performance of a song we never heard is justified i would like to make up my opinion by myself So, Yosemite is confirmed for COCC see yall on Halloween fruits people waited six years for life is beautiful, let people thirst for a song they want to hear The waiting game is how we spend most of our time on this website anyways
  4. Just made the realization that cocc song and mv next week could also mean track list and album cover jfksndkakskkakd Let me manifest
  5. Still trying to think about what the hell were the swimming parts for ultraviolence about and what part of the song????? UGH visuals like that pleathe
  6. like most people are saying, it would be off to release it after Halloween since EVERYTHING shifts to Christmas after that if she wants full halloweeny effect, release it next Friday b(w)itch
  8. this is crazyyyy tho, SOOOOO MUCH TO SEE, AND JUST BY THIS WE KNOW THE SONG JS A FIERCE BOP, look at those glances, the outfits The song comes out Halloween book mark me
  9. jdksdosmskaklslallsls iTunes 2011 festival teaseeeeee She did refine those vocals in like 2014 tho, she definitely made it sound a lot better
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