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  1. Guys we still have half of July and August left for some announcement hope isn’t dangerous for a fag like me to have. trust
  2. The more I listen to it the more I’m vibing. sooooo summery and easy to listen to and overall a good song Don’t think too hard on this one girlies just have fun with ittt god bless
  3. Wowwwwww plesse release it in HQQQQQ
  4. Is it possible for the song to be featured on both albums? Idk if they’re able to do that.
  5. I think regardless, I’m ready to pop my to this song all summer long
  6. I think the fact that Quavo FOUND OUT what the release date is for the song means that it was confirmed to him by Lana’s team. if it was his song he would already know the release date. anyways….im stressed
  7. I think he meant it’ll go 100M on day one of release but it is very popular on TT right now
  8. I’m sure the song starts off acoustic with her playing guitar (as seen in the bts mv shoot) then turns to country trap I hope it’s released sooooooooon
  9. wow she sounds hot he sounds hot This sounds like such a throwback and the cadence The rhythm the tempo summer is going to be HOT
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