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  1. Tracking finally updated on Friday. Still waiting for it to come though. (I guess it’s my fault for ordering from the UK store and not choosing express shipping to try to save some $$$)
  2. My copy is being held hostage by DHL Germany since the 12th of April 😭 I ordered it from the uk store and it’s meant to be coming to Australia… maybe some idiot got confused and tried to send it to Austria
  3. I hope so! My copy got lost in the mail when I ordered it during the initial drop so it would be nice to be able to snag a copy at retail so I can finish my variant collection for this era!
  4. Don’t give interscope any ideas omfg 😭😭 they are gonna clown my ass if they do this because I will still spend the $$$ to buy whatever tf pressing it is
  5. I actually got it in the mail this morning!!! The international stores have REDEEMED themselves after losing my titty vinyl in the tunnel under ocean Blvd
  6. You could probably subscribe for the month you want then unsubscribe after? (Not sure how it will work out yet tho lol)
  7. And I’m the deranged lunatic who has all 5 variants of 1989TV on preorder 😭😭😭😭😭
  8. We literally got her that VMA… mother better drop NFR and honeymoon ASAP
  9. The fact it wasn’t repressed makes me want to cry kill & die
  10. They knew I was gonna miss sleep to get it so they said “nah boo go back 2 bed xoxox” 💅✨
  11. Was me: I was confused and then went back to bed when it wasn’t on any of the stores 🤡
  12. I’m contemplating falling for the international stores again 🤡 I’m a bit hesitant after what happened to my titty vinyl (RIP to her 😭) but I have a feeling it will go up on the Aus store at like 10am when I’m at work lol
  13. Thank you king 👑 I have set my alarm (it will be 1AM AEST for any Aussies lurking here)
  14. The og leak from the Israeli record store around the time of the UV repress showed the alt cover
  15. This time I vow not to buy from an international store after what happened to my titty vinyl from the us store (I’m worried about my UV & LFL from international stores now tbh). the Aus store has never done me dirty (other than their delay in uploading new items that leads me to FOMO)
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