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  1. niandra lades

    Song vs. Song

    Your girl vs. Swan Song
  2. niandra lades

    Kylie Minogue

    Thank you so much for your suggestions! For now, I've listened to 1) Fever 2) X 3) Body Language and I will probably start with the Abby Road Sessions now! I tend to listen to her when I'm on my bus ride, it makes it much shorter and less stressful. Also, I made this collage of Kylie the other day!
  3. niandra lades

    Kylie Minogue

    I can't stop listening to Fever! What an amazing album! Also listened to Body Language, but it's not the same. Any recommendations on other albums?
  4. I was thinking about the fact that, if Lana comes to my country this year and I don't go, it would be the third time I miss her. I wouldn't cry like I cried in 2013 but I would be so sad I really need to make money so I can go. But I also was thinking that I might not go -if she ends up coming here- bc I feel like it won't be as magical as I wish? IDK if this is dumb but sometimes I think abt that a lot. I always think 2013 would've been the best time to see her live bc I love paradise so so much
  5. Thank you for your comments. My friend actually messaged me today and we talked a little so I think we'll be fine :') Now, while the Court hasn't ruled the ceasefire, they believe Israel should take measures to not inflict any pain to civilians. Although that happened, I saw this today on Instagram and it made me so sad. This is so unfair The Zionist Argentinian Organization just completely erased Cisjordania and Palestine from its map.
  6. Sorry for rambling but here I go... I have a friend here in Argentina who went to Israel to participate in the military training that gives you around 6k of euros every month - and that was the sole reason she went there. I tried to explain to her why she shouldn't do it. Personally, my great grandparents were from Syria and they ran away to Argentina to survive. Syria also knows no peace - they were bombed as recently as October of 2023. So I feel the Palestine people deep in my heart. My friend went to Israel anyways (which it's OK) and was one of the best shooters of her squad. Then October happened and she shared a story on her Instagram saying "Israelis are different to Muslims as they don't teach hate at a young age as Palestinians do" and we had a huge argument about it. I told her that's not her war nor her problem. And that she shouldn't be siding because she's quite ignorant about it, because she wasn't raised Jewish, and didn't know anything about the conflict. I do, because I like reading, put attention to school and, as I said, I feel quite connected to Palestinians as Damascus (where my great grandparents were from) it's quite close it. I kind of feel sad because I feel I lost her. She said I made her uncomfortable and I told her she also made ME uncomfortable, shooting shit and participating in a genocide for 6K of euros a month. Is that the cost of your dignity? Maybe I shouldn't have done it... Maybe I went too far? I feel super sad about it. But I also felt like I couldn't help it. I was fuming! She asked to be released from the IDF nevertheless,and they granted that. I'm just hoping we can reconnect :/
  7. ohhhh my godthat'd be so great, thank you so much, i'd love to do that i can send you my contact info (Instagram maybe?) through DMs if that's okay
  8. I wanna go so bad 😔 I participated in a giveaway for tickets to the Lana + The Weeknd party but I didn't win they just asked for suggestions today and I actually recommended a few things. I wanna go so bad Edit: I just don't wanna go alone - my boyfriend's always working night shifts. Would any fellow Argentines want to meet up and go together next edition?
  9. Hola! Have you gone to the Honeymoon Fest in Buenos Aires yet? Thanks for the clarification - i might be a little tired of the country elements in her music, but if she makes a country album, i do hope she makes it her own way and in her own terms.
  10. I came here to say I don't really believe she will win anything but that I want her to and then I saw about how positive you all are and now I feel bad it's just that the Grammys have been SO unfair to her, they have been playing her for way too long I REALLY want her to win album of the year !! I just don't wanna get my hopes up but I will be reading this thread so I can feed on this elevated energy
  11. a country album? I know nothing about country apart from Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton as I'm from South America but since COCC I've felt she's already making country music, or at least grabbing a lot of things from that genre. Then again I know nothing about it so don't mind me. Personally, I'm super tired of it, but of course she can do as she pleases, and that's absolutely okay (besides I always wanna see what comes next)
  12. In my opinion, Live or Die Version 1 it's like 10000000 times better than the one that's on YouTube.
  13. Might be one of the best songs ever... Love the video too.
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