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  1. Tbh forever grateful for the fact she drops albums all the time. I really want something to scream over tbh.
  2. To me, Honeymoon was the last great (and the greatest) thing we got from her. The later releases don't hit the note for me but there are songs I like and I adore her nevertheless. It's just my personal opinion. I miss those days my past is not something I like to remember, but what I'd give to go back to 2012-2015 to listen to that music for the first time again... ♥️ Still got a Lust For Life tattoo on my body anyways.
  3. I love to write and I've been doing it since I was 8! I've actually thought about starting to write in English too Do you prefer Lana at Planet Terra or Lana at Glastonbury?
  4. Do you think we'll have an album this 2022? Or will it be in 2023?
  5. It's so interesting to read your thoughts on this! I'm super glad I'm on a site where I can freely express what I feel towards Lana. I've been on here since 2017 and it's beautiful. Anyways: Every time I listen to Born to Die, I remember the first time I listened to it. It was 2012 and a girl from my school sent me the video link through Facebook DMs and it was so beautiful. I was mesmerized. She sounded like nothing I had ever heard and she looked like the most beautiful woman in the world , her gesture, her elegance, the expression in her eyes. I fell in love with her music and lyrics and with the English language in general because of this song. It's still the first song I put on when I want to listen to Lana and there are no words to explain what she has made me feel through these ten years of admiration. I remember when she came to my country the first time and I couldn't attend and I sobbed and sobbed, I was so sad. When she was about to drop LFL, I was in a very toxic relationship and my ex also made fun of me for loving Lana... That made me very self conscious about my love for her and he made me feel stupid because of it. We broke up right after Lust for Life dropped so she was my companion through that time. Truth is, her music has been by my side during my teenage years and now in my adulthood and I look at her and think that if she can go through life while experiencing those thoughts and moods she talks about in her music, I can go through mine; it feels weird because I've taken her words as mirrors and advice and as mottos and... anyways, it's nice to see her grow and when I look back in time I get all emotional because I also have a parasocial relationship with her and it's funny because she's closer to my mom's age than she is to mine.
  6. Ok I sent my submission but i forgot to say I'm also super into reading I'm glad my mom died, I don't wanna do it alone bc it'll be so depressing
  7. I've been so bored on winter break that I started reading a thesis on Lana's celebrity status. It's super interesting and made me want to take my Music subject at the teacher-training college I go to so I can write about her but like... I will be teaching English to elementary school children... Me to my students: when she says my pussy tastes like Pepsi cola she's referencing the American dream by putting herself in the light of consuming...
  8. It's my favorite poem from her so far. This one and LA Who Am I to Love You. That pill she's talking about is also used to treat cocaine addiction. She sounds so caring and so sweet and sad.
  9. I'm in!! This is such a cool idea. I've been trying to read the same book for months now and I'm bored
  10. Please Lana, I know you read us. Release something 🛐
  11. I had her name tattooed on my insides I'm her man, but silently
  12. Yung Beef - Lusifel I just love the fact that this is his full artistic name. Lana, sue him.
  13. Hi! Thank you for your words. To be honest, I should give them another listen. Well, to be honest, I got super excited when Lana said NFR! was inspired in the guitars of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (John Frusciante is another one of my favorite artists, that's why my username here is niandra lades, one of his albums), and I really got that sense when listening to Venice Bitch. When it came out, I showed it to a friend at the time without telling her anything, and she said it was very Frusciante-esque. She was actually the person who introduced me to Lana when Lana appeared. Anyways, I liked Venice Bitch when it came out, but, after time, it became one of the songs I just don't go back to. The guitar loop gets too repetitive for me, but I really love the influence this song has. Besides, I get that she said it's a song to drive to, and I don't really drive. Tbh, maybe I was too harsh in my other post. I think that what puts me off about NFR! is the production. I guess that's the type of sound she was looking for and I respect that, but I believe her voice is--- I don't know the word. It has grandeur, its enormity sounds better (in my opinion) when she is accompanied by a whole orchestra, by deep and even harsh sounds. Maybe that's what I feel with COCC and BB too. Friends have told me that the ones that are boring/reiterative are the pre NFR! albums, and I think it's funny how everyone has different feelings and opinions about Lana. I really think her most beautifully crafted album is Honeymoon, and I guess I see things from that perspective. About COCC and BB, I guess I just don't enjoy the folk sounds. I'd go for Joan Baez if I wanted to play some folk. I don't really like the minimalistic (?) approach. I'm OK with the lyrics. I like when she plays with the double meaning of things and I love that that's part of the way she is.
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