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  1. Candy Necklace it's............................ perfect. What does it remind me of??? I think it reminds me of Big Eyes. Am I nuts?
  2. I'm so excited like I haven't been in years A&W's second part (and some of the verses of the first part too!) was amazing and it reminded me of songs from past projects (pre BTD era + Honeymoon)
  3. Hawaii just missed a fireball L.A. is in flames, it's getting hot Kanye West is blond and gone "Life on Mars" ain't just a song Oh, the live stream's almost on VS Gargoyles standing at the front of your gate Trying to tell me to wait But I can't wait to see you So I run, like I'm mad, to heaven's door I don't wanna be bad I won't cheat you no more
  4. I think the last time I clicked on this page, we were on Page 800. This is crazy! Anyways, I love that this is going to be an Aries album. I'm so excited :') I think I'm going to check some of the last pages
  5. Ecko's new song it's so good
  6. I'M SO HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY i can't believe this is true !!! now let me prepare myself ok i'm ready!
  7. Last time I came here and actually went through the pages, we were at page 713 I don't feel like doing that right now... Do we have any new info? EDIT: no new info, just us going thru the same conversations every 5 pages
  8. Is Lana watching the World Cup... only a dream
  9. I'm sure there's "Downtown San Francisco" somewhere in that title.
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