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  1. Hey there! I'm a guy from Germany working as a journalist, going to the concert on my own. (Not in the pit though.) I'll be in Milano from Sunday evening. If somebody wants to meet up beforehand or even go to the concert together, hit me up. Also I'll be going to this party after the concert: https://dice.fm/event/mxbmwv-lana-del-rave-after-party-milano-4th-jun-super-club-milano-tickets?lng=de You're welcome to send me a dm, can send you my insta-handle. I'd be excited to meet some of you. :]
  2. If anyone is selling their ticket, please let me know. I didn't get one.
  3. Hey there! Is anyone here actually from Amsterdam and able to host me from Tuesday until Wednesday? I'd be forever thankful! DM me and we can maybe do a WhatsApp call in advance.
  4. Has anyone seen the last episode? Do you think Lana's life story and her troubled relationship with her mother might have inspired the show? She might have told Abel in private how her mother has abused her. What do you think?
  5. Do the youtube videos of the stream work for you? because they don't load for me. maybe they are being blocked for copyright issues?
  6. I think we got the songs from this record, including I talk to jesus or or living legend. This was her original project before she discarded it proceeded to create ultraviolence. Maybe she felt like her sophmore project had to be more bombastic and dramatic as the album became and not so mellow (even though i love the original concept).
  7. She went from indie folk and experimental pop in her early years to Born to Die which included songs that would become instant bops. Now she has returned to more complex music. I would not say it's not amazing the first time you hear the songs on the album. But it has slow burn quality. So if it was her first album, I would probably think it's not that good, weird and disregard it, not knowing what I would be missing.
  8. Remember how Lana said in an interview that some of the songs were produced from voice notes she sent to her producers? Do you think that's true? Or did they come up with some production and then she re-recorded her vocals?
  9. Based in this listening experience I realize: most unreleased and demos we got from pre 2012 are in lq. It would be so great to hear it in better quality!
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