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  1. Wait a minute. Did I miss something? Have we been had? AGAIN? I thought this was the tracklist: Side A The Grants DYKTATUOB Sweet American Whore Side B Face of Jesus (ft. J. Smith) Candy Necklace (ft. Jon Batiste) Sand Dollars (ft. Jon Batiste) Sequoia(?) Side C Fingertips Waist Deep In Icy Waves (ft. FJM) A Eulogy For Who She Once Was (ft. SYML) Only My Friends Who Hid Do Silently Fear Side D The Waves (ft. Bleachers) Twilight Reflection (ft. Tommy Grant) Elizabeth’s Story
  2. Omg I got nominated for an award first Crazy for You and now this, it really is Christmas
  3. Man, I play this song a hundred times during the day but it hits me the most in the late evenings -- DYKTATUOB feels like such a personal song, and as though Lana's really opening up here and unafraid to be vulnerable about it . Anyway, have I missed anything since release? Did 111, sweet or BoZ give us any more gifts
  4. I have been listening on repeat since it released, just can NOT get enough and as a result i haven’t watched the threads — did we find out anything since the song dropped? I know about the first 4 track titles but did we also get the rest?
  5. So now that DragonWhore has been exposed, are you going to change your user or what?
  6. not them needing two lines to announce the pre-order cause of the (even longer than my back) ass title
  7. OH MY GOD I AM MOVING March 10th though......... this feels like a win and a loss lmfao Thank you for updating me!
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