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  1. wait that was confusing. it's 16:55 but I bet you didn't mean to type that 1 in front and then it makes sense, my brain just couldnt process . Thank you for this though, I've been so busy this past week I completely forgot this was even happening
  2. Some of ya'll are actually dumb for being scared about this whilst using Google, Facebook/Instagram, Twitter and whatnot. Can we go back to manifesting a tour, AKA re-release and new music coming out?
  3. Dita girl why'd you have to ruin my day like this mm?
  4. Literally so jealous of you AN HOUR are you kidding me. Did you ask her any questions like - is she doing a proper solo tour this/next year, when's her next album coming (or where's the country music album), DNC, etc?
  5. I'd be bored to death tbh also I thought you had taste, what happened bestie?
  6. If you go to Lana's page on the festival's website, there is an official video link. Guess where it links you to?
  7. I have a theory she only plays the songs she KNOWS people know and will sing along. Maybe it helps with the stage fright?
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