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  1. i'm pretty sure the concept "chemtrails over the country club" is about the irony of being crazy while surrounding yourself with mundanity. she was talking about that with jack in their interview. having an "eccentric mind" and vacuuming the house. going to a country club and instead of playing golf you're contemplating chemical warfare. being the type to believe in all the conspiracies and question everything while living amongst the type that don't. the title really says it all imo
  2. i dont think she'll make an announcement until after the cherry mv drops
  3. so the album will be satirical and eccentric and glamourous and allegorical? so we won?
  4. there are literally swifties on metacritic giving nfr zeros saying Stream Lover ..... there's really no flavour
  5. i keep on trying to write something here about how i feel but im fully brain dead speechless .. im sad to see honeymoon leave my top spot . i cant imagine hearing this in lq
  6. don't know if someone has already posted about this but fantano gave both FIILY and TG best tracks of the week in his weekly roundup: "fuck it i love you is pretty enchanting. it's very spacious, it's very pretty. lana's vocals are a bit more expressive and i like that, i like that a lot. the greatest, instrumentally, is a bit more grand in comparison. um, not sure what else to say other than that...i'm actually legitimately excited for this lana record. i have been enjoying a majority of these songs leading up to this album norman fucking rockwell. the only thing i don't like about it so far is how goofy the album cover is. but i will totally swap that for some songs that i enjoy. so, i don't know...i think i'm gonna like this lana record. it's possible, it's possible. i'm gonna be shocked, i will be effing shocked if that's how it goes down. but if that's where we end up, that's where we end up. that's where we end up."
  7. i can’t even listen to the greatest it makes me legitimately suicidal
  8. HILLBILLY hgdvvghffw2erhwrn9dvari'we7fbuikjfwja'efmjf
  9. lb 1 month ago: i will not be buying the album she doesnt deserve my money after the way we been neglected this is an abusive relationship i hope nfr flops so she learns what happens when you do clownery this [misogynistic label] wont get my coins I Miss The Bouffant Hair lb now:
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