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  1. This is one of her sexiest songs ever I keep blasting this and finding myself squatting on the ground popping my bones
  2. It’s hard for people to admit that Lana looks so beautiful right now mostly because she lost weight. i think people are extra defensive about people praising Lana’s weight loss because they’re not allowed to admit this to themselves or others, so they attack people who have the gall to explicitly say it (they’re projecting). And this is the basic structure of the entire “anti fatphobia” movement
  3. 🎤It’s not what you wanna do it’s what you’re gonna do 🎶
  4. I was thinking about it but then I thought about it and decided to go to bed
  5. Idek what else to say she's clearly deeply inspired it's okay to admit this even if she can't admit it to herself 😭 I've seen some of what she has to say about Lana and to me it's a way of rejecting her influence for egotistical reasons
  6. You must have glaucoma and cataracts and dementia and mumps and measles and polio and schizophrenia if you don’t see it
  7. Are there any comorbid conditions known to occur more frequently with Unreleased Syndrome?
  8. 50% Jack Antonoff, 44% Clayton Johnson, 3% Cirkut, 3% Rick Nowels (for the song High By The Ranch)
  9. I was getting excited thinking about the producers she might have worked with like fantasising about Emile Haynie chained up in her studio then I remembered that this is another Jack album now my eye is twitching
  10. It's gonna be 1 of 2 situations: 1 it will be dropped randomly on a Wednesday at 3pm with no mention of the album and the mv is scrapped; or 2 it will be announced with high quality promo as a buzz single, dropping 2 days later with the mv, preceding a month wait with interviews + hints and finally an album trailer, 1 day later lead single with mv, preorders, album out end of September. Thats my prophecy
  11. I'm gonna channel some answers from source rn..... Alive Family Spirit Dakota Entrails History Catching Fire ...thank you source
  12. Tiktok stopped letting me watch without logging in right when Tough started i’m speechless. I’m kiliing myself.
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