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  1. I know she's kinda in a better place now but I keep thinking of the lasso as a noose, some double meaning there. Like there are so many things a rope can do, pull something/someone in or take you out depending on your desire. I could see her getting into the metaphor of it. Although I can't imagine this album being so dark. Probably just shows where my headspace is at rn 😐
  2. I did not like A&W for a few good weeks
  3. I loved getting the lead single plus preorders ans track list and all the covers at the same time for ocean that was a momentous day for me. I want that again but that would mean no lead single in time for coachella unless she wants to have a 5-6 month wait from preorders which I could live with. But being real coachella will just be her set from last year
  4. honey dew

    Miley Cyrus

    I was gonna say it sounds so Bangerz little did I know it literally is..
  5. Im just saying i thought you were crazy but now I know you’re just Australian
  6. Same I think it's such a great tonal moment for the album. Kind of funny kind of unsettling kind of dreamlike kind of thematically significant
  7. honey dew

    Dua Lipa

    I’m obnsessed
  8. Jack actually managed to tear it on this one 😳 I love it. That high note — effortless
  9. I rebuke deluxes...don't F with the lore I've established around the original album tracklist in my mind!
  10. Zodiac and LA Who Am I, then I can die
  11. Omg "at a location that I cannot disclose" King of the parasocials
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