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  1. Lead single either Hollywood or Meet Me in the Pale Moonlight with a glam music video and whatever else is on the album doesn't even matter bc it's going straight to #1
  2. She needs to be AT Glastonbury IN the Marilyn wig WITH the vape taped onto her back standing SIDE STAGE mic turned ALL THE WAY UP livestream READY and HQ .. TOMORROW
  3. honey dew


    Animal > Cannibal > Warrior >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ……………um….. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Endless Summer Vacation >>>>>>>>>>Miranda Cosgrove>>>>>>…...
  4. Clearly he has something to hide on that phone And/or he's on whatever Azealia is on 👩‍🔬
  5. This album is truly the sister to Ocean Blvd and I looove thinking about their bond Blue Banisters is diurnal, campy and botanical, and I think of it like a scrapbook, like a collage of moments and eras. Ocean Blvd is nocturnal, existential, unpredictable, and more like a long string of thoughts, shifting moods and metaphors. The imagery of her awake in bed in the dark is very evocative of this concept. BB is a restless day, OB is a sleepless night. I love these 2 albums oh my God!!!
  6. I just feel like now is the perfect time for the unreleased album. The songs are already viral, the demand is insane, her streaming numbers are going ballistic, and she doesn't even have to write anything new (which is great because she said in W mag that she's getting less ideas atm). Lead single Hollywood with a fun glamorous Lynchian music video by Rich Lee, album cover portrait shot by Neil Krug, a tour of some kind, a massive financial push from the label and there's her #1!
  7. honey dew


    God even in the banks thread marina is randomly getting dragged 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Did we discuss how she was escorted onto the stage by 2 guys holding onto her in the beginning? Was that apart of the Marilyn performance or was it sheer nervousness?
  9. She is still not singing properly into that mic and the sound guys are still not turning it up………….
  10. I just found out one of the backing vocalists who sings on the title track’s last name is Faggett I knew there was something about that song!
  11. What in the mass psychosis is going on with all these people saying she sounds AI generatedddddd 😫😫
  12. I have no idea how people are thinking this doesn't sound like her or it's AI or something her voice sounds exactly how it usually does???
  13. As a Melanie Martinez stan I thought you'd enjoy the sound of sh*t smeared on a microphone?
  14. Lana is like the only truly unique artist left at this point
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