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  1. Omg hopefully it means that TIWYCF will be on reputation tv
  2. Maybe some tea on The Other Side… or Famous I mean, there’s definitely some other unleaked songs that we don’t know of, right?
  3. Those kraken links don’t work :/ great job otherwise!!!
  4. I was never that disappointed in Taylor’s Versions until I heard the new version of All You Had to Do Was Stay…
  5. For me it’s totally the opposite kinda can understand it when people talk this way about the standard edition but I don’t get it when they talk about the anthology
  6. It was actually 25 minutes originally
  7. Gorgeous and Call It What You Want were also released before the album
  8. Is it starting in two hours and twenty minutes? Am I right?
  9. Yeah they’re “stories” but I have hardly seen such stories about Madonna or Mariah while there have been stories about Jennifer for like 15 years… like a lot of crazy stories, I don’t see why people would just make them up
  10. I think it’s more about how she’s been horrible to her staff and fans etc, there are so many awful stories
  11. Anthony Applewhite

    Miley Cyrus

    Does anybody have a link to the now leaked Burning Sun? Also are these titles Cherry, Shadow, Secrets, Party’s Over legit?
  12. How come? You think those were just concept demos?
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