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  1. I take the latest repost Lana did on her IG story as a formal confirmation of the country album being released 😂 #deluludreams
  2. Looks like only Oxford and Birmingham were cancelled. The rest is still going ahead… for now
  3. I’m guessing it’s the same company that was behind LDR village?
  4. Got the jacket in the end but it’s too big! 🙃🙃🙃 so now I’m selling it (for what I paid for it) and waiting for size medium to get back in stock
  5. that makes sense. They don’t give us those at the polish shooting ranges 😂😂😂
  6. Girlie what are those sunglasses 😭😭
  7. Has anyone had any issues with hearing back from Lana's official store? I have finally caved and ordered the Racing Jacket on November 30th (it has been in stock since the 24th) but it has not been even despatched yet. I have emailed the UMUK customer service twice now and still no response. Are they pulling LDR Village????
  8. The merch page let me in for about 3 minutes before going back to password protected / opening soon. Guess this will be in the next merch drop?
  9. Secured 2 tickets for London on the 10th yesterday - getting them was a religious experience tbh. out of curiosity went to check the general sale today, and I’d like to know what in the Taylor Swift eras tour tickets is going on! An hour after tickets went on sale. There is a 288 minute wait to get in 😱 edit; as predicted it was all sold out. Girlie needs to realise how loved she is in the UK - we know good music before anyone else, cough Lana cough. Instead of Roundhouse she should have chosen Hammersmith Apollo as her venue
  10. Praying its the preachers daughter on a vinyl. I need that more than I need air 😂
  11. 10* second date got added for London. Presale sold out in literally 5 minutes....
  12. Anyone that paid using PayPal, raise a dispute on the site - it should allow you if the purchase was made in the past 180 days. If it’s over that call PayPal, you’ll get your money back in like 7 days.
  13. it will be at midnight local time. you can listen to it on youtube using new zeleand, and I'm guessing couple other countries now vpn.
  14. I just paid off my credit card in full. The stars are aligning for me today if there is anything new to be purchased, I AM READYYYY
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