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  1. I don't know why but do you know anything about the date 2009-03-24? I don't put dates on music files unless there is a source, but I have this on my wolf t shirt file. I wonder where I got this date from..
  2. But doesn't Lana call it tunnel? I always thought it's wrong to call it ocean blvd considering the point of the title is the tunnel not the blvd. She's asking us if we knew about the tunnel under the blvd that's already known to many people. It would be weird not to call it tunnel. It rly is not that serious but it's a real pet peeve for me
  3. idk people before me were reaching so I did it myself as well
  4. I don't think about having inappropriate relationships with young girls when I sing Lolita and Little Girls Go touch some grass guys and chileeeee
  5. They do respond, but very slowly.. I have definitely seen faster snails than her official stores
  6. My SYTH has stuck on pre-delivery state since the 16th as well
  7. Different topic but extremely small amount of green cassette have been restocked on Universal shop. I got bored and saw how many I could add, 67 seemed to be in stock! https://shop.udiscovermusic.com/products/lana-del-rey-norman-fucking-rockwell-cassette?variant=39557844566093 Go get em!
  8. I don't think it's related to the quantity. There are many noisy CN vinyl so it's just pure luck
  9. Maybe Rick's version that they are referencing is the rough demo/concept demo. Then original version as in the first final product I suppose.
  10. Yeah, I am aware of that but I was curious if their copy was something special! Mine sounded bad even for a picture disc
  11. Wait, your CN sounds good..? My CN sounds like washed up potato earphones that originally worth 50 cents from the dollar store. Ugh
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