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  1. yourboy

    Doin’ Time

    WHAT But it isn't her song tho Doesn't she love that song so she covered it..? We'll never know
  2. Yup, honestly it's kinda embarrassing now to even look at my old post talking about holidays After her performances consisting of these little bookclub looking meetings, I definitely think it's about AA meetings. And she pours coffee from that little pot! It all comes together after looking at her newer performances, it's very interesting. https://youtu.be/Pg_0jzIgaSc?si=sQY5eAANiiBGuQw0 This might be very personal to Lana and I wonder if I could even talk about this openly, but she has said that she's been sober for 10+ years and is it a common thing to attend AA meetings after these years? It's obviously up to the individuals, but the alcohol references throughout her whole career, sometimes I am worried that she might be still struggling to stay sober to this very day. This is just personal so I wouldn't even want a clear answer from anybody, but it's always on my mind for some reason and I really hope she's doing well!
  3. ikr it really feels like some LFL video and we are LIVING FOR IT
  4. If you go to check out there is an estimated date. Did you buy from the same store and get the cream one? Then I don't want to buy it oop...
  5. Not sure if this is the right thread but Interscope US shop has restocked violet cream vinyl https://interscope.com/collections/lana-del-rey/products/violet-bent-backwards-over-the-grass-exclusive-vinyl Do you think this could be the US clear variant? It doesn't seem like a repress cause this is supposed to be shipped out on June 1st. Thoughts..?
  6. Does anybody know if there are photos of Lana with these green contacts that she's talked about during the interview? Looking thru so many Lizzy photos but I guess there isn't any https://youtu.be/WmaCzAfTEVA?si=dVAcJ1AdEcqRrMRg
  7. yourboy

    St. Vincent

  8. yourboy

    St. Vincent

    Now this is what we need an anthology for
  9. yourboy

    St. Vincent

    I cannot watch ttpd winning aoty over this masterpiece
  10. Why do people hate For Free so much? it's such a calm and soothing song.. My go-to song whenever I feel uneasy
  11. I guess it's really easy to get money on ebay after all... #scaplers4life
  12. That Lana would never call herself coquette and prove the lame tiktok fans that their ribbon-filled aesthetics are wrong as hell But after all she invented them
  13. To be frank, Born to Die is a GREAT starter pack. There is a reason for it to become one of the longest charting album EVER
  14. The only right answer for a guest is FJM singing LTLI & Buddy. No one can tell me otherwise
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