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  1. Also the german store its says “November 17” so i’m assuming it will be for everyone that date.
  2. I bought it on the Uk store. On the US one it says “ships on November 17”, do we know if for the UK store will be the same??
  3. She’s releasing Girl With No Face, yeah it’s the title track but at the same time to me is one of the weakest if not the weakest track of the new album. Wrong choice I fear. Sad because the album is very VERY good.
  4. Yes but the sound quality isn’t good, not studio. It sounds like a cheap fan made.
  5. No unreleased stuff in the horizon. No tea, no onion girl, no Temple,, not even Partynauseous (ARTRAVE studio version) 😭
  6. At this point I just hope someone tomorrow will leak some ARTPOP unreleased stuff.
  7. 💀💀💀 why we have to witness this absurd lazyness 💀💀💀
  8. So, are you telling me that the diamonds scene is the reason why we don’t have it in higher resolution?? 🫢 Hope the original footage in high quality is saved in someone’s hard disk.
  9. Someone knows If we have somewhere over the internet or if exist the Bad Romance music video in true 1080p or even higher?? The upscaled one on Youtube is atrocious.
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