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  1. Would be great if someone of the admins for the 10th anniversary could add an Ultraviolence theme for the forum. Please do it 🥺
  2. Yeah, vocally Lana has been quite good. People requested Salvatore many times during the concert but she won the idgaf war, she could’ve sung at least a few lines acapella, come on mother Lanita that wouldn’t have hurt ya. However, magical night, good vibes, unforgettable.
  3. Officially I read on their site that powerbanks aren’t allowed, however a friend told me that at the metallica show they were letting people keep “small” powerbanks, don’t really know “small” what really does it mean. I read also some people hide them around tinfoil o also inside a sandwitch covered with tinfoil lol.
  4. This article says that the pictures were taken on monday, not today. I don’t know if it’s true however. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-13467795/Lana-Del-Rey-gift-Rome-tour-Ivor-Novello.html
  5. I remember after the release of Love Sux Deluxe she teased many times recording new stuff in studio, then I’m wondering, what happened, she scrapped everything??
  6. The whole album screams: Anonimous pop singer played by generic radio station. And yeah, always disconcerted when an album (so short) that has been teased for so long then is something so hollow and empty, just lifeless. I’m like: “How is it possible?!”
  7. It sounds legit, it also looks like a diffentent vocal take, plus there are few harmonies and vocals not presents in the previous demo.
  8. Can someone post a link to all the the leaked pictures from the Born This Way photoshoot?
  9. The most disappointing thing about this new ariana’s song is the SAMPLE. Why can’t artists quit recycling old stuff. She also used a song sampled like hundreds of times in the recent years, also by Madonna herself in newer material. I can’t stand this practice anymore.
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