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  1. i love seeing her so happy i really hope she had the best birthday ever because she deserves it ❤️
  2. did they cancel the signed posters yet?
  3. the only good part about this song is lana’s part
  4. lana loves giving people false hope where's this book where's the cherry music video where's the aka remake where's the dark paradise video
  5. will the white, yellow and red vinyl get repressed or will they only press the standard black from now on?
  6. if anyone knows where to buy this magazine online within the european union hmu
  7. if only her merch were as good as her music
  8. lana really does have the most ugly effing merch i’ve ever seen
  9. $79 just for them to ship your order 3 months after you’ve ordered
  10. anyone who knows if the vinyl is available from a store within the european union?
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