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  1. be sassy and demand a full refund, that’s what i did i told them that it’s not my problem that they sent out the cds before receiving the cards and now that they can’t deliver me what i ordered i want all my money back
  2. omg they gave me a full refund because they said they weren’t able to get the cards from their supplier
  3. any updates on the signed cards or posters or anything?
  4. i almost died i’ll never use adblock here again
  5. why is lana’s account losing followers
  6. yeah she never closed it
  7. finally, hated those cunts
  8. sis gained 100k followers in like an hour
  9. I GOT IN!! FINALLY!! I was planning on skipping first period but i didn’t so that’s the reason i’m awake and i’m so glad i didn’t skip it!!!!
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