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  1. lmao whenever i complain about a wrecked vinyl i get €5 off happy for u though, slay queen
  2. here's someone doing an unboxing of the repress https://vm.tiktok.com/ZGJv43bpT/
  3. the first one who receives their repress better post pictures in this thread asap
  4. lmaoooo can't you say high on the radio,??
  5. the shipping date for candy necklace picture disc was october 9th right?
  6. https://ibb.co/brtxKJ not my conversation but i thought y'all would like to know
  7. i looked up the hollywood reporter on newsstand.co.uk and chose to buy the next issue (which should be september issue aka lana's issue)
  8. is she winning best alternative? i thought people said that paramore was way ahead
  9. fr im scared because i'll never be able to afford the uo honeymoon from scalpers (nor do i want to give my money to scalpers anymore, done with that shit)
  10. i really don't get why they would delay it since it's gonna be a preorder anyways and we'll have to wait like a year
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