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  1. i prefer her not putting up signed cds than having to go through that again
  2. just checked interviews instagram and they commented on their recent lana post 3 days ago that there will be no restock, what a bunch of lying a-holes
  3. this is getting out of hand why are they forcing people to email them to not get their order cancelled?? like, you ordered the item… why would they just cancel it?
  4. the badly cropped picture on the ''amazon'' cassette really bugs me, ugh
  5. i received my picture disc today and it arrived with huuuuuuuuuuge seam splits on both sides, looks awful.. emailed them that i wanted a new one or a refund because this is not acceptable at all
  6. how’s the t-shirt though? is it very long or normal length? edit: do you have any pics where you try it on? i’ve been thinking of getting it
  7. posted about this on my instagram story saying that people will do anything to feel special (because this seems highly unbelievable) and he was like “???” “are you gonna tell me why you’re calling me an attention seeker or what” and then his friend texted me a whole story about how true it is edit: told him that if it’s real then great for him but i find it highly unbelievable but that’s just my opinion and he really wanna make me feel bad now for saying that on my story about him
  8. how do y’all store your magazine? on display or in a drawer? i really wanna keep it on display but idk how
  9. I haven't checked but the stuff I want is sold out on the US store anyway
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