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  1. Guys, I know I'm late to the party but I want to hear your opinion on Serbia? I can't belive we finished 5th because the song received so much hate here until we realized that the foreigners were praising it and that it will probably go far. Btw I always cringe when some middle aged women explain a completely wrong meaning of the song to other people wanting to appear smart when the artist debunked it and told the actual meaning multiple times.
  2. I think that Lana Del Rey got inspiration for her stage name from Turner. Mine got named after a fictional character in a novel, she wasn't anything special but my cousin loved the name. Everytime I mention Lana Del Rey she is always like "I don't even like her and she's not named after her 😤". Idk sis Lana has to learn Born To Die by heart.
  3. Not related to Lana, I just wanted to say that my 1 month old niece got named Lana and she's already being a bad bitch. As soon as they leave me alone with her I'll make sure she listens to UV and HM, better live up to her name.
  4. Why does DL get so much hate here? The instrumental is so rich for a small artist (tbh it's not big pop artists often have a rich instrumental) that I wouldn't be surprised if she hired an actual band for it. The song reminds me of The Joker movie and I can't believe it didn't make it as a soundtrack back then. I Pray For Rain is meh btw. I understand the desperation because it was literally me in Lana's BB era but after a month I stopped listening it completely because I realized that it wasn't as good as her older work.
  5. Am I the only one who doesn't want to listen to unreleased stuff unless the artist posts it by themselves? (Lana being the exception) I feel it's like looking an artists painting while it's still unfinished or a photographer's raw photos. I would be so annoyed. The demos posted are pitched down which makes it harder to listen. Also, I can't believe that the most popular thread on this site is for an artist that hasn't released music in 9 years and we're not even sure if she's ever going to release it lmao.
  6. I feel the same for Voices Carry. Hopefully she doesn't change the YouTube/SoundCloud demo and add some overproduced shit or effects to her vocals, just how our girl Lana 'ruined' Thunder. The soft grunge instrumental is perfect, her vocals are top notch, the only thing the song is missing is being on streaming services.
  7. I'm also 'saving' but know damn well I'll spend it on fast fashion summer clothes . I'll probably go on a vinyl shopping spree if I visit some EU country this summer because the vinyl prices here are ridiculous.
  8. Literally the lamest hype EVERRR! They're not even trying to look like they care.
  9. I love that group and I thought many times how Sky would have a perfect collab with them. The song Machina sounds like a perfect Sky Ferreira song 2022 edition. Btw, I read the comments under the Elon Musk rumor thread where they attached Everything Is Embarrassing to promote her music while it's going viral. It's crazy how much boomer and gen x men were hating on her. They claimed that she can't sing because of the effects on her voice, like it was literally made to sound like the 80s. They were also leaving comments like 'never heard of her' which are already annoying on its own. People here who can't speak English haven't heard about Doja Cat so nobody gives a shit that you have never heard of someone.
  10. I'm sorry but she's obviously talking about Skah Ferreira so I guess that no collab is coming.
  11. I also thought of that and I swear that she's so unlucky. People go viral everyday for stupid shit, people like Dixie D'amelio have a music career while Sky's trapped with a debut album and zero publicity. She should've been more scandalous and more of a clout chaser. Maybe that would've made her more interesting just like how everyone is obsessed with Julia Fox now. It reminds me how Madison Beer had everything handed to her but is still more of a huge influencer than an artist. She's getting recognition now after 10 years of being a musician.
  12. Lmao it was basically "Hey, I still haven't forgot about it "
  13. Sky is exactly Elon's type ✔️Around 30 years old ✔️Platinum blonde ✔️Skinny ✔️Artsy I feel like it really happened and that Elon's ego was crushed. Regardless, I love that our girl is getting some publicity. Her ratchet record label should use the opportunity to release her music.
  14. Agree with the last sentence though. As much as I wish her to be an A or a B lister, let's be honest... She gets a modeling gig here and there but I don't see her ever being mentioned in the modeling community or see her face anywhere, but I hear other good low profile models being mentioned. It's great that she's working for MJ and hopefully she becomes his muse. Her nature look is kinda more high fashion while her early 20s look was more for commercial modeling.
  15. Sorry if my comment came across as bashing Sky for aging. I said that I thought at first that she looked older because of bad lighting, but in other pics she looked gorgeous. I saw the other pics after I wrote that comment. I'm aware how much celebs have plastic surgery, I watch Lorry Hill after all lol. Sky's tired look isn't tied to her age, it's something in her eyes. I know plenty of 30+ year olds that don't have a resting sad face. I'm not really aware of her health issues so it's probably that. I agree that it's rooted in misogyny and patriarchy because I hear that shit everyday about women, even from other women.
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