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  1. https://whatculture.com/music/every-lana-del-rey-album-ranked-worst-to-best Imagine having the audacity to put HM on the last place (excluding AKA because it's unreleased) and calling the album dull and claiming it has no progression while claiming the opposite for COCC and BB? I genuinely don't know what the critics see in her post NFR work. Okay, at least this article appreciates UV and BTD.
  2. Idk about you guys but for me the choking pic had kinky vibes rather than abusive lmao. Based on describing her style as racist, the author of the article is probably the type of person who thinks that people in the 20th century lived in the dark ages because the mentality was different (basically your average tiktoker). The level of maturity and critical thought...
  3. I feel exactly the same. I sometimes question my feelings but I'm sure that it's based 0% on nostalgia because I recently (a couple of years ago) started listening her entire albums while before I was finding her songs on YT shuffle and feeling songs individually, not the albums as a whole. You're not alone, almost every fan I know in real life feels the same. The only songs that have her old energy are WW (if it had a better production), Dealer, Thunder, Text book and Living Legend but they still fail to reach the level of 2010-2017 in every aspect. Someone already gave their theory if she has gotten lazy and we don't really know because we don't know her personally. Their theory is that she is surrounded by the same people and dreams of a simpler life, which is pretty normal for a woman in her mid 30s. I think that the music video for Blue Banisters is wholesome and cozy but I wish she had a less lazy vibe to her music. Honeymoon and Terrance Loves You are divine ballads with a simple melody but they have much more substance and emotion.
  4. Lol same, I'm a fan of chill music but she's straight up boring, also I can't with the awkward moaning in Daddy's Home. I also loved her aesthetic except for the album cover that looks pretty outdated, like a MySpace edit.
  5. Maneskin. They seemed super cool on Eurovision, I love their winner song and I'm glad that a [European] rock band is finally getting mainstream attention. However, I was pretty disappointed when I checked their music. It's kinda mediocre but I noticed that pop listeners still love them. I still loved their style and performances but recently they became so grotesque, especially Damiano, he now looks straight up ugly but used to be handsome. They try to hard to be shocking with naked photoshoots and women's clothes when rockstars already flashed their genitals many times and ironically wore dresses. I still appreciate their distinctive style with elegant pieces since rockers rarely dress like that.
  6. I think that people feel like praising her more because everyone thinks an artist's work is supposed is to be better as the artist matures. In many cases that's not true, they may be a more mature person but ot doesn't mean they're more creative. It's always the "authentic" argument if you don't like her new era. Of course, there are people who genuinely enjoy her new eras. There's nothing wrong with her diary entry lyrics either. It brings some cozy sunny feeling when listening her newer music. I think the real problem is that there's a very small difference between 2019 and 2021. Those are only two years but it's three albums. Also her still mentioning LA and LA themed stuff is soo getting old. It's kinda paradoxical when her era is supposed to be country themed but she constantly mentiones a gigantic metropolis.
  7. shady


    Ohhh God... So basically there's no difference between tasteless and classy. Women critiquing women in any way is misogynistic. Y'all are going a little too far with political correctness. Misogyny is calling middle aged women and mothers gross and unsexy while simping over middle aged men. Misogyny is excusing MGK's problematic past while slutshaming Megan. So basically having double standards, I'm not saying that.
  8. shady


    Like people seriously use that word whenever someone calls out Madonna. Can we agree for once that sometimes women can be embarrassing, or people in general? With age comes maturity, that's why we aren't interested in the same things like in elementary school and don't act like 12 year olds. The younger version are Megan Fox and Courtney and how they suddenly became "rockstar" girlfriends in their 30s but showed no interest before. That lesbian baiting photoshoot was soo 2000s and the fake frenching is early high school shit. Celebs like Jlo, in my opinion, are an example of an older woman having youthful energy. I haven't met a single person say that her behavior and outfits are inappropriate for her age.
  9. Based on what I heard from people who don't worship everything she releases, Lana definitely values quantity over quality. She really feels the need to release an album every year full of mediocre songs and a couple of decent ones instead of wanting to wait a couple of years until she has a spark of inspiration. She started from having no skips in BTD, UV and HM, to having a couple of in LFL and since then she has more and more skips and the songs being background noise. I don't have the leaked songs but I feel like half of the album will be skips. I look forward because it's Lana but I don't have high expectations. I wish she experimented with higher tempos or more upbeat songs.
  10. I love Lana's nose job. Apparently it's botched because the tip wasn't supposed to be that dramatic and upturned but it looks so stereotypically old Hollywood and goes perfectly with her image.
  11. shady


    No offense but Madame X is awful. Actually, the autotune is what ruined the album. I barely could listen the first chorus. I absolutely love the aesthetic, her style was everything people claim a that ages a woman but she can still pull it off. If Madonna couldn't sing anymore it's okay, just retire already. The way she tries to hard to be shocking is embarrassing. The only reason people care about her staged flashing at Jimmy Kimmel's is that it's coming from an soon to be an elderly woman. People defend the criticism calling it ageist but there's a difference between having youthful energy and acting immature trying to convince people you're still a wildchild.
  12. Why do even people go to great lengths to own someone's unreleased material anyway? Do they have better things to do? Demos and unreleased songs sound unfinished, they're usually not that good. I usually prefer fully finished released music than leaked. Plus it's easier to stream it.
  13. I relate to these two comments on a spiritual level. If I were Lana I would genuinely hate BTD. I assume she's glad that at least fans appreciate HM more than BTD since HM sounds like a mature version of BTD.
  14. I highly doubt because as far as I know BTD is her only 1# album and the other ones are #2. We all know that BTD isn't her magnum opus but the public thinks that everything after that isn't worth listening. Also, Adele is coming soon and people are super hyped since even middle aged James Bond stan dads adore Adele. I bet it will be #2 again and it's solely because of record sales.
  15. I had no idea that mix exists because I've never heard West Coast on the radio. Just heard it, it's okay, I would've definitely still like it if it were the original version but at the same time it's so basic. It sounds like a typical indie girl song without the ethereal feeling of the original. People seem to like it because it has clearer vocals, which is not odd since the majority of pop songs has crystal clear autotuned vocals and people are used to it.
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