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  1. I wish the show was a Britney Spears kind of show, the cult part is pretty excessive considering it's supposed to have less than 10 episodes. Just like in Euphoria, Sam Levinson has way too many ideas and characters.
  2. I watched the second episode today. Still better but the dirty talk by the Weeknd's character is gross. Yes, I understand the purpose of his character is to be rapey, but he needs to be at least charismatic and alluring to the viewer, but all I see is Joselyn finding him attractive.
  3. There are countless of artists with a debut album only in 10+ years. Why are we so invested in this girl is something I will never understand. How she wasn't forgotten like 99% debut only artists is also what I'll never understand.
  4. Those kind of people never do anything in life and have a false sense of superiority. Katy and Halsey are one in a million and Sky is in the majority of struggling artists who refuse to "sell out" a.k.a. stop being stubborn for the sake of their career. I know a person who's a talented painter and musician but refuses to make a profit because it may affect they way they create art. Same energy. Guess what, they're jobless, so is Sky in a way. Also, Sky reminds me a little of Madison Beer. Everyone she's associated with went on to become an A/B lister and she's stuck in the upcoming artist/well known influencer stage.
  5. I'm a normie leaning to a goth but when I tried taking it with my teenage brain I was a larp leaning to goth. Makes complete sense since I was kind of an outsider who adopted plenty of weebs and nerds because they were the most loyal friends so I adopted their geekiness too. Now all of that is gone years later.
  6. I absolutely loved the soft buns cause I was bored of the textured homemade ones from my country. Now it's the opposite cause I realized that it probably has God know how much chemicals
  7. Chronically online. Sam really pulled that out of her ass with zero proof. Lana sure seemed happy and settled in UV so that's why she released that album.
  8. The guitar was better than the audio version. It's more Sky. The audio version is great too but sounds more like a movie soundtrack while this reminds me of Cigarettes After Sex/Wiped Out (TNBHD).
  9. Same, the first time I heard about her is in a video about how light skin rappers get away with doing the bare minimum and being thick. The Kardashians using her and their daughters for clout was so pathetic. They aren't cool with the teens anymore so their kids need to get to work cause nobody wants to work these days.
  10. I don't get the hype around Ice Spice. The only thing that made her stand out in my opinion is her hair. That song Boy's a Liar is also overrated. The rhyming is so bad that Pinkpantherness made up a whole new word that looks like liar but it's pronounced like leo. Ice's rap style in Boy's a Liar sounds like a random hoot cheeto girl tried rapping. The bar is in hell for pop music.
  11. Women with a bit of an extra weight often do that with dresses. I think it suits her and has a 60s geometric vibe with a colorful belt paired with a 60s boho vibe and a little bit of glam. I absolutely love how she looks. It's so Lana Del Rey but mature. Before the Interview photoshoot, which was a whole another slay, I thought she was done with glam and being famous. Her attitude is sweet and adorable. Just 10/10. A&W is great, now I pray for a NFR or HM kind of album.
  12. shady

    The Sims

    Pictures please
  13. Why are we comparing two different people? They're completely different singers. Adam is a vocalist while Lana is more of a songwriter and used to be heavily image centered. Adam isn't that interesting but is an incredible vocalist. He's a good looking man, but he was always so uninteresting to me, yet he has everything to be an icon. Although Lana used to be a Tumblr aesthetic queen, we wouldn't be talking about her music if that was the main reason behind her fame. She was original, her music has longevity, and it going viral on Tiktok every month says a lot. We didn't really know how her career would look if it wasn't for her dad but we can all agree that she's more than her image and looks. Also, can we collectively agree that being a pretty woman in music is the bare minimum nowadays and that it won't do a lot even if the woman is exceptionally pretty? Look at Madison Beer, a beautiful nepo baby yet people talk about her looks first then her music, even her stans.
  14. I feel like they don't take themselves seriously and that's okay. Everyone expects rock music to have some clever lyrics but it's okay for lyrics to be brainless as long as the music is catchy. That is allowed in pop and hip hop so why do we have so much higher expectations for rock? I feel like they gained a lot of attention because they have no competition, not because their music is that good. I personally like their music.
  15. I definitely adore those three singles from Sunday in Heaven, Golden was also in my top 5 songs. I wasn't focused too much on the album but I'll definitely give it a listen. I wish she kept the Golden aesthetic for the album cause it was different and ethereal. Her album is definitely on my vinyl wish list. I feel like music has stopped evolving cause nothing is left to explore. It's either recycled music or oversexualized. The only time something gets buzz is when it's comically bad or when a A lister releases something. Alternative and indie music is definitely better than mainstream in every aspect.
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