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  1. Me whenever I see river ducks.
  2. Guys she looks healthy you just got used to her soft face. Her face is still softer compared to people like Bella Hadid. Her makeup and hair are pretty messy and she poses her face like 😑 which makes her look sickly and depressed. She was always messy and grungy but I was always more of a fan of her wardrobe. Lmao the fact that 2013+84=2097
  3. I forgot she existed until the 24 Hours intro on shuffle scared me yesterday.
  4. shady

    Maggie Lindemann

    Is the album worth of listening? I kinda prefer songs like Scissorhands, Different and Loner.
  5. shady

    Britney Spears

    That's what I thought about too. This is the reason why Oprah-like interviews exist. Everything is perfectly rehearsed and controlled but still comes across as genuine. Britney got way too comfortable on her social media. I understood her comment but she could've easily not mention Cristina and talk about being body shamed by her team without bringing other people down. I feel like she refuses interviews and prefers her social media that any kind of control disgusts her and has major trust issues. I also agree with the nudes, I understand where she's coming from, I disagree how that's allegedly the reason her sons stopped talking to her but girl... enough is enough. Her instagram is starting to look like a manic episode. It's a sad reflection of her, she's so chaotic and rebellious. I don't think it's that easy to get a publicist in her case since I don't know if she fired everyone from her old team. I love when she speaks about be she doesn't have to rant about everything that frustrates her, it can look really bad and be used against her.
  6. Maybe this time would be different since her fans base is absolutely huge on Tiktok. Her old songs are constantly going viral and memes are being made with Lana being the mascot. I'm sorry but is there a fan base besides Lana's that does this shit https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMNos9L6o/ I found that so funny for no reason. I feel like if she released an album that resembles UV, BTD or HM the stans will hype the shit out of that album and will definitely be Grammy material. They also need to submit it in the alternative category, not among the pop girlies.
  7. It means genuinely nothing especially when it can be bought. The only people who are guaranteed a grammy are the new ones who explode that year on the charts. It's a popularity contest and rarely about the quality. We barely hear about the music that won a grammy a couple of years later. I can't believe this year will end soon and I can't name five good albums that were released this year. I don't understand what kind of music will Lana have to make if she wants a grammy since nothing have worked.
  8. Okay, now it's my turn... Side A 1. Kill Kill 2. Yayo (a.k.a. version) 3. Queen Of the Gas Station 4. Rahab 5. Thunder (Arctic Monkeys version) 6. Say Yes to Heaven (Honeymoon version) Side B 7. Be My Daddy 8. Smarty 9. Serial Killer 10. Summer Wine 11. You Can Be The Boss 12. 1949 I would chosen something like this for a cover art.
  9. I rarely re-watch anything because I feel like I'm wasting time and will never have the same experience. I thought that comfort shows/movies help you escape stressful times, not what you said. In that case mine are series: Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, Sex and The City, Pretty Little Liars, Nana, Scream Queens, Emily In Paris and probably something similar I missed. movies: Mean Girls, Devil Wears Prada, Ocean's 8, Wall Of Shame and other stoner movies like Hangover.
  10. This is spot on. I feel weird about feeling genuinely bad for death of very powerful people and even some artists. I recommend researching about a person before you mourn them. I always remember how John Lenon was celebrated as an artist but was actually a horrible person. Let that apply to politicians and royalty. Keep in mind that price Meghan Markle and Harry received more shit than price Andrew for being a pedo rapist.
  11. [I accidentally clicked post without writing anything in my shitty browser so I apologize if my text changes] Babe, I don't think that was her in the first photo. Secondly, a lot of people were Nazis and it's more important for old people to acknowledge that what they did was wrong than to dog pile someone's past. Plus she was kid. I usually think that celebrating someone's death is tone deaf and wrong unless in my case it's Madeleine Albright. Everyone here celebrated that old witch dying. I find it funny how aunties of former colonized countries are mourning the most. I never saw actual proof that Trisha has given birth and named her child Elizabeth. I only saw comments joking about it or saying they read it somewhere.
  12. You simply can't compare a family with very little influence who's basically a human accessory and treated like reality TV stars and a dictator who does whatever the fuck he wants. Putin is very hard to be voted out because he sabotages his opposition. Trump is like any other republican president except he was a reality TV star and a lil wacky.
  13. Same. Especially how Britain hates my country with passion. At the same time it's the prime ministers, queen Elizabeth was been just there. I feel like it's tone deaf to talk about that until everything dies down (no pun intended). I mean, they're not supposed to skip generations but I understand why people want William to be the king. He's literally at the ripe age for a duty like that. I literally don't see the royal family being modern and by the looks of it, people love to eat up the good ol' royal drama. They're like reality TV stars. I don't see how a royal family can even be modernized since the entire idea of the royal family is very outdated and feudal.
  14. Omg I feel guilty for sharing a meme of her and Diana fighting in the afterlife. I didn't expect her dying the same day. RIP
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