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  1. One of the best songs from hm I wouldn't be mad if somebody asked her to sing a new song tho
  2. group 1: yellow art deco and florida kilos group 2: pink
  3. I found some interviews where she mentions wanting kids and family, so I think nothing has changed since then, especially after we heard BB https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/18-things-you-learn-after-two-long-days-with-lana-del-rey-170579/
  4. I gasped for a second, but lack of selfie got me suspicious
  5. I was thinking about it a few weeks ago. She, of course, sings about tough topics, but the sound makes it easy to listen. BTD is the album I think I listen to most on a daily basis because of its upbeat sound. The sadness feels so natural, it doesn't feel pushed. It just is. It doesn't make me feel numb
  6. Bird World


    Why I thought her first child was born like six months ago
  7. I just saw this and immediately went here
  8. Bird World

    You & Me

    it gives me MAJOR Honeymoon vibes
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