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  2. I have no clue, never heard of them BUT when I went on there they have the blue album art w red and white pressing and the target/hmv album art with white pressing??? that seems fake cuz they weren't sold that way on any other official websites.
  3. I'm sorry I haven't been on here for 3-4 months, but I'm guessing the interlude leaked right? because it is not released on Apple Music. also fuck, I knew the song was coming out today, but I had no clue the vinyl pre-order would be out today and I missed out on the blue cover/yellow vinyl on her website, its so stunning. I wish I could at least get the HMV cover, but it's only for the UK... edit: oh wtf? I turned the video off after the middle finger cuz the song was over. so you mean THAT is the interlude???
  4. colacoven

    Billie Eilish

    I thought people were overhyping the title track after the leak and the listening parties but no they sure as hell weren't. I started screaming when the song transitioned. I think title track is easily the best on the album and maybe in her entire discography, but it could be the recency bias talking.
  5. colacoven


    wait I'm actually highkey excited for their album, I found them from this thread and instagram ads, but they're amazing. I want to get their website exclusive signed vinyl + bonus 7' on their website but idk, I don't need it, but what if I love the album so much.
  6. that one reddit post, idk the link or if you guys remember but it was someone who worked for lana and gave a bunch of info about how she hated performing and would run away before a show and check into hotels under aliases. the poolside short film and tbh MOST of the old pre/BTD performances. the clip of her singing a completely different version of dark paradise or the entire concert privé video. I love her old carefree vocals, she's improved and sounds more controlled now but I'd still love to hear belting and shit like the MDM performance. oh and the fact that she collaborated with MGK and Drake and that one unreleased snippet she performed at the children's hospital in 2018.
  7. after 5+ listens of the full album, my ranking compared to my guesses: white dress [correct] breaking up slowly dark but just a game chemtrails over the country club wild at heart tulsa jesus freak yosemite let me love you like a woman dance till we die [correct] not all who wander are lost for free
  8. my question is: realistically, why wasn't lana able to see jack to add finishing touches and perfect the album because of the pandemic? that didn't stop her before when she did a public book signing. lol, I'm only half-joking, but I do think if need be, they could've (?). still I respect her for following COVID guidelines just as I respect her for putting out an album she was "unsure" of, because it is brave to put something out so raw. I agree she could be remaining quiet because the record is so personal and she is tired of being made into a controversial headline, but I do think she's happy with the record, although uncertain of it's reception (after the album cover comments) or whether it's the best possible work she could muster at this time. of course she is happy with it, because if she felt so unhappy with it then we wouldn't be hearing it this Friday. (I'm still a COCC virgin btw - only heard the singles/official snippets/and ofc most of y'alls spoiler tags... can't contain my excitement!) but no, I really do think the uncertainty of this album will turn out to be something admirable. so what if it has "outtakes" from other eras, so what the tracklist is short? that shouldn't be used as a critique of the album because the album is literally about being lost, (based on titles like NAWWAL and the Mojo interview) she said she wasn't sure where she's going next sonically right? this is a transition period. it sums up the album's theme perfectly imo. the title track Chemtrails is about uncertainty among the normality, the calm before the storm, the beauty in the chaos. considering this album's rollout has been messy and it's being put-out in the middle of a pandemic and conflicted political climate, it FITS. lana is in the eye of the hurricane, but she seems to find love in it (based on Yosemite descriptions). I feel the album is about feeling content in existentialism, contemplating things as complex as God while going to the market. some people could say this album feels rushed, and I haven't heard it so I can't argue. but wouldn't that be perfectly fitting given the chaotic theme and beauty that can come out of feeling uncertain? the curiosity that drives someone to feel wanderlust is exactly the reason lana didn't change the album. it's been said in this thread a lot and I agree: lana gave us the album she wanted to give us. if she wanted to she could've halted production, delayed the release until jack and her could add dealer and other tracks, but it just wouldn't be the same album. lana has way more control than some of her fans and critics like to believe. maybe she wasn't as "quite there" sonically as she said so herself, but that just means in the next album she will be where she wants to be. it's the same reason Yosemite finally found it's home on Chemtrails. lana is always on the run with the wolves, but there's one thing for certain: she leads the pack. I for one am happy to hear the imperfections forged by jack and lana in this album, the Chemtrails looming over the idyllic country club. (also: even if the theme of Chemtrails wasn't used throughout the album literally, can someone confirm if it's underlying meaning is still clear. my question is: does this album have a clear overall theme after listening and is the title a good fit? I know it's been discussed, but why or why not?) (also also: the ben dm's are real because I saw a screen recording of them on my timeline, they even clicked on his page and his followers and scrolled and everything.)
  9. but she literally said she was working on a musical with Stevie Nicks about witches or something? I may misremembering that last part, but a stan can dream. I'm SOO excited for whatever idea Lana has in mind, something she's "always wanted to do" and can now "finally" do. imagine a musical centered around her OWN life story, incorporating her own songs to tell the story - something akin to 'Jagged Little Pill' based on Alanis Morsette's music. a whole movie soundtrack? Remember she said she was working on a soundtrack for a Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland) documentary? Is she perhaps re-releasing/recording 'AKA Lizzy Grant?' A movie she stars in or wrote? She does love movies. (It's the biggest reach ever, but I've always wanted her in American Horror Story or a real horror movie.) OR IMAGINE A 'LIVE' CONCERT ALBUM or a DVD/professional recording like the one that was supposed to be released, recorded at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. I sure hope so, I loved this song and I Must be Stupid for Being so Happy. I'd also love for songs like Thunder, Living Legend, ITTJ, Cherry Blossom, and Yes to Heaven to finally find a home. Maybe when she gets around to releasing the 25 Unreleased Song Compilation Album.
  10. it's making me mad seeing people hate on the album when I can't even defend it cuz I'm waiting till march 19th. anyways I'm down for the country/folk sound so I know I'm not gonna be disappointed. It's LDR, she can't make a bad album. I know it's gonna be amazing.
  11. I'M SO CONFLICTED.... I KNEW THIS WOULD happen, it always does. BUT I'm gonna try not to listen... y'all just give us your rankings or something I've never listened to a Lana leak intended for an album (besides BAR demo.) so I'm just gonna wait.
  12. any of the satanic rumors make me laugh cuz lana is so far from that. she sings "find yourself a man who's strong and tall and christian." I just remembering thinking that doc was a big reach.
  13. This is why I argue that the horse picture disc IS the superior album cover. it looks less like an instagram picture, includes people that are actually featured on the album, and CONTINUES the theme of there being a form of transportation. (and isn't she wearing white on the COCC cover?) but, even without the horse, the picture of her at the table can represent that she's finally found her people that she trusts and is in a good and stable place in life despite the chemtrails and tornadoes over her daily life. She's no longer running, only reflecting on the past, literally. The HMV cover in the mountains kind of symbolizes the same meaning, except she's instead contemplating alone and "turning inward." I also get the feeling we might not get an album trailer. At first I did think the COCC (MV) trailer was the COCC (album) trailer, but now that we got a WD teaser... IDK. Someone else said this, but If we do get one (we better...) I really hope it was filmed at the same place the horse pic was taken, with Nikki and Zellla and Weyes, and that its very desert and country-like. Also speaking of the folk and country influence on this album and the 2 cover albums, we know she can do well in country because the two Ally Coalition songs, I loved them. (They need a release imo) And bc of May Jailer's folk era, I think this album definitely will be a more advanced/mature version of her past self sonically and thematically. ANWAYS COCC is so soon, I can't wait to see if our expectations are off and the album's better than we imagined or it's exactly as good as we imagined. Either way I know it will be good and really raw.
  14. white dress wild at heart not all who wander are lost tulsa jesus freak dark but just a game breaking up slowly yosemite chemtrails over the country club dance till we die for free let me love you like a woman
  15. colacoven

    Melanie Martinez

    I use this first cover for Unreleased. They aren't the absolute best quality, and idk who made them. But they work for me. EDIT: plus this third one I found in one of the MEGAs you guys have shared for HQ downloads. <3
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