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  1. the whole thing seems pre-recorded to me. I would've gone to try to meet her again if I thought it was live.
  2. was that not the backup singers? those are the things people tan with. it's fitting for SS.
  3. omfgg I wanted the amazon exclusive one so bad, but I didn't have enough $$ in my account until right now and it's GONEEEE. Imma KMS. but maybe I'll order the indie one cuz that was my second fave. also... do y'all think there will be another cassette? bc that also sold out on the US store. I need the cassette cuz I have NFR, COCC AND BB as cassette.
  4. colacoven

    Lana Del Rey Heardle

    Lana Del Rey Heardle #74 🔉⬛️🟩⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ https://lana-del-rey-heardle.netlify.app/ I could barely hear what was going on and my volume was all the way up lol. so cool that someone made this I LOVE IT! I play the LDR playlist on song pop party too so I'm obsessed with trying to guess her songs.
  5. colacoven

    Ethel Cain

    WTFF?? that is such an interesting way to tell the story! I had no clue the character was starting off dead. and I saw her say somewhere (prob her tumblr) that the EPs including inbred are not so much a part of the trilogy and instead they are kind of the events that happened before ethel's story. but those projects are more inspired by her own experience, like all of the ethel songs. because as she's said before: ethel isn't hayden, but she does contain parts of her. + I'm excited for strangers, but american teenager is going to own me. and I love that her tour will prioritize the south bc I want to see her live. I remember NFR tour leg 3 was the most southern tour lana ever did, but she seems to have grown more fond of coming here tho (hence the texas nikki shows and cancelled bonaroo set).
  6. colacoven

    Billie Eilish

    I have a really random request, but for ANYONE who knows how to rip vinyls and owns the RSD Black Friday exclusive 'No Time to Die' single - can you please upload an HQ audio of it somewhere? it includes the official NTTD demo and a live version. also this is an officially released vinyl so a rip should not count as "sharing a leak" as far as I know. I'm not sure how to do it and nobody else has done it. thanks, pm me if u need.
  7. colacoven

    Ethel Cain

    I've tuned in to a couple of her IG lives once I realized that she even had an instagram, as elusive as I thought she was and still is tbh. and she mentioned the films and how that's actually what she wanted to go to school for and what she wanted to pursue. but, now she's telling the story through the music first and I'm sure someone will see her vision and let her branch out and make a movie. especially since I'm pretty sure the critics are loving her right now. (my question is... will the albums become the film's soundtrack or are they meant to be a separate experience? ) but here is her talking about the trilogy on her tumblr account:
  8. colacoven

    Ethel Cain

    *joins the conversation* ever since I heard michelle pfeiffer in feb last year I was intrigued, but when I heard crush in april I became OBSESSED. crush was my most streamed non-LDR song of 2021 so it's safe to say I am so excited for may 12th. this has got to be my most anticipated (announced) album of 2022. her voice and the feeling behind her lyrics are like none other. I know she has been met with lana comparisons, but she seems okay with them because she knows she's in her own southern baptist gothic lane. however, yes both of their catalogues are very haunting and evocative of america. and the fact that she wants to make a trilogy of albums and then a trio of accompanying movies?? I love her ambition and it's clear to me that she's one of those artists that I won't hear a bad released song from because her passion is in it. so glad to have discovered her, from a friend actually. +her cover of britney's everytime is beautiful.
  9. THIS SOUNDS AMAZING... for the countrylana and nikki haters sit this one out. I wouldn't mind if the next project went full-genre all-out yeehaw.
  10. I still wonder if that really was the infamous coke necklace on lexi's neck. last night was such a great night bc we heard the song in good quality, it sounds amazing + I got in @/honeymoon finally!! anyways lana really owns euphoria atp, I hope the song gets lots of praise.
  11. I know everyone said it's a new song, but are we sure its NEW and not just newly released? the way that this would fit plot-wise because alexa demie is in L's circle so it is most likely going to be used in her scene or possibly a barbie ferreira scene since she went on & on about how much she loves lana on charli's best song ever podcast. + if one of the insiders said it's lizzy vibes then we should not be expecting big production jack, labrinth (maybe lizzy vocals and his prod?) or cherry sisters. I still have no doubt the song will be good because its an LDR song in EUPHORIA?? I've always wanted that, but I never thought we would see the day. us lana stans always have something to look forward to!! I'm just hoping for a sad song to cry to.
  12. colacoven

    Melanie Martinez

    honestly if the entire album has leaked then yeah I hope she scraps all of it does it again. cuz she doesn't deserve that.
  14. I have no clue, never heard of them BUT when I went on there they have the blue album art w red and white pressing and the target/hmv album art with white pressing??? that seems fake cuz they weren't sold that way on any other official websites.
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