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  1. Yes there are. Machine Gun Kelly had a pop-up restaurant the other day and there was a crowd outside of it. Not saying that excuses Lanz behavior or that his event was any more crowded than hers. But lets not act like there aren't other dumb celebs. And you do realize other celebs aren't even wearing masks, like Megan or Dua (I've just seen tweets saying they don't wear them.) Lana is definitely in the wrong. This time there are no excuses for it. IDK what's going on with her right now, but 2020 changed something.
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    I remember Labrinth in the music group LSD which consisted of him, Sia, and Diplo. I loved their song 'Genius' and 'Thunderclouds.' But he's extremely impressive on 'Mountains' and the Euphoria soundtrack ofc. I can't wait for season two also.
  3. Lana follows Clairo
  4. the forum has LONG moved passed this point, but a lot of ppl on here were saying her BTD era was merely a persona and I just wanna remind us of this tweet she sent to NPR: Here’s a little sidenote on your piece – I don’t even relate to one observation you made about the music. There’s nothing uncooked about me. To write about me is nothing like it is to be with me. Never had a persona. Never needed one. Never will. so regardless of if it's true or not, she claims she never had a persona. I personally think there's power that comes with reinventing yourself, but apparently that's not what she did. she chronicled her experiences into her work. BTD definitely felt like nostalgic storytelling though, but that's not to say it wasn't all inspired by her life. she definitely has never been okay with people coming for her art and work bc it's personal to her and I'd like to think it speaks for itself without much speculation. I hate that it's continuing to be hated on after her most critically acclaimed work yet with NFR!
  5. idk if all of this is old news, but I think it should be said. Lana wouldn't diss a fan unprovoked. she still follows some fan accounts and an ariana grande fan account. Lana confuses all of us all the time, remember the despicable me gru video being in her 'liked videos' on her channel? she's so random and definitely impulsive. also I don't know how to post it, but weadorelana posted an IG story about Sean saying "bye cop!" so I can see why Lana could've been mad at her already. Lana also in another screenshot says "weadorelana I've seen the shitty things you've written" so the fan can defend herself all she wants, and delete her account, but we NEVER saw the full conversation, so I feel like theres been a coverup of some fans who are trying to protect their reputation. the fans were saying stuff like "SHUT UP SHE'S TYPING" and I think I saw "talk respectfully" but idk it's been a long 2 days. also for some reason they're editing their screen recordings, and maybe screenshots bc the @ names are shown up instead of screen names which is the current update. there are twit threads on why they're fake and some of the other ones were admitted to be. the other real DMs she did today/yesterday were very respectful and sweet.
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