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  1. Oh girl thanks for u help. When is your adm tenure? Elle give a gold star to her she is beggin
  2. Yes u can find on #lanadelrey on Instagram x I dont know who da fuck are you talking about what makes u think that i care alot to register this information into my brain?
  3. Champs Elysees 60 Paris France x When the mother of my husband he listed this song no stop so i broke his vinyl one day
  4. And @Elle the snnipet is NOT a leak. Some ppl already receveid their vinyls and @ldraddic had acess to some of them I cant give u links on DM x
  5. The only part yet to leak is one verse and the final verse+outro Stop using drugs is damaging ur brain... snorting coke on dad di*cs isnt doin well to u honeybee find anothrr job to full ur time
  6. U have to point me where i said EXCLUSIVE on my post because i not seeing it
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