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  1. Ok but we need that the hot bottoms of this site do sexy vídeos listening Dealer
  2. One thing that doesnt change is that lfl is her worst album
  3. Black Bathing Suit outro is for sure one of her best
  4. Just bought 3 copies to american friends of Blue Banisters....
  5. The way some insiders said that Dealer was the worst track and now it gonna literally save the album
  6. You should stop to care about a thing that Lana doesnt give a fuck
  7. How... My poor pussy https://twitter.com/ldramidia/status/1452075402898415621?t=QBBtOKtZ_iXCiHc8UKakvg&s=19
  8. At this point im waiting a how to increase ur d*com 23cm on this channel
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