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  1. Random question.. for these 2 songs, does anyone know the lyrics? My Worn Down Soul (idk what she actually named it) the line that’s says “yeah when the sun _____ go on and separate from destination.. and in sacrifice the bridge “when the leaves are gone and the beating sun?sung? Brings what they ___? I have seen a few different things.. does anyone know?
  2. This is the most I can find for After the Fire - at the moment.
  3. I sorry for posting a so much already haha I am kind of playing catch-up. I wish cherry heart, china town and moon slot junkie were on there. I thought she had been performing those live for a while so I thought for sure they would be on the next album
  4. This one legit made me cry.
  5. I have only heard an outtake of After the Fire - I have been trying to find it since I found the outtake - but I can't even find that anymore. Sober is awesome, I hope we can get a studio version. Kansas City Motel Room and Milk and Honey. There are too many songs. Does anyone know if there is/was a studio version of 'Teach Me Something About My Heart' and moonslot junkie? I hope SIH comes out soon...I'm greedy and impatient. idk how you even found it! that is dope!
  6. Hi guys! I am new here. I made my account a while ago but it gave me errors every time I tried to log in... but it worked for me today! My name is sam
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