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  1. Uhm. So Zella was tagged in a post on IG and she was like 'I think it is time to start releasing singles in China' and she wanted to know what unreleased tracks they want to hear..she said someone said Milk and Honey and I was like..girl..we've been saying that for forever XD So...maybe there is hope after all!
  2. Oh noooo. What brand do you recommend? Yeah Chaparelle will be more country. Personally, it is hard for me to choose my favorite ZD songs because she is one of those artists for me that i love just about everything she puts out. Kicker is more gypsy/boho vibes imo, but Sunday in Heaven has some fun dance and disco vibes..can't go wrong with any! Her last EP is a similar to SIH.
  3. No, i have a Victrola. It plays my other records just fine 😭 I'm excited for Chaparelle!
  4. Okay does anyone have a functioning record? I have gotten three and they all skip super bad...like pretty much the whole record..i'm like is it just me or no?
  5. Chaparelle Interview check this out! They are almost done with a full length album! I’m excited to hear it but I hope we still get solo Zella stuff too….
  6. K I’m not gonna lie…and maybe I’m the only one…but I’m kinda sad that Zella is still including kicker era songs in her Sunday in heaven tour. I do like her 1965/hypnotic mashup, but I would have loved to hear I don’t know how to end since I don’t really think she has played that one live yet. I would have loved Bunny too or even crazy train, so I’m kinda bummed we are still getting man on the moon and kicker songs.
  7. Zella posted in some comments on her new post that she and Jesse will release some songs next year 🥹
  8. Will you share what her set list is? I’m wondering if she will play anything with Jesse based on her last insta..I’m just curious!
  9. Guys. I got to finally meet Zella 🥹😭 her show was amazing! I hope some of you have gotten to go too!
  10. I LOVE this song guys..
  11. I’m just gonna post all the videos I love 😂 okay not all.. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CtskfjVrJPq/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  12. LOVE this performance!!
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