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  1. Will you share what her set list is? I’m wondering if she will play anything with Jesse based on her last insta..I’m just curious!
  2. Guys. I got to finally meet Zella 🥹😭 her show was amazing! I hope some of you have gotten to go too!
  3. I LOVE this song guys..
  4. I’m just gonna post all the videos I love 😂 okay not all.. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CtskfjVrJPq/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  5. LOVE this performance!!
  6. I got tickets too!! I haven’t ever been to a concert so I’m excited she will be my first and it is pretty close to me! 🥹
  7. Lol you told me that forever ago XD
  8. Not accusing you, I just remember being told that Z doesn’t want them on YouTube.
  9. So much for keeping her leaks off YouTube… 😬
  10. Too bad I don’t know where any of it circulates
  11. Same. The more I listen to it the more I like it and some of the songs I wasn’t too crazy about I am liking more. However I just have not ever been crazy about golden. Does anyone that has the demo- is the one for Golden much different?? That one hasn’t grown on me at all. I don’t like the interlude things after almost good and before last time. IDKHTE I like, I like both the demo and the album version for different reasons. Bunny is okay, I guess I expected something different. I think Radio Silence doesn’t super fit in either. Man I still really want ChinaTown, Moonslot Junkie and Cherry Heart. ZELLA. PLEASE. I really like the energy of the album over all. I love that she really belts it out in some, but the end of last time and Am I Still Your Baby I love how it is more dreamy sounding. I love that aspect of the album.
  12. In the album version of IDKHTE, I feel like she sped up the “the last time that I saw you” Through the “breaking you free” part, I feel like she rushes through that part but in the free version I feel like it was more thoughtful and she took her time with it..what do you guys think??
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