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  1. I’m nervous we won’t get a new solo Zella album for another 2/3 years I hope we atleast get an EP, there should’ve been a Sunday in Heaven deluxe released this year with Moonslot Junkie, Cherry Heart, Sober, & Better but her labels insist on starving us. I love folk music so I’m really excited about the Chaparelle project, but I hope she drops an ep/album of just her voice to go along with it. It makes me so sad how little solo music we have from her. I wish we would’ve gotten 3 new songs on Kicker instead of the EP tracks being included, we already had half of Sunday in Heaven by the time it was released if you count the IDKHTE demo. It would be so great if she released a double album kind of like Love + Fear. She has both the vocal & writing ability to do so, it really sucks that the Rodrigo girl is experiencing so much success under the same dude who produced alot of the shelved follow up to Kicker when Zella is 100000x more talented. I hope she leaks some songs on Dbree one day along with the High music video. It’s been so long, I can’t believe the ZD ep turns 10 in a few months!! She has a cult following and alot of people who listen to the same music I do adore her, I put one of my longterm online buddies onto her & they know every song.
  2. Tour dates for Zella's new CHAPARELLE project with Jesse Woods! In a harmonious union, singer-songwriters Zella Day and Jesse Woods come together to reveal their highly anticipated collaboration, “Chaparelle”. Esteemed for their exceptional vocal prowess and celebrated contributions to their distinct genres, Zella and Jesse craft a musical tapestry that harkens back to legendary duets of icons like George and Tammy or Gram and Emmylou. This partnership channels the enduring allure of Country music’s golden age, weaving a melodic narrative that resonates with themes of love and the indomitable Texan essence. Prepare to be transported by the nostalgic magic of Zella and Jesse’s musical synergy along the winding path of the West Coast. Nov 30, 2023 The Remington Bar and Casino Whitefish, United States Dec 01, 2023 Rialto Bozeman Bozeman, United States Dec 02, 2023 Mangy Moose Steakhouse and Saloon Teton Village, United States Dec 06, 2023 Belly Up Aspen, United States Dec 08, 2023 Moxi Theater Greeley, United States Dec 09, 2023 Lulu’s Downstairs Manitou Springs, United States Jan 10,2024 The Venice West Venice, CA 90291 Jan 11, 2024 Moe's Alley Santa Cruz, United States Jan 12, 2024 SOhO Restaurant & Music Club Santa Barbara, United States Jan 13, 2024 Pappy & Harriet's Pioneertown, United States
  3. Just peeped the presale and this bitch has the nerve to charge $270 for a GA pit ticket ($326 after fees) & $1,519.50 for a meet a greet (almost $2,000 with fees)... I adore Miseducation & Unplugged, (still mad we didn't get a fully produced version of "I Get Out") but fuck her and her tour
  4. Several of the venues are actually VERY small....she needs more promo & another single/video release + the Guetta collab all within the next month to gain more traction for the tour
  5. We need visuals for King of Hearts AND Castle in the Sky
  6. What's really weird is out of all my records it's somehow always acumlating a fuckton of dust, I'm thinking about switching out the dust jacket because the amount of static and dust is ridiculous & unexplainable
  7. It's mindblowing how shitty the customer service is for her US stores. Mindblowing. France is the best from what I've personally experienced, US is the worst with the UK store coming in second-they take longer but will actually solve your problems/refund/replace
  8. If anyone has an extra pit ticket DM me WHERE?
  9. Give them hell. We give them way too much money to be treated this way Always use Paypal they'll cover your ass
  10. Are there any working codes on ShopLanaDelRey? I bought mine the day it went up for pre-order, arrived damaged of course, I told them, they responded immediately then waited 6 days to respond. Is there office near Burbank?
  11. This is the deliciousky long tracklist I’m using that flows so well, I feel like it fully represents Kim from start to finish and has a good balance between light and dark: Feed the Beast (Ultimate Deluxe Edition) 1. Castle in the Sky (the BEST opener imho) 2. Alone 2.0 3. Feed the Beast (New Version) 4. Claws 5. King of Hearts (I added the Euphoria intro to the album version) 6. All She Wants 7. Je Tadore 8. Coconuts 9. Hit it From the Back (Original Version) 10. Sex Talk (Original Version) 11. Push Push Push (2nd Version) 12. Minute 13. Brr 14. Your Time to Cry 15. Uh Oh 16. Thousand Pieces 17. Love Ya Leave Ya
  12. Mine arrived with the spine damaged of course, it shows on the front and the back. They truly are the worst at packaging no bubble wrap or anything
  13. Move has always been like Push Push Push’s little sister to me, she really needs to make an entire album with the same vibe
  14. eyelovelefteye

    Charli XCX

    Did we ever get Glow in better quality than 128kbps? I have the HQ acoustic-y lessproduced one & the AG Cook one, but do we have one with the same production as the “superstripped edit” with the vocal loops in the background and percussion? It’s the superior version I wanna use for my XCX world, but all my files say 128kbps + did we ever get a non LQ version of Do It Well?
  15. The Green one sounds good to me, I haven’t opened the white one, amazon, target or target ones. The standard’s bad?
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