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  1. Album title is trash People are just matching your aggressively negative energy
  2. Who’s all going to the LA show?!
  3. Pubic area is very different from labias, so dramatic
  4. For real, Blow It All, Shinin & Another One are the only ones I skip & they’re all back to back
  5. The way I just watched the performance this morning & read this exact same comment under the video is wild as fuck
  6. Amazon pink vinyl is finally back in stock after being sold out for weeks
  7. Horrible song honestly. All She Wants, Born Again & Hit It are the only 3 that deserve to take up space on the album smh Castle in the Sky sounds so good!
  8. No, she said herself SP was a side project & the album was coming afterwards lead by HIFTB... Coconuts was picking up steam & they made the terrible decision to kill the momentum with the terrible “video” & then drop SP. Hit it From the Back was originally supposed to drop March 25th as shown on the Slut Pop packaging, album cover was already shot by Steven Klein.
  9. The way Problematique would’ve actually happened if Slut Pop never did is so irritating
  10. eyelovelefteye

    Charli XCX

    Thank you so much babe! I found them in your post several pages back, you’re amazing
  11. eyelovelefteye

    Charli XCX

    Does anyone have a working link to the Stay Away stems? One of my friends was supposed to re-up them for me but they’ve been busy
  12. In hindsight I’m super irritated she wasted slots for 2 actual songs on NTMT B-Sides Part 1 with Everything’s Embarrassing & the awful remix! It was a fucking single & already released on “Ghost”.. b-side where? Justice for “I’m Not Alright” + “Pretty Dull”
  13. It's funny how some things just change in a year, or even in an hour.. Sky’s like a wild caged animal, layin by the swimming pool (you get the rest)
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