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  1. https://atwoodmagazine.com/zdsh-zella-day-interview-sunday-in-heaven-music-2022/ (the formatting is a nightmare, if anyone wants to re-format & paste it into the thread to archive it feel free) ^2 great new interviews
  2. The Family Jewels The Outsider Are You Satisfied? Obsessions Electra Heart Bubblegum Bitch Lonely Hearts Club Power & Control FROOT I'm a Ruin Gold Weeds LOVE + FEAR Believe in Love Enjoy Your Life True Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land Pandora's Box I Love You, But I Love Me More New America Unreleased: Obsessions I'm Not Hungry Anymore You (Demo) [Chose this over Sinful bc it would've been top 3 from L+F if it were on it instead of the album mix]
  3. It's blatant sabotage at this point (from the label & self-sabotage from Sky):Woods/Lovers Die/Descending would've all been better "lead" single options (Sky herself claims she wanted Descending for the single) Downhill is just a joke to me at this point, she should've went with Guardian liked her original plan (regardless of the leak) & things would look a lot different right now... I get that DL basically picked up where NTMT left off, but if they were going to release it they should've done the "final mix" accompanied with an actual visual if they truly wanted to get the era started. Capitol is complete trash, but the fact that we haven't gotten the video for Don't Forget 6 months after release KNOWING it's in her hands has me feeling very slighted. I've loved this girl since 2011 & it's becoming very apparent she just wasn't meant to be a recording artist. She got signed mad young & faced alot of bullshit behind the scenes (I DO feel bad for her), but it's her career & she really needs to "rise up" or just "retire".
  4. You really think "Unholy" will be remembered more than 8 months from now?
  5. You'll just have to wait until the official release
  6. You have absolutely no clue about how the music industry works
  7. 100%. The demos are alot more raw & have clearer vocals/more life in them, Almost Good, Mushroom Punch, Sunday in Heaven, Am I Still Your Baby, & Last Time are especially better & clear. It’s probably a stylistic choice, (it works well for effect on Girls in particular) but I definitely get what you’re saying. I’m excited to hear how the vinyl sounds, maybe it’ll sound better! You can tell in the album versions she’s going for a more “mature” sound, but I love when she lets her upper register shine. It would be cool if she worked with Dan Auerbach again for the next project, he did amazing on the EP. The guy who did Man on the Moon is great too, I think he did some of the demos for a few tracks that didn’t make the album. Hopefully we get a deluxe or another EP within the year. April would be perfect time for an EP she could release on vinyl via Record Store Day again.
  8. Ciara walked away with her masters, because her label didn’t believe in her. She was also never outspoken & unproblematic, the reason why it’s nearly impossible for Sky to have the same outcome is due to her being so outspoken & squandering so much money on re-tracking for so damn long yet failing to produce the material. Don’t really get why she wants Descending out now when the album isn’t submitted, she may also be waiting to submit it due to trust issues until Descending drops, no one really knows. She was working in the studio at Capitol several times the first half of the year
  9. Jealousy Die Life I’m Not Hungry Anymore Miss Y What I Wanna Do Starlight Water Under the Bridge Sinful Art of Letting Go Daddy Was a Sailor *unheard TFH song *unheard EH song *Unheard FROOT song *Unheard TFH song *Unheard EH song
  10. Also, it’s disgusting seeing people talk shit about her vocals. She had a blow out right when NTMT dropped & her voice has never been the same since. Once you have an injury like that you’re literally traumatized & even if you’re fully healed your brain tricks you into thinking you’re gonna hurt yourself again or you can’t & that’s more than likely contributed to her being so anal because perfecting everything & possibly recording alot of takes to the point where it’s excessive.
  11. Labels don't usually let their artists go until they make sure they ruin any other opportunities to lose money, especially if they don't like them. I feel like what's happening is either A. The executive hates her & wants to steal her youth & career B. They won't release another single until they have the completed record in their hands C. The recent posts were to rile up a fan demand situation for hype a'la the photosynthesis person Halsey. but they were too stupid to realize they've officially killed most of the hype for record. I don't see her being dropped ever, that contract was 100% signed in blood & they won't let that poor girl go or even release music, because she's constantly been defiant & the opposite of the puppet these control freaks have forced so many others to be. The fact that NTMT was ever even released is a miracle honestly.
  12. Nooo I meant the dolby atmos function in Apple Music! It sounds completely different. The user who compiled the dolby channels didn’t mix them properly they just stacked the extracted channels on top of each other when they’re playing from different areas of the soundscape in Apple Music
  13. Reminiscing about the times I leaked the Slave 4 U, Scary, & How I Roll stems in lossless back in 2011/2012. So crazy most of what I see accessible online these days are downscaled mp3s! Anyways, you’re welcome It’s because the people who bounced the channels had no clue what they were doing! In the actual Dolby Atmos app Britney is the loudest
  14. It’s a sad, but common trend for labels to shelve artists/make them do ridiculous things to finally get greenlit for release. I’m sure they hate her for being so outspoken, flaky, & anal. Record execs are crazy manipulative & abusive
  15. The only other song submitted to Capitol as of August was “Descending”, she’s had enough time to turn in the actual album…my friend said he would let me know if he heard anything new regarding her & hasn’t told me anything since. She was recording at Capitol all throughout this year though, Pray For Rain was reworked
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