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  1. Hello twinks. I’m broke and thinking of selling my unopened green NTMT vinyl. Anyone know how rare/sought after they are?
  2. The next Let the Light In/For K Part 2 delulu is gonna be Tulsa Jesus Freak in Little Rock
  3. You know what you have a point. More so even for Peppers
  4. Welp I was really considering going to London as well as Dublin in case she did the collabs but thank god I didnt
  5. Sorry but Candy Necklaces falls v flat live. A shorter cut would be good. And the visuals are so repetitive like use some of the video omg!!
  6. She spent like 5 mins down with fans before White Mustang in Dublin, we def didnt miss anything
  7. She’ll prob go live again after Lana gets back on stage. Anyway White Mustang is next so Lorys prob taking her bathroom break
  8. Tbh we’re getting a kinda accurate representation of what it sounds like irl with Lorys singing hahaha. Couldnt hear Lana over the screaming in Dublin for some songs
  9. Couldn’t believe that she cut Venice Bitch, I was in denial hahaha. In general the setlist is so odd and I don’t get why she doesn’t do an encore. Ok maybe controversial but I’ve seen people commenting on videos like “wow the crowd was amazing” etc and I have thoughts. We literally couldn't hear her sing at all on a few of the songs because of the screaming. Like ofc sing along, I did for everything too but theres singing then theres screaming at the top of your lungs for every song. And I totally get people getting hyped and screaming the end part of A&W and like the end of Ride, stuff like that but it was endless even during like Bartender There was a girl a row behind us who literally sounded like she was being murdered the way she was screaming, for the entire set. It was genuinely like Mia Goth in Pearl vibes. It was so bizarre that you just had to laugh. Idk it didn't ruin the night or anything but it was overwhelmingly loud and we were near the back so dunno what it was like up the front.
  10. I mean the fact that rerecorded Yayo fit perfectly onto Paradise shows that AKA wasn't that different to her style lyrically/thematically during the BTD era at all. Side note does anyone else remember when she used to constantly say the words "Sonically, thematically" in interviews in like 2012 and it became a running joke
  11. That's so weird to me considering she was very vocal about being unhappy all through BTD, UV and Honeymoon and only started talking about being in a better place emotionally around LFL. So are they not going to listen to anything pre LFL
  12. Ooh yes I always felt that connection between it and NFR. I guess that's why they're my two favorites. I feel like Doin Time and Kill Kill exist in the same sonic universe as each other, and also Florida Kilos. I guess its the surf vibes and the lighter higher register she uses in parts of all of them. I see what you're saying about not including it as a Lana album but to me because she was going by Lana Del Rey already in Summer 2009 (And yes spelled Rey not Ray at that time) I just associate this era with Lana as opposed to distinguishing Between Lizzy and Lana.
  13. Yaaaaas I'm so glad to hear that
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