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  1. Red River is my fave of their latest album Def check the album out it's really good!
  2. Cool idea! Thank you for it :) I will claim Sweet
  3. Another girl posted on her story the same screen but with the album art on it
  4. I fear Lana is doomed to be haunted by the "I was born in the wrong generation" "This is real music, not that radio crap" 14 yearolds in future
  5. Legit, the cringe of that subreddit alone pushed me to create a LB account after lurking for so long
  6. She listened to Motomami and got inspired, I have no basis for this claim other than she followed Rosalía on Instagram this year - meaning it must be true
  7. Apple n Apple

    Charli XCX

    Idk how I feel about George Daniel production. I like his work with The 1975 but with Charli I feel he sometimes does too much.
  8. You know the titles and the use of many samples has me thinking that she’s going for a mixtape feel for this. Not to mention the automatic writing.
  9. Apple n Apple

    Charli XCX

    She should include N1A songs like Dreamer or Drugs in her tracklists cuz they are really hype
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