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  1. Raupeka


    She ate https://open.spotify.com/track/1cfLiIKKcBE2ReK1YW3Zu4?si=u_3JhcL3R8yNOHPLDk9Wkg
  2. Raupeka


    WHAT?! This is only the deluxe? i thought it was the remix, but i'll take a deluxe & a remix
  3. Ig like Arca remix of Smoke, also yeah that's a good point for bunny! I put her on billions remix because like, I just know Shy would devour her in terms of horny
  4. Ok, if we got a remix album of Desire I want it to have this kinda vibe: Welcome To My Island (Charli XCX & George Daniel Remix) Pretty In Possible (The Neptunes Remix) Bunny is A Rider (HANA Remix) Sunset (Timbaland Remix) Crude Angel (Rina Sawayama & Clarence Clarity Remix) I Believe (Ben Long & FLume Remix) ft Bibi Bourelli Fly To You (Nia Archives Remix) Ft PinkPantheress & Grimes, Dido Blood & Butter (Kate Bush Remix) Hopedrunk Everasking (Bjork Remix) Butterfly Net (Magdalena Bay Remix) Vesuvius (Smoke Remix) Dang (Doss Remix) Billions (Sega Bodega & Shygirl Remix) I feel like Vesuvius would be like New Normal (Abnormal Mix). Also FYI Ben Long is SOPHIE's brother but ask me questions on this!
  5. I've been here a while but I am BEGGING
  6. Dang has grown on me tonnes, it's actually weirdly catchy & fits the psychedelic nonsense vibes
  7. ITS SO GOOD, I'm both surprised and not surprised at how good Pop Punk works for the band ngl! I'd love to see more like this!
  8. Raupeka

    Charli XCX

    Also, Charli covering Green Light during Crash Era would've been so funny & so iconique
  9. like it's cool but i really think the new cover is more fun to me, cool to know this tho! I'd like to see alt covers of the new one!
  10. Raupeka

    Charli XCX

    Charli & Will.I.Am makes sense to me no i will not elaborate
  11. wait this photo/photoshoot? I mean it's cool but idk if it'd be a really good album cover, but that could be because we got such a good cover
  12. I wonder if Caroline made had any alt covers for Desire. I wanna see them, I feel like the picture of her with Red String might've been an idea for the cover (maybe for the EP though)
  13. Raupeka

    Charli XCX

    imagine demon time deluxe with a charli ft or remix...
  14. i respect the lying for fun, but damn ok then
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