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  1. Did anybody attend the festival last year or sort of recently? I want to know around which time I could start queueing to get front row. Last year I attended Primavera in Madrid and I managed to get front row by queueing since 2pm. But I guess that was different because the venue was so far from the city the festival had to hire buses to take everyone there, so it was quite easy to get a good place in the line. I assume since the venue is sort of in the city, people will start queueing earlier, am I right?
  2. Pic is from when she played the Ally Coalition in December 2018 so I doubt it's happening
  3. Jack Antonoff just confirmed the soundtrack, Lana will be singing a song titled 'Blue Skies' (possibly an Ella Fitzgerald cover?) https://twitter.com/jackantonoff/status/1750199359839375461
  4. Roll With me

    Song vs. Song

    Let The Light In vs Tomorrow Never Came
  5. When is the interview with Zane Lowe? I bet I saw him saying he'd have an interview with Zane Lowe today but I can't find the announcement anywhere now
  6. A&W - 80 (+1) Candy Necklace - 19 Let The Light In - 62 (-1)
  7. I tried voting with fake emails that I made up in the spot and apparently "taylorswift13@gmail.com" already voted when i tried using it and whoever used that email voted for Lana
  8. We should be making pacts with other fandoms like Swifties and Olivia Rodrigo stans so that they vote for us and we also vote for them on the other categories... Just saying
  9. Voted from 4 different accounts, apparently we need to come guns ablazing if we want to win
  10. Little reminder that votes now are double now in case you haven't voted today. Hopefully Paramore won't catch us
  11. Who said we should start a crowdfunding to get Loryss a brand new shoe?
  12. Well, she said the Olympia show was "special"... let's hope she flies FJM, Tommy, SYML and RIOPY and perform them there, right? Jk I know it's not gonna happen
  13. Went back to Loryys__ and I have to say... I did not miss you sweetie Jk thanks for livestreaming
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