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  1. I genuinely would be a different person without Lana. I started listening to her when I was 16, she impacted so much of how I see life and how I see beauty and art in the world. Her music has been the soundtrack for so many car rides, day dreams, wishes, experiences and whatever in my life. She wrote the script for how I wanted to look and how I wanted to be and what relationships I wanted. Im also about 10 years younger than lana, so its been neat kinda growing up along side her in a way, and looking internally at how the music she wrote when she was my age affects me now. As I get older, I feel closer to her music. Especially with ocean blvd, I have a deeply tumultuous and difficult relationship with my mother so hearing that subject repetitively come up in her songs but especially in that album was really healing for me. She’s helped me put a lot of my feelings in to away that feels tangible to describe them.
  2. I would love a Kacey collab tbh the lyrics would be awesome
  3. Wow what a week for lipsters all over the world
  4. Good luck to everyone buying tickets I ultimately decided against it because I can’t justify a 12 hour both way train ride for the concert
  5. At least she’s actually singing the grants ig
  6. I’ll never get tired of pretty when you cry tbh
  7. She sounds amazing omfg what a song to open with
  8. No :-( I looked for that too when I got it but there isn’t.
  9. I bought the Paradise bodysuit. Idk it made me laugh so i had to have it. It's actually pretty cute irl, it's got a really flattering fit. cheap material, like whatever these bodysuits are usually like. it definitely runs small tho, this was a M but fits more like an S. it's funny bc it says Dark Paradise literally on my ass
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