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  1. I like the title lasso! To me it invokes like the playfulness of old Hollywood westerns which is almost more Americana than anything so it has me hopeful. And selfishly I hope that the aversion to country music I feel like many people have will push away some of the newer more annoying “local” fans away from her
  2. Flipside, it’s always flipside
  3. She looks so beautiful This is my new favorite shoot of hers, I’ve never been more happy to be bi in my whole life
  4. Voted!! good luck everyone, excited to be here for my first lipster award season!
  5. LemonadeTea

    Song vs. Song

    Kill kill vs cruel world
  6. Honeymoun posted on Twitter a Young & Beautiful demo leaked yesterday? Did I mi that??
  7. I got that email too but I think it’s them covering their bases. Especially since 2-3 weeks is the holidays and then the new year and I very much doubt anything would get shipped then
  8. That was amazing.. she sounded so good and she looked incredible. I really hope she releases a studio version of this cover, it was gorgeous
  9. LemonadeTea

    Song vs. Song

    Jump vs pink champagne
  10. LemonadeTea

    Song vs. Song

    Venice bitch vs this is what makes us girls
  11. LemonadeTea

    Song vs. Song

    Fingertips vs for k pt 2
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