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  1. i didnt even try bc i knew it would be sold out by bots... till next time lana. these ticket sites need to do better.
  2. tulsa jesus freak ^^ edit: this was for quincy :""))
  3. 1. white dress 3/10 2. honeymoon 6/10 3. hope is a dangerous 5/10 oops im a haterrr mine: heroin in my feelings fishtail
  4. i want to go to this soooo bad. sadly probably wont get tickets bc of bum ahhh resalers, sad world.
  5. She was so beautiful ❤️ my entire life is made. I was 13 when I first found her and was made fun of for listening to “depressing music”. Her music is so beautiful and even more beautiful in person. I am so happy I was able to get tickets and take off work to come see her ❤️ I cried and sung all night. I can’t wait for her to come back to Arkansas.
  6. Soooo wish I was able to take the full day off tomorrow and Wednesday!!!! UGHHH!!! I wanna meet her so bad 😭😭
  7. I read that overnight camping is not allowed??? How exciting!!!!!!!! Also, I’m from the DFW area!!! North Richland hills!
  8. Those snakes that look like glazed donuts
  9. 1. BTD / Paradise Edition 2. L4L 3. UV 4. NFR 5. Honeymoon 6. Ocean Blvd 7. Chem 8. BB
  10. ill be waiting also, i was trying to look on google at the venue, and all i can think is maybe where the backstage area is to the left??? idkkkkk ive never been to this venue before
  11. ooooh my fav is Herion right now!!!!
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