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  1. Whoever gets the white vinyl first you better scan that gatefold bc we need those four sexy pictures!
  2. Nah, it wouldn't sound that good tbh. Personally, I think it worked after Arcadia bc of that shock value, a trap coming outta nowhere lmao
  3. This would look SICK as her This Is Lana Del Rey cover on Spotify Ben & Ed do your jobs
  4. Now that there's no spoilers: What the fuck's wrong in your head to send me away, never to come back? Exotic places and people don't take the place of being your child
  5. Oh, so it's not the official? Looks good tho way more believable than my edit
  6. Nope, all of her booklets have wrong lyrics. Check Genius while listening to the songs and see if they match what you hear. Tbh, they've all seemed 99.9% right from what I've checked
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