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  1. Lmao it sucks bc it’s a v cute track & I can’t wholeheartedly vibe w it bc Lana just doing backup vocals annoys me
  2. When the album drops on Friday and we realize this was just a demo and Lana has a verse, bridge and sings w Taylor the outro.... iktr
  3. Yosemite

    Ava Max

    If there's more tracks like MYTP, then they def should! I think it was mainly bc that first single was a total flop lmao (I mean, the song isn't awful, but I still have nightmares bc of that MV)
  4. Yosemite

    Ava Max

    Lmao I ain't listening to LQ leaks then
  5. Yosemite

    Ava Max

    Did the whole thing leak?
  6. It's TONIGHT!!! Let the madness begin
  7. You don't understand... I'm OBSESSED Sooo many new footage, I-
  8. My husband confirmed it's gonna happen. Noir will be track 3 but you didn't hear it from me
  9. My husband said it's coming soon
  10. Copped tickets for the 4th, and also the premiere in IMAX 3D. I'm sooo ready, let the madness begin.
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