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  1. BBS is an experimental bop, it has a lot of guitar, a distorted piano and it follows the same vibes from the interlude, except it goes WAY harder. Y'all are gonna love it so much, it's High By The Beach but on crack. Running w the wolves, escaping from the city In my black bathing suit, 'cause life is so pretty Source: just trust me, bro
  2. Music To Watch Boys To - While I'm Watching the Boys Salvatore - Cacciatore The Blackest Day - All That I Play Get Free - Out of the Black, Into the Blue When The World Was At War We Kept Dancing - Is It the End?
  3. Well, it’s also inappropriate to go off-topic but that didn’t stop you so, um
  4. Yosemite

    Iggy Azalea

    OH MY Both songs are sooooo good. Sextape, let's make a video Send a private link on Vimeo You're just like New Year's Eve Disappointing me
  5. Yosemite

    Iggy Azalea

    Deluxe is up for pre-order, out this Friday. Deluxe tracks: N.Y.E w Alice, Sip It w Tyga and Posh Spice.
  6. The link for BB's preorder isn't showing up on her bio, so I'm guessing she'll be deactivating her insta acc in the following minutes. Maybe she'll be the one to deactivate her insta acc herself, since she's maybe looking into it w/o knowing how to
  7. Twitter’s already gone
  8. Well, the HBTB MV shares the same sentiment so igi
  9. I just remembered she also said she'd be running w the wolfes, after Chem dropped, implying that would be some time w/o us knowing anything from her, and then she was back in a matter of days. But I'm guessing this time, it might be true, ig
  10. But anyway, if she’s indeed happy w this, that’s all it matters. And if that means she’s never really coming back to social media, then be it.
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