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  1. I don’t even know who to blame lmao But yeah, it’s probably just an error idek @ this point
  2. Yup, me again bumping this thread lmao I asked the same thing using another account so I could have another member from the Customer Service to reply to me and they just said that the cover isn't final and that it's just for the pre-order (like a placeholder, whatsoever). This might just be the confirmation that the cover will have text, like Target and HMV's and etc, or it could just mean they still don't know what the hell they're selling
  3. It's really annoying me how Fnac can't be sure if that shit is textless or not (99% sure they just put up the wrong image) and say they aren't able to get their info from their supplier like
  4. Yeah, they pretty much don’t know lmao They just replied to me (again) and said they were unable to get more info from the supplier and also that the item might not be exactly like it’s shown
  5. Was Dan involved in more songs or was it just on Chemtrails?
  6. Yeah, BlackoutZone said that but I was hoping they would at least get a couple of lines. Here’s to hoping
  7. Was just rewatching that rehearsal video Lana posted w/ Zella and Weyes singing For Free and those harmonies..... this collab will be really good, whether you like the girls or not. However, I hope they change the order they sing just for Lana to start the song. Either way, their voices singing together and harmonizing....
  8. Picture disc doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be a disc w/ the picture of the cover. The discs from UV’s boxset were also called picture discs and didn’t have the UV cover - instead, they were picture of hydrangeas (? Not sure if that’s the right flower but yeah lmao) So these picture discs that might be coming could be something else other than the OG cover
  9. Yeah, really doubt it’s textless but we gotta be sure lmao
  10. So FNAC replied about the cover being textless or not w/ “we don’t know if the item is as it’s shown on the image bc we don’t have more info from our supplier” lmao Asked about barcode/EAN and they said the same. Y’all gotta keep bugging them so they’re forced to get their info right (I’m sure that’s what got them to update their images bc a bunch of people were all asking about the same stuff lmao) If you also wanna ask them, just copy paste this message onto their DMs on @FnacVousAide on Twitter:
  11. Yes, we will. Also, can someone try looking up for the remaining stuff (cover variants, picture discs)? Just leak that already or at least try to know when they'll be uploaded. I need to know how much more money I need
  12. You’re right, yeah. Don’t know how legit their info is tho, they might change it back
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