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  1. Lmao I can't w/ that article And she's only getting praise from her friends/acquaintances, I'm guessing by the replies and the way she only replied to these
  2. Anyways, stream Chemtrails Over the Country Club
  3. It's not that- and I did say that you, as everyone, are free to voice your opinion. My question is: do you have to be so negative all of the damn time? That whole argument you said "if the cover was shot on a professional camera, it would be a great picture" is bull. I don't quite love the cover- but I still don't quite hate it. W/ that said, if it were shot on a professional camera it would change 0% of the photo itself lmao it would still be Lana around her friends and it would still serve BTS-promo-pic vibes but on higher quality.
  4. I- Just giving my two cents: it's one thing to voice your opinion- which you are free to do - but it's another whole thing to act like a debbie downer 100% of the time and whenever people say nice stuff about the cover you come running to shit on it. People have different opinions about stuff so no one should be surprised that there are people who like- or actually LOVE - the cover. I get it, you HATE the cover; you're an active member around here and I guess most of the people here know how much you despise the cover but you don't have to come say bad stuff every time some user says how much they like it. Just let people be excited about whatever reason they are excited for
  5. They worked for me lmao Anyway, the chord progression is on that famous site now. Whoever wants to hear, just search for it.
  6. https://www.onemotion.com/chord-player/ F G E Am I've put the duration of each note at 2 just for the sake of it
  7. I'd post it but I'm not sure if it's against the rules lmao But just find an online chord player
  8. He really seems the cutest! Never met him bc of obvious reasons (Lana only came here twice and I guess he might've came on the first one- not sure tho) but I've had some interactions w/ him on Twitter back in 2013/14 and he's always the nicest. To me and everybody. He still follows me there
  9. Marina and Pabllo? What? EDIT: probably is more than just a rumour, since it appears on Apple Music. Try searching for Pabllo Vittar & Marina and her artist page comes up. If you try with other artists (let's say, Lana Del Rey) there are no results.
  10. The way I'll still buy it in a few months tho
  11. I'd rather have something from that NK shoot w/ the white dress. I love how her hair looks on there. But I'd take the wolf picture gladly
  12. I may be wrong tho, can't remember the exact words. I hope another picture disc is coming, w/ another cover. I won't be buying this one that soon- will end up buying it some time later tho
  13. Didn't they say there was 10? And not including standard black? I guess there's still 3 to come
  14. Yup, that's it. However, I'm guessing there's at least another picture disc coming, right? BoZ said picture discS, and not picture disc, implying there's more than one
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