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  1. Pandemic doesn’t play a huge part in the song for you to react that way- it’s literally just like 3 lines- and even that, she didn’t even say much, just stated the obvious. You need to look at the song as a human being that knows what’s wrong in the world and not as someone who was deeply affected by the pandemic, like you said. That’s where I think you’re being overly sensitive abt it Re: it’s not that deep- I was referring to the part you deemed bad when she talked abt quarantine, not about the whole song lmao Bolded part, I definitely agree w you, if she wants to write a song that wants to have a message like the one she intended, then the song should be “judged” by those standards.
  2. As @TrashMagiq said, you might have misunderstood the message of the song lmao I get that it’s the hardest for you, and people in similar conditions, but ma’am it’s not that serious. Also, I get why she stated that Mother Nature is purging us lmao we, as human beings, have been fucking this shit up. It’s truly just causes and consequences. Imagine if humans didn’t eat ANY meat, do you know how many viruses “appeared” solely bc we eat meat? Have you ever thought abt that? And that part she talked about being quarantined that you deemed “bad”? Maybe you’re just overly sensitive bc of your condition, and I get that, but it’s really not that deep tho
  3. Are you on crack tho? ‘Cause yikes
  4. Glow in the dark sounds great- if done properly tho or else sound quality can be shitty
  5. I'm referring to my last order from universal, 2 picture discs (one of them being the one you're referring to) and the double disc bundle. The whole thing was shipped on the 24th, and yeah I also have to wait until it has been 20 (working) days. 3 more to go, ig
  6. I mean, #2 might not actually be a lie tbh. The referred sickness is something related to her vocal chords, none of us are sure of what it actually is bc she never told much abt it. However, it has been an ongoing condition for a while now, I remember her talking abt it a few years ago. If that was the case, was she supposed to be at home bc she cancelled some shows? The disease itself wouldn’t incapacitate her of having fun/going out, it would only affect her singing hence why shows were cancelled. Rest of the stuff yeah, all lies- even if some were not intended as such lmao
  7. Yesterday. No results tho
  8. 16th working day after shipping notice and I still have yet to receive my shit
  9. Ma’am, the snippet she teased from I’m Not Hungry Anymore back in 2014 is still up on her insta
  10. Lmao mess I mean, the store wasn’t working really well when everything dropped since I had to change currency to be able to see the updates.
  11. Help Not 20€ on shipping. Ik it’s a bundle but that shit isn’t heavy lmao
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