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  1. From TMZ - Mariah Carey Team Claims 'Sabotage' for Ratings
  2. PART 2 OF APPLICATION PROCESS: You must PM @FROGGO a cute animal gif to even be CONSIDERED as a potential mod. If not, girl byeee

    Instagram Updates

    For the love of God Lana WASH OFF YOUR MAKEUP, IT'S SO BAD TO SLEEP IN
  4. My vote is for Ariel Rechtshaid or Dev Hynes!!
  5. CHANGED THE TITLE TO BE ACCURATE :creep: :creep: :creep: :creep: :creep: :creep: :creep:
  6. Hmph, everyone knows that black-haired people are the most beautiful
  7. You need to format the table within the code here; copying and pasting from Word wouldn't work.
  8. I want a country / country-inspired album, tbh
  9. Off to the Races demo. I would rather have this than any other "new" leak.
  10. FROGGO

    Carly Rae Jepsen

    Does anyone have download links for Sweet Impossible Love and Wildflowers? I can't find them anywhere!
  11. FROGGO

    Kanye West

    I'd be super surprised if you could get the physical copy through Tidal... But hopefully it'll be soon, i can't wait to see the packaging and everything I'm also really hoping that he'll actually be consistent with GOOD Fridays now. At the very least, I NEED I Feel Like That in CDQ. Despite how amazing TLOP is, IFLT is still my number one song
  12. FROGGO

    Kanye West

    ...I don't need your approval baby Ugh, I made the mistake of getting twitter notifications to my phone so believe me, I am getting all of this bullshit in real time.... TIdal is a MESS I wonder how drastically TLOP is going to differ once it is "officially released"
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